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July 2015
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Baroque Arias and Ensembles

Baroque Arias and Ensembles performed by artists from the Haymarket Opera.

Beethoven Symphony No. 7

Join Carlos Kalmar and the Grant Park Orchestra for a spectacular opening night featuring Russian piano sensation, Yevgeny Sudbin, making his Festival debut. The evening concludes with Beethoven’s rhythmically charged Seventh Symphony.

Here and Now 1: Music of Stacy Garrop and Dan Visconti

Chime in: Tell us what’s on your mind.

Chime in: Tell us your favorite piece(s) of music

  Please share with us your favorite piece(s) of music and we’ll broadcast a day of WFMT Listener Favorites on Monday, April 27.

Chime in: What’s on your mind?

Chime in: Political Advertising

WFMT does not solicit political advertising, but cannot lawfully reject any political candidate who is interested in advertising on WFMT. Radio ads have to include the candidate’s voice to ensure that the candidate knows and approves the content of the ad. All media outlets must air pre-produced ads as is.

Remembering Pete

Pete Seeger (1919-2014)

A tribute by Rich Warren

Pete Seeger, singer of folksongs, became the icon of American folk music against his will. He insisted the song was more important than its singer, and the listener was more important than the performer. Thus, when I recorded him at Fermilab almost two decades ago, Pete insisted

Chime in: Is Music the Key to Success?

This recent essay in the New York Times by Joanne Lipman, whose work we’ve featured on WFMT, provoked much discussion on the internet last week about possible links between the study of music and success. So we’ll continue the discussion by asking you: Is the study of music the key to success? How has studying music more…

Expecting Spektral

Spektral Quartet on Live from WFMT

The Spektral Quartet is coming to Live from WFMT. This is a terrific, newish ensemble bringing a varied program of old and new music; they’re an affirmation that in spite of having an enormous CD library at our fingertips, WFMT can bring on a live, Chicago-based group to rival