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      The Music of Patricia Morehead

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      Patricia Morehead, composer and oboist, is one of Chicago’s most prominent and influential composers. Her teaching and compositions have shaped generations of young composers much for the better, including our own Seth Boustead! Listen in this week as she discusses her music with us.

      Turbion Galaxy for solo harpsichord- Jory Vinikour, harpsichord

      Good News Falls Gently– Jonita Lattimore, soprano; Phillip Morehead, conductor, CUBE Ensemble; poetry by Regina Harris Biachi

      Blackhawk Speaks (concert reading)- Vox 3 Singers, Saori Chobi, pianist, Michael McKelvane, conductor

      Just Before the Rain- Yang Wei, pipa; Betty Sheng, erhu; Kristy Miller, clarinet

      – Robert Winston, conductor; Symphony Orchestra of Kiev

      Ladders of Anxiety– Caroline Pittman, solo flute; James Bauer, guitar; members of the Avalon Quartet; Blase Magniere, violin; Anthony De Vroy, viola; Chen How Lee, cello


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