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      Each day, it’s Carl’s joie de vivre that lights up The Morning Program on WFMT. He’ll report the headlines, what the weather’s doing, and who won the big game (including the winning team’s fight song), and — of course — he’ll play Bach. In short, The Morning Program with Carl Grapentine is as essential to Chicago as that first cup of coffee.


      Carl's Morning Quiz

      • Monday, February 8

        Composer/conductor John Williams was born on this date in 1932—he’s 84 today. John Williams composed many of the most popular film scores in film history: Jaws, the Star Wars series, the Indiana Jones series, E.T., and the first three Harry Potter films, to name just a few. He has won 5 Oscars, 4 Golden Globes, and 22 Grammys. He has been nominated for 50 Academy Awards. Who conducted the opening and closing titles for John Williams’ newest Star Wars film—The Force Awakens?

        Gustavo Dudamel
      • Friday, February 5

        Giuseppe Verdi had been retired from composing for almost 16 years before he was persuaded to come out of retirement and write his last two operas—Otello and Falstaff, both based on Shakespeare. Otello had its premiere at La Scala on this date in 1887. What had been Verdi’s last opera before writing the last two in his later years?

        “Aida,” premiered in 1871
      • Thursday, February 4

        The Chicago Symphony Orchestra has returned from its Asian Tour. They have concerts scheduled for tomorrow and Saturday that hold the first and last symphonies by Dmitri Shostakovich. Who is scheduled to conduct those concerts?

        The 84-year-old Russian conductor Gennady Rozhdestvensky