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May 2018
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Hear Philip Glass Quartet LIVE

American composer Philp Glass

Performers often comment on the intimate, introspective, and profound nature of the string quartet. Philip Glass says: “In an odd way, string quartets have always functioned like that for composers. I don’t really know why, but it’s almost impossible to get away from it. It’s the way composers of the past have thought and that’s no less true for me

Ongoing Debate: Does Music Have Meaning or Not?

Igor Stravinsky

Do you think music has meaning?

Music can move you; music can make you want to move. For most listeners, it’s a simple transaction. There are those who look deeper into our relationship to music, however, and wonder why it affects us so. Igor Stravinsky was one of them. Not always inclined to subtlety

Music’s Fathers

Sergei Rachmaninoff with granddaughter Sophie

WFMT honors fatherhood this weekend with opera, film music, and one artist’s journey to connect with his late dad. View an online photo exhibition of musical dads and their children and grandchildren, including Richard Wagner, Gustav Mahler, Jean Sibelius, Sergei Prokofiev, and Richard Strauss.

Music that Changed the World

Photo of Igor Stravinsky from a 1910 postcard

There is little debate among music-lovers that The Rite of Spring tops the list of pieces that changed the world, not chronologically, or necessarily in degree of importance, but in its ability to evoke discussion and yet another re-telling of the riot that erupted at its premiere

Imani Winds on WFMT’s Impromptu

The Imani Winds on WFMT's Impromptu

This group is a KICK. Their collaborations are truly inspired: Roberto Sierra, Wayne Shorter, Paquito D’Rivera. They do the old, the new–sometimes they write their own music. These conservatory musicians feed on new inspirations, while digging deeper into their classical roots.

Rite of Spring

This week conductor David Robertson leads the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in concerts that feature music by Olivier Messiaen (his colorful “Offrandes oubliees”),the violin Concerto by Alban Berg, and the wonderful more…

Stravinsky’s “The Firebird “

On December 23 at 3pm WFMT will play The Firebird Suite by Igor Stravinsky in a performance by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra under the direction of Riccardo Chailly. Here is more…