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November 2018
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Quiz: How Hipster is Your Taste in Classical Music?


Admit it, liking classical music is a little bit hipster. But, how hipster is your taste in classical music? Do you love the classics, or prefer more obscure repertoire? Do you like listening to familiar masterworks, or do you constantly crave new sounds? Take this quiz and find out how hipster your tastes are!

QUIZ: What American Composer Are You?


Take this quiz to find out which dean of American music you’re most like! Are you sparse and minimal like Philip Glass? Or do you prefer the sis-boom-bah John Philip Sousa? Do you prefer Samuel Barber’s sonic landscapes of America, or Scott Joplin’s Ragtime portraits of American life?

QUIZ: What Strauss Opera Are You?


Celebrate Strauss by taking this fun quiz. Are you effervescent like “Capriccio”? Are you fantastic like “Die Frau ohne Schatten”? Find out what opera you are!

QUIZ: Can We Guess What Broadway Show You Should Star In?


Have you ever dreamed of seeing your name in lights on the Big White Way? With the 69th Annual Tony Awards coming up just around the corner, take this quiz to see if we can guess what Tony Award winning Broadway musical YOU should star in.

QUIZ: Name That Symphonic Tune


Think you know the great symphonies? How about a round of Name That Tune, symphony style? See if you can guess each symphony by their famous themes or other special moments in their scores. Click one of the four multiple choice options below for each of the 10 questions to see if you’re a Symphonic Master or a Symphonic Slacker.

QUIZ: Which Symphonic Master Are you?

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Are you a revolutionary like Beethoven, or are you obsessive like Berlioz? Take this quiz to see which symphonic master you most resemble. And, tune in as we countdown to our listeners’ 10 top symphonies May 18 – May 29 on Midday with Lisa Flynn.

QUIZ: Guess the Composer by Their Facial Hair

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Think you know classical composers? Can you guess them by their facial hair?