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      In the Field: Mexico City, Part II

      Part 2 of our trip to Mexico City features music from exciting young composers, the new paths they’re creating and the cultural influences shaping their work.

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      Musical Chameleon: Gunther Schuller

      He’s played with Miles Davis, was principal horn of the Cleveland Symphony at age 18, is the co-creator of the “third stream” movement and so much more. Seth talks with Schuller about his incredible life and legacy in music.

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      Synesthesia in Music and Visual Art

      Scriabin so linked color to his music that he created a “light organ” to display colors that corresponded to different notes in his pieces. How does color and visual art affect composers and their music today?

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      String Quartet Plus…

      Ever since its creation by Haydn in the 18th century, the string quartet has been one of the preeminent vehicles for more musical innovation. This show features new directions for the string quartet, pairing the quartet with unusual other instruments like frame drum, alto flute and more.

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      Recent Programs


      In the Field: Mexico City, Part I

      One of the world’s largest cities and a mecca for diverse art and culture, Mexico City is also the home of a fascinating array of creative musicians and composers. Part 1 of a two-part series will feature interviews and music from the city’s musical leaders.

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      Lincoln Trio at the Merit School of Music (LIVE Chicago broadcast)

      LOCAL (CHICAGO) LIVE BROADCAST: Lincoln Trio at the Merit School of Music

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      JACK portrait color [by Henrik Olund] web

      The JACK Quartet & The Music of Helmut Lachenmann

      This week we’ll listen to the JACK Quartet’s newest release, featuring the complete string quartets of longtime collaborator and iconic composer Helmut Lachenmann.

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      Kotche cropped

      Wilco’s Glenn Kotche Goes Classical

      Called one of the best drummers of all time by Gigwise magazine, Kotche is also a talented and multi-faceted composer who has worked with powerhouse groups like eighth blackbird, So Percussion and Kronos Quartet.

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