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5 Classical Works to Help You Ease Bach Into School


Earlier this summer, the United States senate passed the Every Child Achieves Act, declaring music and the arts as core subjects. To many, the benefits of arts education are obvious. more…

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How a Modern Orchestra Plays a Period-Perfect Messiah

Subject: Ivars Taurins as handel On 2011-11-30, at 1:08 PM, Crawford, Trish wrote: From: Luisa Trisi [] 
Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 10:47 AM
To: Crawford, Trish
Cc: Alex Skoczylas; Sandra D'Angelo
Subject: RE: Ivars photo update
Importance: High Hi Trish, I'm re- sending the portrait shot (attached - please credit photog Todd Korol) and will courier the disc with the other photos to you right now - didn't want it getting lost in the shuffle at The Star while you were away. Is this for Saturday's paper? BTW, I'll be leaving for Montreal at the crack of dawn tomorrow for two days. If you need anything while I'm away, please contact Alex Skoczylas or Sandra D'Angelo in the marketing office at Tafelmusik. Tel: 416 964-9562. Thanks! L. 416 456-0499 (cell) From: Crawford, Trish [] 
Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 10:15 AM
To: Luisa Trisi
Subject: Ivars photo update Luisa, I have not received the photos of Ivars yet (although I have the Star slide show you sent) as I am looking for the replica of the last pose of Handel by Thomas Hudson so I can show how closely he copied the costume. If you have sent the pictures I apologize as they are not here. I thought you mentioned a disc or something but I have received nothing and by now, of course, I am on deadline. Trish Crawford Entertainment Reporter Toronto Star 416-869-4836  Handel sitting by Todd Korol.JPG

Handel’s oratorio Messiah is everywhere this time of year. Here in Chicago in the four weeks leading up to Christmas, we’ll have large-scale performances of Messiah, period instrument chamber performances more…

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