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      ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Look + Listen | The Studio Museum

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      Phyllis Chen with audience at the Studio Museum in Harlem.

      Phyllis Chen with audience at the Studio Museum in Harlem. Photo By Steven Schreiber

      The Look + Listen Festival is an annual event dedicated to presenting contemporary music in contemporary art galleries. Relevant Tones is proud to be featuring this final concert from the last night of the festival. The Look + Listen Festival seeks to expand and engage audiences of 20th and 21st music by providing a unique opportunity to simultaneously experience a stimulating visual environment for new music and a vibrant aural context for contemporary visual art. We’re happy to present the audio from the Look + Listen Festival from New York City’s most prestigious art galleries; this concert took place at The Studio Museum in Harlem.

      This concert is from May 21st, 2017


      Craig Harris
      Substance to the Rumor
      Craig Harris and the Saints and Aints Brass Choir

      Pauline Oliveros
      Tuning Meditation
      Phyllis Chen

      Carman Moore
      World premiere of Raindance and Morning Mystique
      SkyMusic Ensemble

      Carman Moore
      Think in A New Way
      SkyMusic Ensemble

      Carman Moore
      Righteous Heroes; Sacred Spaces

      SkyMusic Ensemble

      Craig Harris
      Deep Thought Music.
      The Saints and Aints Brass Choir performing


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