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May 2016
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Free Recital Downtown, Chamber Concert at Ravinia

Israeli pianist Alon Goldstein

Israeli pianist Alon Goldstein returns to Chicago this week for two performances. At lunchtime on Wednesday, he is the featured artist at the annual Al Booth celebration at the Dame Myra Hess Memorial Concerts. On Wednesday evening, he joins artists from the Steans Institute to perform Mozart and Brahms.

Goldstein appeared at the Ravinia Festival last summer alongside Leon Fleischer

Muti Takes Orchestra to Cicero High School

Maestro Riccardo Muti

If you believe what you read, the town of Cicero has a troubled history. Iniquitous associations linger for decades, while saying nothing of the men and women who live, work, and raise families here. On Wednesday, the people of Cicero had the opportunity to show something of their fiber: world-renowned conductor Riccardo Muti

Brahms Double Concerto in A Minor, Op 102

Composed in the summer of 1887, and first performed on 18 October of that year, the Double Concerto in A Minor, Op 102 was Brahms’ final work for orchestra. Brahms, approaching the project with anxiety over writing for instruments that were not his own, wrote it for the cellist Robert Hausmann and his old estranged more…

Week 8 on the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival and

”I felt … that one day there must suddenly emerge the one who would be chosen to express the most exalted spirit of the times in an ideal manner, one who would not bring us mastery in gradual stages but who, like Minerva, would spring fully armed from the head of Jove. And he has more…