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January 2018
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Clue 5 — April 1, 2016

The Mystery Composer regarded the next work as simply a bit of fun, intended for private performance among musician friends. He was adamant that the work not be published in more…

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Clue 4 — March 31, 2016

The Mystery Composer was a man of wide-ranging interests beyond music. Among them was travel. Before the advent of planes, it’s said he made 179 trips to 27 countries. He more…

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Clue 3 — March 30, 2016

The Mystery Composer is mostly remembered today for his instrumental music, but he wrote a large amount of vocal music, including 13 operas. Only one has remained popular over the more…

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Clue 2 — March 29, 2016

The Mystery Composer was one of the most intellectually brilliant in history. His astounding memory allowed him to master not only music but a variety of other subjects, including mathematics, more…

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Can You Guess the Mystery Composer?


Can you guess our Mystery Composer? Tune in to Middays with Lisa Flynn from March 28 – April 1 to hear a different piece of unidentified music by the same more…

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Clue 1 — March 28, 2016

The Mystery Composer was a musical prodigy who made his concert debut at the age of ten, playing piano concertos by Mozart and Beethoven. He began his career as a more…

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