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      Haitian Composers

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      13-01 Haitian composers

      About this show:

      Cellist, music educator, and concert organizer Tom Clowes stops by to talk the music of Haitian composers.

      Crossing Borders Music Collective

      Sabrina C. D. Jean Louis- Clair de Lune (arr. for four cellos)

      Trad: Papa Simbi Sent Me To Find Water
      Smithsonian Folkways 06833

      Werner Jaegerhuber- Suite Folklorique
      I. Erzulie
      II. Dambala
      IV. Papa Simbi

      J. Rudy Perrault- Exodus String Quartet
      I. Tale (Generations of Suffering)

      Claude Dauphin – String Quartet Op. 3 “From Exile/ lòt bò dlo”
      I. Allegro e danzante

      Michel Monton arr. Fritz Bernardin – Choucounne (for string trio)

      Julio Racine- Haitian-American- Quartet No. 1
      I. Allegro
      II. Yanvalou lent
      III. Allegro moderato

      Sabrina C. D. Jean Louis- Clair de Lune

      All tracks performed by the Crossing Borders Music collective, which includes:
      Sara Chazin, vln.
      Maya Shiraishi, vln.
      Benjamin Weber, vla.
      Tom Clowes, vc.


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