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      Podcast Frequently Asked Questions

      What is a Podcast?
      A podcast is an episodic program delivered via the Internet. You can subscribe to a podcast using a free software application, such as iTunes, which automatically pushes new episodes to you. Most podcasts are MP3 files. You can listen to the podcast from your computer, or transfer the audio from your computer to an external device like an MP3 player.

      How do I get started?
      You need a computer, an internet connection, an MP3 player (if you want to take it with you) and some free podcasting software. Install one of the free podcast readers, like iTunes or Google Reader, on your computer. To subscribe to our podcasts, click the POD icon to obtain the URL of the podcast feed. If you’re using a podcast reader, simply copy and paste the feed into your preferred podcast software. If you’re using iTunes, click on the iTunes icon to be taken directly to the podcast in iTunes, and then follow the directions to “subscribe” to your chosen program’s podcast.

      How much do WFMT podcasts cost?
      All WFMT podcasts are free.

      Do I need an iPod?
      No. You can subscribe and listen to podcasts on your computer or download the files and listen on any MP3 player.

      How do I unsubscribe?
      Select the podcast in your podcast library and click delete.