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      kathleen supove

      Modern Virtuoso: Pianist Kathleen Supové

      One of America’s most acclaimed and versatile contemporary music pianists, performance artist and keyboardist Kathleen Supové is known for breaking boundaries between audience and performer and for her multimedia performances as the “Exploding Piano”.

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      Foster the Music: Darmstadt

      One of the world’s most famous new music festivals has been held in Darmstadt since 1946. We’ll trace the festival from its beginnings through modern times and feature some of the seminal works that were premiered there.

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      Foster the Music: Ireland

      The Contemporary Music Centre in Ireland is one of the world’s foremost models of government support for composers, with dozens of composers receiving financial support, commissions and travel grants. We plunge into the incredible wealth of music created by this program.

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      Host Seth Boustead at the 2014 Thirsty Ear Festival.  Photo by Elliot Mandel.

      The Thirsty Ear Festival (syndicated release)

      The syndicated release of Relevant Tones’ annual live contemporary music festival, recorded July 12, 2014 at City Winery in Chicago. Performers include Fonema Consort, Gaudete Brass, and Graham Reynolds.

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      Recent Programs


      Finding the Bridge

      Founded in 1981 by enterprising guitarist and tireless contemporary music promoter David Starobin, Bridge Records was one of the first-ever contemporary music labels and is still going strong today.

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      The 2014 Thirsty Ear Festival (live WFMT broadcast)

      Relevant Tones’ annual live broadcast returns with a live, 2-hour broadcast from City Winery. Performers include Fonema Consort, Gaudete Brass, and Graham Reynolds.

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      The New York Philharmonic’s 2014 Biennial, Part II

      More music and interviews from the front lines of the New York Philharmonic’s inaugural Biennial.

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      New York Philharmonic

      The New York Philharmonic’s 2014 Biennial, Part I

      Relevant Tones travels to New York to feature the Philharmonic’s exciting 2014 Biennial. From world premieres by the next generation of young composers to established juggernauts, the NYP Biennial is at the cutting edge of music today.

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