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      Something of a lost art, improvisation in classical music is making a comeback in a big way thanks to composers like Steven Snowden, Don Malone, and Aaron Johnson. Teaming up with fantastic performers, they prove that improvisation very much has a place in the modern concert hall.

      • Bach/Montero: Toccata in d minor
        Gabriela Montero, p.
        EMI 64647
      • Song of Cerberus
        Dane recordings 0062
      • Repercussions
        Agrell, hn.; Masunik, p.
        Wildwind Records 1001
      • Anon: Sumer is Icumen In
        MSR 1158
      • Aaron Krister Johnson: Diabolical Suite, I & II
        Johnson, p.
      • Don Malone: Prelude & Toccata (excerpt)
        David Schrader, p.
        (live performance)
      • Steven Snowden: Ground Round
        Steve Parker, trombone
      • Noam Sivan: Improvised introduction to Chopin’s Piano Sonata No. 3
        Sivan, p.
      • David Darling: Chorale
        Darling, vc.
      • Gunnelpumpers: Symphonie Improvis√©

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