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      Synesthesia in Music and Visual Art

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      Scriabin so linked color to his music that he created a “light organ” to display colors that corresponded to different notes in his pieces. How does color and visual art affect composers and their music today?

      Michael Torke: Bright Blue Music for Orchestra
      Baltimore Symphony Orchestra/Zinman
      Ecstatic 092201
      1:56, 9:09

      Morton Feldman: Rothko Chapel
      California EAR Unit
      New Albion 039

      Jennifer Higdon: Short Stories for Saxophone Quartet, I & V
      Ancia Saxophone Quartet
      Naxos 8.559616
      3:44, 5:19, 1:11

      Dan Welcher: Light Coming on the Plains & Starlight Night from Prairie Light: 3
      Texas Watercolors of Georgia O’Keefe
      Honolulu Symphony Orchestra/Johanos
      Naxos 8.559287
      4:36, 4:50

      Gunther Schuller: The Twittering Machine fr. Seven Studies on Themes of Paul Klee
      Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra/Antal Dorati
      Mercury 434329

      Cindy McTee: Twittering Machine
      North Texas Wind Symphony/Eugene Migliaro Corporon
      Klavier 11070

      Stephen Hartke: King of the Sun, I & IV
      Dunsmuir Piano Quartet
      New World Records 80461
      2:16, 3:33


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