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      Each day, it’s Carl’s joie de vivre that lights up The Morning Program on WFMT. He’ll report the headlines, what the weather’s doing, and who won the big game (including the winning team’s fight song), and — of course — he’ll play Bach. In short, The Morning Program with Carl Grapentine is as essential to Chicago as that first cup of coffee.


      Carl's Morning Quiz

      • Friday, February 12

        Abraham Lincoln was born on this date in 1809. As Aaron Copland’s Lincoln Portrait tells us: he was born in Kentucky, raised in Indiana, and lived in Illinois. A famous scientist—a geologist and naturalist—was born on the very same day and is now buried in Westminster Abbey. Name the scientist.

        Charles Darwin
      • Thursday, February 11

        I was born on this date in 1949 in Little Company of Mary Hospital on 95th Street on the south side. In what municipality is that hospital located?

        Evergreen Park
      • Wednesday, February 10

        American soprano Leontyne Price was born on this date—February 10, 1927—in Laurel, Mississippi. She is 89 years old today. Among the many highlights of her long and distinguished career: she opened the new Metropolitan Opera House in September of 1966, singing a role written for her by a leading American composer. Name the opera and the composer.

        “Antony and Cleopatra” by Samuel Barber