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      Opera das Pedras

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      Opera das Pedras(Opera of Stones) is a truly stunning new artistic collaboration between the visual artist Denise Milan and several important Brazilian composers.  On this episode we feature some truly spectacular music from the project and sit down to discuss it.

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      2 Responses to “Opera das Pedras”

      1. Ann Raven says:

        Hello, Seth Boustead,
        “The Opera of the Stones” is unique and brilliant. Thank you for your program about it today. I googled for more information just now and very little is to be found. I thought, I would never have known about this if I had not heard Relevant Tones! I do listen each week. Love what I hear from you.
        Thanks, Ann Raven

      2. Melodias densas para vozes suaves. Uma composição que encanta e captura o ouvinte com o poder das pedras e dos acordes dissonantes. Belíssima interpretação.

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