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      Finding the Bridge

      Founded in 1981 by enterprising guitarist and tireless contemporary music promoter David Starobin, Bridge Records was one of the first-ever contemporary music labels and is still going strong today.

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      The 2014 Thirsty Ear Festival (live WFMT broadcast)

      Relevant Tones’ annual live broadcast returns with a live, 2-hour broadcast from City Winery. Performers include Fonema Consort, Gaudete Brass, and Graham Reynolds.

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      The New York Philharmonic’s 2014 Biennial, Part II

      More music and interviews from the front lines of the New York Philharmonic’s inaugural Biennial.

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      New York Philharmonic

      The New York Philharmonic’s 2014 Biennial, Part I

      Relevant Tones travels to New York to feature the Philharmonic’s exciting 2014 Biennial. From world premieres by the next generation of young composers to established juggernauts, the NYP Biennial is at the cutting edge of music today.

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      Joseph Schwantner

      Joseph Schwantner

      A master of orchestral timbre and an ardent individualist, Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Joseph Schwantner has been one of the most prolific composers in the 20th and 21st centuries. He visits our studios to talk about his life and music.

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      Deep Resonances: Modern Music for Bass

      Thanks to virtuoso performers like Gary Karr, François Rabbath and Edgar Meyer, the double bass is leaping to the front of the concert stage and composers are taking note. This week we’ll listen to some of the music written in the last few decades for this sonorous and incredibly versatile instrument.

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      Louis Andriessen

      Just as influenced by the blazing energy of Count Basie’s big band as Steve Reich’s minimalism, Dutch composer Louis Andriessen was a true trailblazer in the 20th century. We celebrate his 75th birthday by looking back at his illustrious career.

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      Sounds of Summer

      The summer festival season is always a cornucopia of exciting premieres, new collaborations and famous composers and performers. We’ll feature the best of best from around the globe.

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      Photo by Chris Lee

      Photo by Chris Lee

      CONTACT! at the NY Phil Biennial: Beyond Recall

      Matthias Pintscher leads a concert of US premieres with members of the New York Philharmonic at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

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      Ambient Environments

      Composers like Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Bartók and have sought to musically depict their environs for centuries. How are landscapes, both urban and pastoral, being represented musically today?

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      Composers Among Us: Errollyn Wallen

      The next in our series spotlighting talented up and comers features versatile singer, pianist and composer Errollyn Wallen, who is creating a unique body of work and making an international name for herself along the way.

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      String Quartet Plus…

      Ever since its creation by Haydn in the 18th century, the string quartet has been one of the preeminent vehicles for more musical innovation. This show features new directions for the string quartet, pairing the quartet with unusual other instruments like frame drum, alto flute and more.

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      Synesthesia in Music and Visual Art

      Scriabin so linked color to his music that he created a “light organ” to display colors that corresponded to different notes in his pieces. How does color and visual art affect composers and their music today?

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      Musical Chameleon: Gunther Schuller

      He’s played with Miles Davis, was principal horn of the Cleveland Symphony at age 18, is the co-creator of the “third stream” movement and so much more. Seth talks with Schuller about his incredible life and legacy in music.

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      In the Field: Mexico City, Part II

      Part 2 of our trip to Mexico City features music from exciting young composers, the new paths they’re creating and the cultural influences shaping their work.

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