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      Yiming Zhang, piano

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      Yiming Zhang

      Yiming Zhang


      Albeniz, Issac (1860-1909)

      “Triana” from Iberia Book II

      Beethoven (1770-1827)

      Piano Sonata No. 23 in F Minor, Op. 57, “Appassionata”
      I. Allegro assai
      II. Andante con moto
      III. Allegro ma non troppo-Presto

      Wang, Lisan (1933-2013)

      Fantasy-Sonata “Black Soil-The Memory of Er-Ren-Zhuan” (2007)

      Born in Shanghai where, from age 4, he studied the piano privately with professors from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Yiming Zhang came to the U.S. in 2006 to continue his studies with Lambert Orkis and Harvey Wedeen.  Orkis, the Grammy-winning pianist, says “Yiming Zhang is a brilliant young pianist whose probing interpretations and magnificent pianism bring great joy to his listeners. Coming from China, he is unique in that his programming includes music from his native land, that, while more than satisfying the musical expectations of Western audiences, opens up a refreshingly new sonic world, giving music lovers insight into a glorious and proud 5,000-year musical tradition.”

      Yiming Zhang performs solo and chamber music recitals regularly in the United States and China and is also active in fortepiano (early piano), harpsichord, contemporary music, chamber music and Chinese piano music. A doctoral candidate at Temple University, his project is the music of Chinese composer Wang Lisan, who passed away in 2013. Zhang has done a series of concerts of the complete piano music of Wang including numerous premieres, “field survey” (due to the lack of the source literature) in numerous cities in China, and the documentary film “Searching for Wang Lisan”.

      As a music scholar and translator, Zhang’s articles are published by numerous Chinese musical journals, including The Art of Piano, Music Lovers, and Philharmonic. He has translated and published several books from English to Chinese, including Carl Czerny’s On the Proper Performance of All Beethoven’s Works for the Piano, and Peter-Lukas Graf’s three books: Interpretation, Check-up, and The Singing Flute. The scores that he translated and published include Beethoven’s Sonatas for Piano and Violin (Henle Verlag), Berg’s Piano Sonata (Henle Verlag), The second volume of Schumann’s Complete Piano Works (Henle Verlag), and the Complete Piano Work of Debussy (Durand edition).

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