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October 2018
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QUIZ: What Character From Wagner’s “Ring” Are You?


Gearing up for our Lyric Opera of Chicago broadcast of “Das Rheingold” this Saturday, October 1, 2016, 5:45 pm? Take this quiz and find out what character from Wagner’s “Ring” you most resemble.

Quiz: Do You Have Perfect Pitch?


Is your hearing pitch perfect? Play each of the videos below and see if you can identify the correct pitch.

QUIZ: Match the Film to the Score


How well do you know movie music? Listen to the excerpts from the following famous film scores, and see if you can match the music to the correct movie.

Quiz: Match the Composer to His Favorite Food


Some composers ate to live, others lived to eat. Can you match the composer to his favorite food?

QUIZ: Can you tell the difference between Chinese foods and instruments?


Can you tell the difference between traditional Chinese instruments and food based upon their names? Take this quiz and find out.

QUIZ – What Fairy Tale Opera Are You?


Everyone loves a fairy tale, and one of the most magical ways to experience one is at the opera house! Some of the most beloved operas of all time are inspired by fairy tales and other enchanting stories. What fairy tale opera are you?

QUIZ: What Mozart Opera Are You?


Mozart wrote 22 operas before he died at age 35. His works for the stage are as diverse as people, each with their own unique personalities. Find out what Mozart opera YOU are in this quiz, and don’t forget to share your result!

Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Well-Tempered Clavier


Does Bach rock your socks? Do you think you know the music of the contrapuntal master, J.S. Bach, better than others? See how well you know Bach’s “The Well-Tempered Clavier,” one of the foundational works of classical music and of keyboard literature.

Who Played Bach Best? Vote for Your Favorite Cellist!


Love Bach? Love the cello? Vote now for your favorite performance of Bach’s Prelude from Cello Suite # 1 in G. Every cellist, at some point in their career, embarks on the journey that is learning and performing the Bach Cello Suites. We’ve chosen recordings made by three different cellists to share with you to find out your favorite performance (of the three). Click to listen to each perform an excerpt from the Prelude, or tune to WFMT to hear the complete performances. Then, vote for your favorite!

Are you secretly French? You might be if get more than 14/20 on this French music quiz


Think you know French music? From the salon to the symphony hall, from the opera to the ballet, the French have given us some great music. But, how much French music do YOU know? Allons-y!