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      A photo of Glenn Kotche, an American drummer, percussionist, and composer.

      A photo of Glenn Kotche, an American drummer, percussionist , and composer.

      Wilco’s Glenn Kotche Goes Classical

      Called one of the best drummers of all time by Gigwise magazine, Kotche is also a talented and multi-faceted composer who has worked with powerhouse groups like eighth blackbird, So Percussion and Kronos Quartet. Kotche: Anomaly, II, III, IV, V, VII Kronos Quartet; Kotche, perc. Cantaloupe 21098 2:32, 4:34, 9:24 Kotche: The Haunted (excerpts) Lisa […]

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      A graphic to promote an upcoming episode of Relevant Tones titled "Where are They Now?" In this episode, Relevant Tones will catch up with composers formerly on the show.

      After 5 years on the air, Relevant Tones catches up with composers formerly on the show.

      Where are They Now?

      About this Show: In the more than five years we’ve been on the air, Relevant Tones has had the chance to talk to dozens of fascinating musicians. In this program we’ll revisit some of the artists from past episodes and feature their current projects and plans.

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      Soundward is a collaboration between Q2 Music and Relevant Tones

      Soundward is a collaboration between Q2 Music and Relevant Tones

      Soundward: Rediscovery

      About this show: It’s a format as old as time: two guys sit down to play music and talk about it. Soundward, a continuing collaboration between Relevant Tones and Q2 Music, features lively conversation, new releases from composers around the globe and interesting new discoveries.   Playlist: John Luther Adams Canticles of the Holy Wind […]

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      About this Show: Since the Mozarts and the Chopins, to Leonard Bernstein and Aaron Copland the composer-pianist is easy to trace through time. Now, in the 21st century, there is a resurgence in the tradition. Relevant Tones is examining the diverse composer-performer community from Philip Glass to Yiruma. Music Featured in this Show: Jed Distler […]

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      Music of Math

      About this show: Though it’s definitely not true of all composers, many have a facility and fascination with math. We’ll talk to several composers who use math in their compositions and find out how this affects the resulting music. Is it all cerebral? What is the balance between emotional expression and mathematical precision? Music featured […]

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      Boulez Notations

      In his Notations, Pierre Boulez composed twelve short piano miniatures that contain a cosmos of sound and potentiality. After decades at the helm of the avant-garde, Boulez has set to work unlocking those inner possibilities through thoughtful orchestration and elaboration. Click here for more information on Pierre Boulez   Music Featured in this show: Olivier […]

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      Soundward- New Hits (3)

      Soundward: New Hits

      About this show: Q2 Music’s Phil Kline joins us to chat about music that hits a chord. The newest recordings that are certain to become a classic. Music Featured on this program: Christopher Cerrone Double Happiness [EXCERPT] Dance Music 3:20 Meredith Monk Duet with Shifting Ground On Behalf of Nature 5:17 Meredith Monk Pavement Steps […]

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