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March 2016
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Can You Guess the Mystery Composer?



Can you guess our Mystery Composer? Tune in to Middays with Lisa Flynn from March 28 – April 1 to hear a different piece of unidentified music by the same composer, tell us who you think the mystery composer is below, and you may win one of five daily prizes or our grand prize, which include:

Find Lisa’s daily hints and musical clues below to help you guess the Mystery Composer.

The contest is now closed. Read additional contest rules here.

Clue 1 — March 28, 2016

The Mystery Composer was a musical prodigy who made his concert debut at the age of ten, playing piano concertos by Mozart and Beethoven. He began his career as a church organist and continued to play the instrument throughout his life. He would create a groundbreaking work for the organ.

Clue 2 — March 29, 2016

The Mystery Composer was one of the most intellectually brilliant in history. His astounding memory allowed him to master not only music but a variety of other subjects, including mathematics, astronomy and archaeology. He also composed in many different genres. His orchestral output included symphonies, ballets, concertos and shorter works. Influenced by Liszt, the Mystery Composer wrote several symphonic poems. This work is based on Roman mythology, and the middle section was used as the theme music to the radio show The Shadow.

Clue 3 — March 30, 2016

The Mystery Composer is mostly remembered today for his instrumental music, but he wrote a large amount of vocal music, including 13 operas. Only one has remained popular over the years and is still performed regularly on stages around the world. The work is based on a story from the Old Testament and was originally intended to be an oratorio. In this aria, the singer describes how spring is blossoming all around her, yet, in her heart, she feels like it is still winter.

Clue 4 — March 31, 2016

The Mystery Composer was a man of wide-ranging interests beyond music. Among them was travel. Before the advent of planes, it’s said he made 179 trips to 27 countries. He came to the United States several times, ventured to South America, and to avoid the cold winters of his homeland, traveled frequently to Northern Africa. It was during one of his trips to Egypt that the Mystery Composer was inspired to write this piece, based on a love song he heard as he sailed down the Nile.

Clue 5 — April 1, 2016

The Mystery Composer regarded the next work as simply a bit of fun, intended for private performance among musician friends. He was adamant that the work not be published in his lifetime, seeing it as detracting from his "serious" image. He eventually allowed only one excerpt to be published, but the 14-movement piece has now become one of the most popular in classical music.

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