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      Ying Quartet: LifeMusic

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      In this show we feature music performed by the Ying Quartet from their LifeMusic project.  The project began in the late 1990s and seeks to create new works inspired by different facets of the American experience.  In doing so the group has commissioned works of contemporary relevance and high aesthetic standards.

      Kevin Puts – Dark Vigil
      LifeMusic I

      Michael Torke – Corner in Manhattan
      LifeMusic I

      Chen Yi – Making the Hand-Pulled Noodles
      LifeMusic II

      Augusta Read Thomas – Eagle at Sunrise
      LifeMusic II

      Carter Pann – Love Letters
      LifeMusic I

      Pierre Jalbert – Icefield Sonnets
      LifeMusic III

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      LifeMusic I
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      One Response to “Ying Quartet: LifeMusic”

      1. barbara von molnar says:

        so thrilling to hear and see the Ying family–looking so beautiful and radiant, and playing with such fullness of heart and sound– on my MAC computer up the block from New Trier High School. I’m reminded how fortunate we all are having grown up and away (not me though) from Winnetka and bringing the best of this small refined enclave to different avenues of the globe. My daughter Anina 1982 was in Daniel’s class and she has danced and performed all over in Europe since 1990, a highlight in Augsburg in 2004 in Osvaldo Golijovs “Pasion segun San Marco.” I love your recording of Yiddishbbuk, which of all things and coincidentally, I put on my stereo today, in order to avoid Parsifal. It was touching and truly heartwarming.
        Continue playing with such joy and passion and compassion. Thank you Barbara von Molnar

        And as always, thank you Relevant Tones and please send this on to the Ying Family.

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