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November 2015
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Bacon-Hazelnut Brussels Sprouts


This is a side dish that everyone at your Thanksgiving table will enjoy: bacon-hazelnut Brussels sprouts. In this recipe, the leaves of the Brussels sprouts are separated, one by one, and cook quickly right before they hit the table.

Quiz: Match the Composer to His Favorite Food


Some composers ate to live, others lived to eat. Can you match the composer to his favorite food?

Maple Kabocha-Potato Gratin


This recipe is one of chef Bruce Sherman’s favorite Thanksgiving side dishes to make for his own family: a maple kabocha-potato gratin. The “new world” ingredients like sweet potato and maple syrup are perfect to pair with Dvořák’s Symphony “From the New World.”

Vote: What’s Your Favorite Piano Concerto?


WFMT is celebrating great piano concertos, and we need your help! Vote for your favorites. Then middays starting December 7th, Lisa Flynn will play your 10 favorite piano concertos based on your votes, paired with a piano concerto you might not know.

High Kicks and High Notes in Lyric’s “Merry Widow”


This weekend, The Merry Widow waltzes onto the stage of the Civic Opera House. The production has a star-studded cast that includes soprano Renée Fleming and baritone Thomas Hampson. But one of the most exciting aspects of The Merry Widow is the opportunity to marry grand singing with grand spectacle, particularly through dance.

Meet the Man Who Pioneered Live-Streaming Performances Online


Earl Wild was among other things a composer, a conductor and a very funny raconteur, but above all, he was an extraordinary pianist. Although he was one of the earliest American born performers to make an international impact, his life and career were highly unconventional. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 26, 1915, he above more…

Quiz: Match The Music To The Scene In Fantasia

3 - sorcerer

“Fantasia” has exposed many people to classical music in 75 years. Match which music was paired with each animated sequence by selecting from the images below. (Hint: you might need to select more than one image!)

The Many Colors of American Indian Music


What do you hear in your mind’s ear when you hear the phrase “American Indian Music”? Your ideas about American Indian music might be rooted in general stereotypes many people have about American Indians.

Twyla Tharp’s Top 10 Tunes in 50 Years of Dance


At age 74, choreographer Twyla Tharp is touring around the United States on her 50th-anniversary tour with Twyla Tharp Dance. She is perhaps the most widely-recognized name in modern dance because of the incredible impact she has had in the field over five decades. Tharp reflected on her 50 years as a professional dancer and shared ten of the pieces of music that have inspired her most throughout her career.

Music That’ll Rattle Your Bones on Day of the Dead


Day of the Dead isn’t about being scary – it’s about remembering those who have left us. Enjoy these 13 pieces that are inspired by this rich Mexican holiday.