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November 2015
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  • jessiekitty

    The Cardinall’s Musick, Stile Antico, The Tallis Scholars, the Brabant Ensemble, The Sixteen, Alamire, and other spectacular vocal consorts like these who sing exquisite early music are *always* my favorite performers. The Cardinall’s Musick is at the top of the list. Please play more of their recordings–and by all of these groups, too. Thanks!

  • Jerry Hall

    Jason Vieaux

  • ethanmmc

    Wynton Marsalis

  • ethanmmc

    Alison Balsom, Yo-Yo Ma

  • Ann Raven

    Jonas Kaufmann!

  • Nick001

    Eastman Wind Ensemble

  • Fred T. Meyer

    Julian Bream. First heard him on WFMT, 50 years ago. He brings a clarity and penetrating strength of tone to classical guitar that is unmatched in the present day, as far as I can tell. Thank you, WFMT, for introducing me to Julian Bream and so many other amazing musicians, and to such a variety of music and spoken-word performance.

  • Norman Boyer

    Lots of wonderful performers, but I need to vote for my ear-throb Nicole Cabell

  • T R

    After a long hard week Bryne T and Itzak P make my day and evening. Romance in the offing thanks to you. Thanks n Hugs. T in Batavia.

  • Mstislav Fitzpatrick

    Dinu Lupatti, Alfred Brendel, Leon Fleisher, Joan Sutherland, Remi Geniet.

  • kev

    I like them all!

  • Holly Birnbaum

    That was the exceedingly amusing and talented father of Rufus, Louden Wainwright III, who wrote and performed “Dead Dog In the Middle of the Road” — (not skunk) !!

    • DietzinChicago

      The song actually has a mention of a dead cat and dead dog in the last verse, but the song is titled “Dead Skunk”, and that’s the recurring line in the refrain.

  • Gloria

    Congratulations to Joshua Mhoon! I am so excited for you! It is always so good to have former students who are doing amazing things. Your kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Engstrom

  • Sonia Csaszar

    Dear Carl,
    The season to play “Hacia Belén” and “Los negritos” is running off! If you do so, please, play it a little later in your program. Since I retired, I no longer belong to your 5:58 Club, but I drop by after 8 AM. Thank you very much. Have a Merry Christmas/ Feliz Navidad!


  • Vicki Falsey

    I recently started listening to this station and it is really enjoyable. I have a 17 year old son who has been playing the piano for about 5 years. He writes his own songs and they are beautiful. We are trying to get his music out there. Do you ever play new music submitted by listeners?

  • M mcpike

    Welcome back to Christmas morning, Carl

  • Ann Raven

    Candace Agree, you couldn’t have pleased me more than with what you just played – Jon Vickers singing “Un Di all’Azurro Spazio”. Thank you!

    • Candice Agree

      Thank you Ann!

  • justine

    Happy New Year Midnight Special. From me in Abingdon VA to my parents in Francie and Brian in Holiday Island, Arkansas – My favorite New Years eve memories are of listening at home with Mom & Dad out in St. Charles, IL. – Thank you for all the laughs, the tears and love.

  • Jo

    For Carl: 2 Epiphany items, with Schwarzkopf– Wolf’s “Epiphanias” for humor; and R. Strauss’ Die Heiligen Drei Konige..

  • Sharon Noskin

    Wish you’d play more Glass. You must have gotten my vibes.

  • Kathryn Robyn

    Love that Jennifer Armstrong!

  • Marcia Clark

    Happy birthday Carl! We love your choice of music this morning!

  • Ron

    Rich: How about The Dutchman?

  • Daryl Lamkey

    At this time, 8:25AM on Monday 2/15/16, your “Listen Live” link isn’t working.

  • carol brunkowski

    how can I find the names of the songs that were played between 10 and 10:15 a.m. on 2-18-2016. There was a beautiful song from a movie that was either violin or viola.

  • Roger Mueller

    There’s no beating John Shirley-Quirk!!!!! THE SEA!

  • Mike R

    No wonder. This show should not really be on a classical music station

  • Roger A. May

    I have found the hidden gems segment particularly informative and would hope it will be continued. In general I would like to hear more lesser know works, particularly operas.

    • Seabiscuit

      I just posted something on this topic. I totally agree.

  • BobW

    For several weeks now almost nothing about the WFMT web streams has been working right. I used to be able to talk by email to a person at WTTW who (a) was very helpful and (b) seemed to appreciate my inputs, but he seems to have been replaced by someone who cannot and will not talk civilly.

    As one example of what is wrong: If you click on “Real Player” at the “listen” page ( you get a line of text amounting to a URL (it says rather than opening any useful page. (I have cleared the browser’s cache so it is not using some old address!).
    Can we expect ever to get back the functionality we had? Not only do the “in page” music players not work reliably, they are useless for listening while using your computer since moving to a different page will kill the audio!

    I am a long time member of the fine arts circle. I still remember gratefully when Steve Robinson telephoned me to tell me my 10 foot dish in the back yard was about to become useless. If the webstream continues to be unusable we will simply not be able to listen, and of course will not contribute.
    Bob Wilson

  • BobW

    I particularly wanted to thank you for recognizing Robert Shaw’s birthday. My mother had always been a fan of his, and was so proud when he came in as a guest conductor for the community orchestra (in Lexington, VA) where she played. That was a favorite memory of hers. (I and virtually all of my family played violin in that orchestra, but I had moved away before Shaw conducted.)
    Bob Wilson
    Fitchburg, WI

  • BobW

    That was supposed to be Lisa, not Linda! Age conquers…

  • Larry Larson

    Still can access WFMT via “Tunein” on my Roku device. It has not been working for several weeks. I’ve used the “Report a Problem” prompt every morning when I try it.

    • Candice Agree

      Hi there, Candice Agree here. I just checked with our wonderful website folks who have been working on this issue for some time. it appears to be fixed. I just checked my Roku box and indeed heard our programming. Thanks for your patience.

      • Larry Larson

        Just checked mine. YES!

      • Candice Agree

        So glad we could help

  • andysimmons

    Recognized Serkin’s Beethoven 3rd Concerto as soon as I heard the cadenza. I remember hearing him play this live in Boston in the early 80’s and was blown away by how slowly and lovingly he played the cadenza! Totally eye-opening, and have never heard it played before or since that way. Remarkable artistry!

  • Robert Goldstein

    Not performing in North Carolina due to HB2 is really not just a political decision but, must we not forget, it is about North Carolina human beings, adults and children who are negatively affected such abuse by a politician who is using them for his own political purposes.

  • Jim Axtell

    Maybe I’m a little late commenting on this, but my experience with your new player is really good! I use the Chrome browser and Windows 7. I used to listen to your broadcast on Windows Media Player, but the new internet player is much better. Thanks!

  • Sharron Andresen

    Carl: Thanks so much for the Gilbert and Sullivan. Great way to start the day!

    Sharron Andresen

  • Anne-Marie Malfait

    Thank you, Mr Grapentine, for playing the end of the Bach motet also. I sat down for that one- it is just so beautiful

  • Manel Valdes-Cruz

    Was it Grapentine himself, or some other idiot who decided to play Pete Seeger on this of all days? What an insult to the memory of all who died in Korea and Viet Nam, or elsewhere in the Cold War. Nothing like a self-righteous anti-American to honor the American dead.

  • rsberry

    We are very disappointed at the disappearance of the Tuesday night operas. Will they come back? We’ve been so happy with those, especially operas we’ve never seen staged. Please bring that program back!

  • Susan Levand

    Welcome back, Carl 😉 Here’s to your next 20 years!

  • RussD.

    Dennis: left you a direct email….hope you can respond.

  • Sonia Csaszar

    Thank you, Candice, for today’s Bach Viola da Gamba Sonata! I’m so grateful for your showcasing this lovely instrument more often than we were used to!

    • Candice Agree

      The pleasure is all mine!

  • John Empfield

    Love all the Haydn symphonies that are being programmed lately.

  • Sheilah Zeszutko

    Carl Grapentine just pulled a Monty python “and now do something completely different !” Moment! Too cool

  • Sheilah Zeszutko

    We love you Carl. Happy 20th with wfmt

  • Diana D Myhre

    Loving the Grieg today. Just came from a Norwegian Men’s Sangerfest in SD with 10 midwest mens chor
    uses and Mass choir of 200 men. . Heard his Landkjending sung by soloist and mass choir.

  • Ruth Ann

    Carl–Be very very careful driving through northern Indiana tomorrow on your drive to Michigan. Lots of road construction on all roads, and cars & semis rear-ending other other every day. Inattentive truck drivers. Be careful.

  • Mary Chingwa

    No contest. Lyric tix.

    • Candice Agree

      Thanks Mary!

  • Seabiscuit

    While WFMT is truly astonishing, especially in this era of doubleplusunmusic, I wish they would play a wider variety of music. There must be thousands of great compositions just sitting on shelves, waiting to be heard. I would like an entire week of selections rarely or never played. For example, there’s a lot more to Khachaturian’s “Spartacus” than the adagio. And I would like to hear a lot of Salieri’s stuff. And how about something by Suppe that is not THAT overture again! And I also can’t help but noticing that some of the commercials are played way too much, especially since some of the worst offenders deal with dreadful medical conditions.

    • Mstislav Fitzpatrick

      WFMT has gone to a Top 100 format.

      • Ann Raven

        I would really like to hear more “challenging” pieces. I like to learn new things from WFMT although I DO love some of the top 100s. And we are hearing less and less opera with actual SINGERS! Just now, I heard “Hot Diggety Dog and hope I will be able to get it out of my mind soon!

    • Gunther Montez

      I’m sure they’re trying to thread the needle: play the better known pieces to placate that segment of listeners, yet throw in the occasional “challenging” piece to please the music critics and ward off the accusations of playing only the hits. Not an easy task. I think Lisa works that balance the best. Carl not so much. His morning “wake up” selections are often a bit twinkly.

      • Ann Raven

        Lisa likes guitar music more than I do. BUT, I have learned to like it better because of her. So thanks for that, Lisa. Dennis and Kerry are playing more music that I like. Carl just has a different format, I think. He DID play some nice Wagner selections this a.m. and I was transfixed by Henry Fogel’s 3rd act of Tristan last night. Kerry will often play a whole symphony! Even, sometimes, a Mahler one!

    • Ann Raven

      At least they got rid of the commercial that reminded us that we are all going to DIE! Hahaha!

  • RussD.

    I totally agree with your analysis & support your requests……WFMT scheduling is getting tired, as we are of the same old Same Olde. If we could stuff the ballot box maybe that might wake them up…..I’m not paying for Nothin’New, for sure.
    BTW, are you the Seabiscuit who will be the next President of these Sickly INsane United States? Good luck to ya then!

  • Joseph C Owens

    I despise that horrid woman and all her musical choices. When she subs for Dennis Moore, my Saturday morning is totally ruined.

  • Ann Raven

    Dear Maggie, I am about to scream! I don’t want to hear the Beatles! You seem like a very nice person but now you are playing Milos playing the Beatles. Help!

    • Mstislav Fitzpatrick

      WFMT must be getting kickbacks every time they play that. Otherwise how can you explain the constant Beatles songs??

      • Carey Tyler Schug

        Many wfmt listeners like beatles songs, from having talked to them as volunteers at pledge drives. We have o be tolerant. I do not, never did, listen to beatles themselves, but at the time they were popular felt there were more tolerable than other pop musicians of that time.

      • Ann Raven

        I think so too. I mean – haha, not a MONETARY kickback but encouragement from somewhere!

    • Carey Tyler Schug

      I don’t know the specific piece you refer to, but in general I enjoy hearing some pop music if played by classical musicians in a classical way. Usually I like beatles music, did not like the CD I bought of string quartet playing nickleback, among others. Note that I did *NOT* listen to any pop music as a child or at any other time.

      • Ann Raven

        I never listened to rock either, CTS, as a child. Maybe that is why I don’t want to hear it now. I DID discover Bohemian Rapsody! It is a rather operatic piece but I wouldn’t expect to hear it on WFMT. I do like what Seth Boustead selects and I love Baroque and Before. You? And remember when Kerry would play a whole Mahler symphony at 1 pm?

      • Carey Tyler Schug

        Well, my problems with rock are (1) lack of a melody and (2) dissonance. There is some modern “classical” composers that espouse dissonance, and I don’t like them either, though in general rock is much worse. I am sensative to dissonance of almost all varieties to the extent it feels like a sharp knife being driven into my ear. Dissonance includes two instruments being sightly out of tune or out of time with each other. But especially anything with a snare drum kit and particularly using wire brushes or hitting cymbals with a hard stick, both of which create square waves which are sharp, unpleasant harmonics. Beatles, as opposed to many rock musicians did generally have a melody (as opposed to merely a repeating rhythm pattern), though in their performances, fairly well hidden. One of the first vinyl albums I purchased was “101 strings plays the beatles” which was arrangements accentuating the melodies and classical aspects like variations on the themes. And, of course, with only stringed instruments (and good musicians) lacking in any dissonance.

      • Ann Raven

        CTS, hello! I like dissonance in music, find it exciting sometimes, but I find your sensitivity to it interesting. So you probably don’t like Strindberg or even Shostakovich! Mahler? Berg?

      • Carey Tyler Schug

        Correct on Shostakovich, Mahler and Berg. Don’t recall ever hearing Strindberg, probably a good thing. Can’t stand Bolcom or nearly any other modern opera. One or two of Shostakovich’s string quartets were barely tolerable. I assumed that those who liked dissonance came to that by first liking rock music, so I am surprised you don’t like the Beatles music in its original form.

      • Ann Raven

        Actually, I am more of a Stones person! 🙂

      • Ann Raven

        Oh, Lord! Only after all of this time do I see that I wrote Strindberg instead of Schoenberg! The joke is on me! Haha!

    • Gunther Montez

      Frankly I’d rather listen to a well interpreted pop song than the New Age noodling of Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass and Steven Reich.

      • Ann Raven

        Oh, dear…all are composers I love. We just have different tastes, is all. But I’m sure you can hear more pop on other stations!

      • Gunther Montez

        Not interested in pop or pop stations. Only honest music, and I find P. Glass, et. al, to be self conscious and pretentious. And musically uninteresting.

      • Ann Raven

        Thank you, Gunther! Everyone has preferences and should be free to indulge – right?

    • Ann Raven

      This was 9 mo. ago. Maggie has improved. But WFMT is changing….

  • John Empfield

    Is there a problem with your transmitter? Driving to SW Michigan yesterday afternoon the signal was fading out east of Michigan City and almost nonexistent in Lakeside MI. I very rarely have this bad of a signal and it persists today, nothing but white noise with a little music trying to get thru.

    • Nick001

      I have the same problem south of I-80 – very bad reception since yesterday afternoon. Have had to turn it off since then. Problem continues today.

  • John w

    I’ve got a question. Woke up to static this AM thought it was my clock radio. It’s not, my B&O and my
    Bose have over lying static as does my ca radio. Are you doing trans. work or what? I really miss
    your clear classical music. What gives?

    • Nick001

      Posted yesterday that something is wrong with the signal. It’s still bad today, too.

    • Nick001

      And it’s still bad today. It would be nice for the station to indicate what is going on

    • David Polk

      We are currently operating from a backup transmitter due to work being performed on one of the towers atop the Willis Tower. We hope to be back to our regular transmitter Thursday evening. Sorry for the inconvenience.
      -David Polk, Program Director

  • jeffwithtwoels

    While I’m looking forward to 4 days devoted to American music coming up this week, I seem to recall that last year we had American Music Month. Don’t get me wrong – I’m as fond as the next guy of Italo-Franco-German-Austrian music, but this IS America after all, and all those Europeans do tend to dominate most of the programming. I don’t think that featuring American music once a year is too much to hope for. And no, I am not placated by the fact that you play Appalachian Spring at least once a week.

  • Glen M

    Bravo, Ms. Legree! Exceptional Unrush Hour program this evening.

    • Candice Agree

      Thank you, Glen. I think you emjoy this afternoon’s as well.
      Candice Agree

  • xnlover

    Hi Maggie, Just wanted to note that Elmer Bernstein pronounced his last name differently than did Leonard – Bern-steen rather than Bern-stine. I enjoy your programming and your announcing style. Doug Asbury

  • Ofra Peled

    Thank you Carl Grapentine for playing the wonderful trio of Perlman-Ashkenazi- Harrell! I love them, superb musicians that I actually heard live many years ago

  • Seabiscuit

    Yes! Yes! Yes! If I needed minimally invasive surgery, I would want the best team.

  • Shelley Quezada

    As of 27 minutes ago I was holding on for the Contest Line to answer the question about where Mozart’s Don Giovanni premiered. What is the matter ? I have your voice on the phone still talking about the last music you are playing. It would be considerate for you to cut me (or other listeners off) Very disappointed

  • Frank Cerauli

    The past weekend of playing the same pre recorded program music even in the early morning hours is I think going to far. You know your listenig public are not stupid. Frank.

  • west170

    I continue to be amazed at the gems you continue to find and play. This morning it’s been “Prelude and Fugue in a after Bach” by Lizst. Please keep it coming. Thanks.

  • Ron Fritz

    Not sure where to put this: my favorite violin concerto – by leaps and bounds!! – is Mendelssohn’s!! 🙂

  • Leslie

    I would have loved to have heard the Ravinia Concert tonight, the first of August. I didn’t know you were streaming it until , just now, after it was over. Are you archiving it? Is it possible to listen to it? Thanks.

  • klara kocevar

    Not sure where to put this: my favorite violin concert is…

  • Bob Meyer

    I have been listening to WFMT since January of 1961, after I left active duty as a Naval Officer and went to work for IBM. What I remember about that time is that you would go off the air for 30-40 minutes. I would start banging on my new Fisher receiver, thinking it was failing. I am glad you are still around since WEFM and WNIB have gone off the air. My wife and I also remember the Steve Goodman Memorial Concert that you put together in 1985 at McCormick Place. That was a magical evening.

  • Jules R

    I am a folk Stage donor who listens to wfmt streaming constantly I use an android tablet and access is thru COMCAST.. Your streaming protocl does NOT work well……there are constant drops and hangups. It happened tonight at midnight and I could not re-establish listening for over 30 minutes before I gave up.

    Other stream services work perfectly and I wonder if you must change or update your software.

  • Jules R

    Your website does not furnish an email address for the webmaster or whoever it is that manages the streaming software. It would be nice if that was listed under Contact Us

  • Mark Sherkow

    My spouse and I both very much enjoy “Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin.” Most weeks, I will listen every evening that I am at home from 7-8 pm. So I am dismayed when the program is usurped by a special broadcast. At least most times this is noted in the program guide, but not so tonight. I realize that a lot of these special programs are live–but I believe the one tonight is not live. I would appreciate it if you kept “Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin” at the 7-8 time period as much as possible!

  • Myles Olsen

    Can you play Enescu’s Symphony No. 2 which I think is really a beautiful piece. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  • Clif

    I don’t know what’s worse: listening to Florence Foster Jenkins (via Meryl Streep) or listening to Maggie’s endless yakking and “okey-dokies”

    • RustyEggleston

      Maggie, you can’t please all the people all the time.

      I could not stop laughing at Meryl Streep’s (?) Queen of the Night Aria. Hilarious. I loved it. Too funny!! While listening, I kept thinking what if someone new to Sunday mornings on WFMT just tuned it. You nailed it.

    • Robert L. Johnson

      I don’t know what’s worse: listening to Florence Foster Jenkins (via
      Meryl Streep) or listening to Maggie’s endless yakking and “okey-dokies”

      The yakking and yakking and yakking.Much too much. I’m outa here. CD player here I come

    • Ann Raven

      How about her saying that she knows she shouldn’t “opine” but…. Every time I feel annoyed, I also feel guilty. Maggie seems like a very sweet person!

  • RustyEggleston

    Who is this Maggie I keep hearing on occasion on WFMT?

    She has a very natural one-on-one conversational style as a program host. Just as if she’s sitting next to me in the car. That’s the secret of all the WFMT program hosts.

    But why no bio on the website? She is not listed as a program host. Is she on probation? Give us some background about her!

  • Allen Stuart

    I have enjoyed listening to all of the top ten violin concertos. Just wanted to remark that the finest live performance of the Beethoven that I have heard in a long lifetime was this past June when Julia Fischer played it with Riccardo Muti and the CSO. Too bad she hasn’t yet recorded it.

  • Gretel Mink Hansen

    I missed hearing Maggie Reberg! Her voice is so clear and soothing! She also has such interesting views!

  • Vincent

    What happened to the lady? I played her on Saturdays as I went through my scores and loved her commentary?

  • Tony

    Wait does this mean Maggie has a new show?

  • Sarah

    Missed hearing Maggie’s beautiful voice this morning. I’m always so pleased when she’s hosting and was starting to get used to hearing her more often. I hope she continues to host regularly because I feel like I’m listening to my favorite music with a friend when she is on air.

  • Gail Forsberg

    Dearest Carl – The (I believe) second piece you played this am gives new meaning to the word “charming”!
    It reminded me of a Calder mobile in a brisk breeze! Lovely.

  • al citera

    why are you not playing the scheduled 11:00 pm works?

  • Craig F.

    Do you folks ever plan to play Keith Emerson’s Piano Concerto #1. People may not know about it or take it seriously, but if someone there would just listen to it (Candace are you reading this?) I’m sure it would be something you would want to have on the air.

  • laalee

    Please play something for Johan… my heart is broken for his family.

  • Ann Raven

    Thank you for broadcasting the Lyric evening at Millennium Park last night! I loved it all but Samuel Youn was spectacular as the Dutchman! I hope we will hear more of him in Chicago even after the Ring Cycle!

  • Theo Vlahopoulos

    I have nothing to discuss but I need an information:
    What are the names of the three ladies in The Magic Flute you played on 9/10/2016

    • Lambrini Papangelis

      The Three Ladies in “The Magic Flute” don’t have names

  • Dave Moeller

    I have recently discovered a (new to me) contralto whose voice is glorious. Her name is Sara Mingardo and she to have a very active European performance career and schedule. I have acquired a few recordings featuring her including a Vivaldi Gloria, Brahms’ “Alto Rhapsody, and Respighi’s Sensitive Plant. Wonderful stuff!

  • Laura Mendoza

    The National Youth Choir of Scotland and the ever charming maestro, Christopher Bell, performed in early July at the Hess Concert and were delightful and amazing. I especially want to hear again and again their performance of ‘Leonard Dreams of His Flying Machine’. Did you record it; will you play it?

  • Mona Stern

    Bill McLaughlin’s program gets better and better. Ending today with Judy Garland’s “Over the Rainbow” was perfect. It’s one of those songs where you don’t know if the music or the words are the best – I guess they both are. Thanks for a delightful hour. Mona

  • Belton Fleisher

    Every time I hear Bryn Tervel singing anything remotely connected with lieder, art song, or opera, I am revolted. Does anyone at WFMT listen to this noise before playing it?

  • Mstislav Fitzpatrick

    I’m afraid it’s time for Candace Agree to go! I can’t listen to her phony actress voice. Off goes my radio at 4 p.m., or 3 p.m., depending……

  • Mstislav Fitzpatrick

    Dave Schwan is terrific! His voice is so soothing. You should give him the 4-7 p.m. timeslot, to calm the raging anxieties and agonies in the postmodern bosom.

    • Ann Raven

      I like Dave Schwan too but please don’t give him Kerry’s spot! I really love it that Kerry Frumkin plays classical music and varies it. Is not afraid to play opera or complete symphonies. Carl is in a class of his own. Like Kerry, he plays a good mix but he has to keep it short because of the morning format. He, Dennis Moore, Lisa and Kerry tell us interesting facts. I think they are all hard-core classical music lovers!

    • Ann Raven

      Yes, the 4-7 would be great! Do you remember how the Unrush hour began? George Preston would sometimes play whole symphonies!

  • RussD

    Sorely wish you’d play more Neville Mariner-led music the rest of today!!!

  • S. Foi

    Removed my comment, didn’t you airheadshitforbrainidiots

  • Mark

    I very much enjoyed Laura Washington’s interview of Tom Bachtell last night. Will it be available for listening at a later date?

  • Leslie

    I love your station, even though I live in Maine.

    You just announced The streaming of Don Giovanni. Rolando Villazon , I am pretty sure is not singing Don Ottavio. He has stopped singing that roll. I’m sure you can check this with the Met’s website.

    • Candice Agree

      Hi, Leslie, you heard a contest for tickets to an Met in HD encore performance, being screened in theaters. This is the information provided by the Met. Thank you for commenting.

  • peter bohlin

    Your stock market report was all messed up. The closing averages were correct but the market did not go down like you said. The S&P was up 2.45. Somehow you had yesterday’s commentary mixed with today’s closing averages.

    • Candice Agree

      Hi Peter, Cited losses were preliminary as reported by AP at 4:10p ET. Closing numbers were verified by two independant sources (AP and a Reuters) at 4:55 ET. Very sorry for the confusion.

  • L L M

    Candace Agree is a nice addition to the hosting group, but I really have to wonder whether she has ever driven a car in the rush hour. Her nerve-jangling programming Tuesday afternoon really did it — thank goodness I wasn’t driving! A string piece and then that Tubin piece. The constant guitar and/or Spanish programming … today’s Enescu and then more strings. Maybe I’m just a freak, but string pieces aren’t necessarily relaxing! Baroque music can be jangly also.
    I really miss the mellowness of WNIB’s “lighter side” at the end of the afternoon. Can anyone provide those playlists to Ms. Agree?
    I have listened to WFMT for over 45 years for the variety and education in classical music it provides. Please get back to a varied palette within an hour, not just over the stretch of a day. Thank you for letting me vent!

    • Candice Agree

      Dear LLM, A number of listeners have expressed their preferences and I welcome them. And most of those preferences have been for music that can be heard over traffic’s din and not so relaxing as to cause them to fall asleep at the wheel! As someone who has been in a car during rush hour, I understand the frustration of losing the music to the overwhelming traffic noise. Would love to know your perfect playlist for afternoon drive. Thanks for taking the time to chime in! Best, Candice

  • Mstislav Fitzpatrick

    What’s with all the guitar music, all day every day? I’d support a lot less guitar music.

  • Bruce Feurtien

    WFMT supports RDS (the feature that displays what is playing on the radio, if that radio is so equipped). I’d like to see at least the composer’s name instead of “Carl Grapentine” for the hour or so I listen in the morning.

    • RustyEggleston

      I’ve been saying this for years. Whenever listening to WFMT what are the two things one desires to know Immediately? 1) What’s the name of this piece and 2) who is the composer? I can only wish that someday WFMT will make this happen for us, who have RDS.

  • Ann Harrison

    My husband and I (sustaining members for many years) have been traveling and put the live stream of WFMT on in our Toronto hotel room. When we did, I thought I heard the voice of Marty Robinson! Am I losing what’s left of my marbles? (It was about 5-5:30 EDT.)

    • Candice Agree

      Hi Ann, I wonder if you heard Dennis Moore or Peter Vandegraaff or Dave Schwan on a recorded announcement?

  • Barbara Megginson

    I heard a terrific piano quintet on Saturday, between the 8 and 9 a.m. programs (was not on your published playlist) and am most interested in the name of the composer (was mentioned, sounded like Burlock, but cannot find anything under that name) ad I would love to have a copy of the recording. It was modern and very rhytmic. Can you help?

  • Elizabeth Jonca

    Listening to Classical Cabaret tonight, I wonder why you chose to add this program and dumped the Tuesday Evening Opera a few months ago. Please consider moving Classical Cabaret to your Saturday night schedule and reviving a regular opera series.

  • Bre Miles

    Just an idea, pick up a channel o Sirius radio. They are short on classical stations. Might be a way to broaden the audience and fund raising. They should do it for free. You are world class and this may be an opportunity.

  • Jos in the burbs

    Did the most recent news broadcast screen out the description of Hilary Clinton? The announcer was about to say the words describing what seemed was a less complimentary description and the broadcast went silent until his description was completed? Will have to find another station.

  • Jacquot

    Can you PLEASE reconsider your incessant broadcasting of ‘a weekend in the country’, which is possibly the most banal composition ever writte? A few months ago, it appeared multiple times per day. APparently you are instituting a revival beginning today. I love WFMT. It really bothers me that your audience is diminishing. However, as much as i love the station, i refuse to listen to junk and will continue to turn you off when you choose to broadcast it.

  • Katie

    A week or so ago a song was played called “rain.” I believe the composer was fairly contemporary & his goal was to mimic the sound of rain using guitar & various instruments. I can’t remember his name though & w out it I can’t find the recording. I hope you can help, thank you.

    • David Polk

      Katie – You heard this as part of the most recent Chicago Symphony broadcast. The piece was MacMillan’s Veni, Veni, Emmanuel with Cynthia Yeh, percussion soloist. You can go to their website for full information and to listen to it again.

  • Jim Gallagher

    I love that WFMT is online as I used to live in Chicago, and missed the delight of listening to it until I found it on the web. Any chance I might hear Bartok’s “Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta” CSO with conductor Solti any time soon? And if so, any chance I can find out when that will happen ahead of time? God bless.

  • Joe

    Loving WFMT! Thank you for the great music which enriches the day! I truly enjoyed yesterday’s spooky Halloween collections.

  • Ofra Peled

    Dear WFMT, You just aired an advertisement for Rush Orthopedic Dept. I know they are good, but they refuse patients on Medicare. I find it upsetting when I tried to see the same physician that i have been seeing… but no, they won’t.

  • Lilithcat

    If I wanted to hear people jabbering about sports, I’d turn on ESPN. You’re supposed to be a classical music station. Play some.

  • Elizabeth Jonca

    To Candice Agree, et al. on 11/11//16 around 6:40 PM “Rite of Spring” was not used in “Alexander Nevsky”. Prokofiev wrote the score in close collaboration with Eisenstein. “Rite of Spring” in a notoriously butchered form illustrated dinosaurs fighting in “Fantasia”.

    • Candice Agree

      Please forgive me: the excitement of the membership drive must have caused me to lose my concentration a little bit. Thanks for being so astute. Best, Candice

  • Jacquot

    Why does ‘with heart and voice’ have to be sacrificed once again? THe midnight special wasn’t superceded by the drive. Neither is that pinnacle of compositional excellence, music for film.

  • David Brackley

    I just submitted my pledge to the membership drive, and was directed here to suggest pieces/performers that are favorites…for the Monday after the Drive. I have two suggestions… First, a Vierne or Widor Organ Symphony movement…I’d suggest Vierne Symphony #2–either the opening Allegro or the Scherzo. The other that I dearly love is “The Pines of the Appian Way” from Respighi “The Pines of Rome”. I do wish we could hear organ music with greater frequency on the station. Not hours and hours…but a symphonic movement or a standard piece of literature would be such a delight. It is a rare occurrence in a typical day, however, no matter how much is said about “challenging listeners” and “breaking broadcast rules”, etc.

    That said, I love the station, and it is a large part of every day. Please keep up the great work!

  • David Miller

    Thank you for the postings. I had some time to kill and have greatly enjoyed these postings. What a hoot!

  • Ken Spector
  • petracic

    Visiting Chicago. Was hoping to listen to classical music in Radisson Blu but nothing but fundraising. I give up. Maybe listen to you in a year when I cone back. Turning you off now.

  • Person

    11/23/16 around 5:30, there was a lovely string quintet that finished playing and I wanted to know who composed it. The host said “Barradeen”–not knowing who Barradeen was, I looked up the schedule and discovered that it was not Barradeen, but Borodin (which in Russian, is pronounced “borodeen”, not “barradeen” -.-

    • Candice Agree

      Hi there, Over the years I have had a number of native Russian listeners note inconsistencies in our Americanization of Russian names, most prominent among those Borodin, Balakirev, Arensky, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Mussorgsky. As my undergraduate degree was in Russian, I naturally have some empathy for their concerns. I also have respect for the way pronunciations change across continents and how Ametican pronunciations of foreign words become standard. I ask for your indulgence as I continue to strive for a happy medium between correct pronunciations and what is most familiar. Just for fun, here is the Cyrillic spelling of Borodin followed by the IPA spelling: Бороди́н; [bərɐˈdʲin]

  • Carey Tyler Schug

    I am glad you played at least one shaker song a capella, they way they would have since they did not allow instruments.

  • Laurence Edwards

    Time to retire “Lord of the Dance.” Who are the “holy people” who hang him on the cross? Presumably not the Roman authorities. So we’re back to the old charge that the Jews killed Jesus. Ugly.

    • RustyEggleston

      I hope there’s a sign hanging somewhere in WFMT that says, “Remember: you can’t please all the people all the time.”

      There is so much in music and art that reasonable people can differ about. What has made WFMT so great for 65+ years is it’s commitment not to limit itself to the lowest common denominator in classical music to ensure no one ever takes offense.

      Every fall, I make a special effort to make sure I am in my truck driving so I can listen to WFMT and “Birthday of the World,” with Leonard Nimoy and the traditions of the High Holidays,

      Similarly, “Lord of the Dance,” is just a beautiful work of art and song about a 2,000-year-old story that we’d never get to hear if not played on WFMT.

      Thank you!

  • Kathleen M. Richards

    Carl, As always, many thanks for the Biebl Ave Maria!! And I know you were in that chorus, too. Even better.

  • Nate Whilk

    There was a piece I’ve heard on WFMT a number of times, but I never caught its name or composer. It turns out that a version of it was used as the theme for “Susan’s Show”, a kids show from the late 1950s. Could anyone ID the piece and composer? Thanks in advance. Here’s a clip from the beginning of the show with the theme.

  • megan

    Carl, you gave me chills this morning and brought a tear to my eye. My mother listened to WFMT and Karl Haas everyday when my siblings and I were growing up. I have often thought about the opening sequence to Adventures in Good Music but never remembered the name of the piece or who the broadcaster was. She passed away about 10 years ago from cancer, but now my siblings and I (all in our 30s) listen to WFMT as much as we can, both because we enjoy classical music and because it reminds us of her. And every once in a while will say to each other “Hello Everyone” as a shared remembrance.

    • Mstislav Fitzpatrick

      My mother listened to it too, on the Washington D.C. music station WGMS. It came on around lunchtime so I still associate the opening of the show (and the slow movement of the Pathetique sonata) with sandwiches….

  • Linda Monhan

    trying to find if the music played on Dec 6 at 520pm is available on CD … Les Violons du Roy, Rameau, Jean-Phillippe EBU? If so, where do I go to purchase it, please? Thankyou!

    • Candice Agree

      Hi Linda, I’m so glad you enjoyed “Rameau’s Theatre” on Tuesday’s UnRush Hour. This was an excerpt from a recording made live in concert and available to us through WFMT’s association with the European Broadcast Union, therefore not available for purchase. You might want to check out the group’s website for recordings of works by Rameau. I hope you will continue to enjoy the live broadcast recordings I’ll be offering late afternoons throughout the month of December. Thank you for taking the time to write. Best, Candice

  • pbk

    Has anyone noticed that for the first time since, what, 1961 or 1962, WFMT is not broadcasting the Caedmon recording of A Christmas Carol or (Menotti’s Amahl and the Night Visitors) on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? I don’t see it in the December program listings. My family listened to it every year, and my father hunted down fugitive LPs of it to ward off just such an eventuality. I don’t believe I see Child’s Christmas in Wales, either. Has there been any public discussion of this change?

    • MCR

      Hi pbk! Currently planning Xmas day, thanks for the reminder, I will track those down if I can! Happy Christmas to you!

      • pbk

        Good luck, they’re all out of print. (Menotti is available with other musicians; the one played on Xmas Eve was a recording of the live NBC broadcast premier of the work). WFMT told me that people won’t listen to spoken-word recordings any more and that aside from Lyric and the Met, opera is also being reduced in the programming plans for the same reason. If that’s what their surveys tell them, it’s sad to hear. I just find it odd, given the popularity of podcasting, Studs Terkel’s show, etc.

  • Would greatly appreciate news readers’ not politicizing the proposed new head of the EPA. No one is denying climate change. Scientists disagree about causes, how much (if any) is anthropogenic, whether CO2 is a “green-house” gas and, if it is, what impact an increase might have on climate, etc. To describe someone as a “climate change denier” is childish and inaccurate. I expect more of WFMT.

    • Sorry, ChiLynne, but very few scientists would agree with your statement. We subscribe to the Associated Press for our headlines, which states that “the world’s scientific organizations say that the world’s climate is changing because of the buildup of heat-trapping gases, especially carbon dioxide, from the burning of coal, oil and gas. This is supported by more than 90 percent of the peer-reviewed scientific literature.” You may find the full AP policy regarding reporting of climate change here:

      • AP is not an unbiased source. Carbon dioxide is what green plants take in – more CO2, more trees, etc. There is considerable controversy as to whether it is a “heat-trapping gas”; moreover, the concentration change is very, very small. Reasonable people, especially including scientists, definitely question both AP’s policy as well as their “more than 90 percent of the peer-reviewed scientific literature.”

    • joe

      Hey Chil, you obviously voted for Trump and related scum. Go back to Jewish Mythology (bible) to justify your hatred of science. As Einstein said, paraphrasing: The difference between stupidity and genius is genius has limits. Oh, if you ever go to the moon please bring me a couple pounds of green cheeses upon your return. And beware, the world is flat.

  • Claudia Petersen

    Happy birthday, WFMT! 65 years is quite an accomplishment! I think my parents must have listened all those years until my Mom passed away earlier this year – her dial was always tuned to 98.7. And in my home raising my kids, your music has always been our favorite. So congrats, and keep on playing – may you have many many more!

    • We’re glad to have you as a listener, Claudia. Thanks for the note!
      David Polk
      Program Director

  • Ken Gustafson

    Question: What was WFMT’s first location? I visited the station in 1963 in the Wacker & LaSalle building. Was that the original location?

    • David Polk

      Hi Ken,

      WFMT’s first location was at the Hotel Guyon in West Garfield Park. In fact, our late Critic-at-Large along with producer Matt DeStefano produced a featured about it a few years ago:

      David Polk
      Program Director

  • William Stone

    Why is it that when I click on “Listen Live” on the website, the music I hear is in no way related to what is listed on the schedule?

    • Sometimes we encounter a synchronization issue between our music database and the website. We’re aware of the problem and are working on upgrading our software to make it more reliable in the future. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
      David Polk
      Program Director

  • Rick Lightburn

    When I checked last night, it was warmer at the South Pole than it is here in Chicago (by one degree).

  • Judy Davis Solomon

    What happened to Beethoven? I like Mozart, but I was looking forward to more Beethoven!

    • Candice Agree

      Moonlight piano sonata and more Beethoven on the way this afternoon, Judy. Stay tuned!

  • Ed Majewski

    Where is Beethovens music for the past 2 hours.? Happy Birthday Beethoven!

  • Mark

    WFMT advertises that it’s playing holiday music, particularly sacred holiday music. I’m at a loss to know when that happens. It doesn’t happen on Sunday mornings, when I would find sacred holiday music especially welcome. It isn’t happening right now. I had WFMT tuned in as I’m working but the selections played have been distinctly none of what was promised. It is not traditional, it is modern; it is not holiday music, it is discordant strings; and it most assuredly has nothing to do with the Christmas holiday. It’s time to quit advertising things not present in your airplay.

  • Bob Stanley

    Hi David Polk and All,

    Thanks so much for recording Sunday evening’s Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols at St. James and broadcasting it last night. I very much enjoyed hearing it live at the Cathedral on Sunday, and it was terrific to be able to re-experience this lovely service and superbly-performed music again last evening. Your recording really did it justice.

    Bob Stanley

  • Dottye

    I have been an avid WFMT listener for a long time…..Love everything about it! It seems to me that this Christmas season you are playing more Christmas music than you have before. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Such a lovely , wide variety of styles – it makes my home sing with holiday spirit, and I am deeply grateful.

  • Joe

    To:Peter Van de Graaff

    I listen nightly (WFMT in Frostburg, Md) to your show. I have learned so much about classical music, composers, name pronunciation, mini gems of scores that have never seen (!) the playtime they deserve, etc. I thank you. That’s the good news.

    But there’s a threat to classical music, especially classical music on FM radio, which you are contributing to. Let me list (paraphrase) a few of the stupidities that you have stated over the years regarding J S Bach:

    The six greatest violin solos ever were written by Bach

    The greatest piece of music ever written was composed by Bach. You followed this asinine statement with, “a bold statement to be sure,” Did you attend the Joseph Goebbels University, specializing in propaganda?

    On several occasions you’ve mentioned Bach and Debussy in the same breath. Huh? One (Debussy) used every sound of the aural rainbow for composing. The other (Bach) reminds me of composing by numbers. And he used only two numbers, zero and one.

    But you don’t stop there. When talking about other composers you mentioned incessant and tenuous relationships to Bach. To wit: This composer’s (200 years later) great-grandfather was related to Bach’s undertaker, another guy had a relative who was Bach’s maid, an individual who was distantly (four generations) related to Bach’s 6th cousin, ad nauseam,

    Most importantly you give no reason at all as to why he is such a great composer. It certainly isn’t because he wrote anything resembling a tune, just painful chords of discord that would be more effective in getting someone to confess than waterboarding. Anyway…

    I’m sure you realize classical music stations are a dying breed, You and others are should be trying to bring in new, younger listeners into the classical music fold. I assure you Bach worshiping isn’t the way to do it.

  • Joe

    Update on Peter Van Degraf:and his unnatural worship of J S Bach

    Good old Pete outdid himself on 24 December 2016. His worshiping of Bach (JS) took another sickening turn when he announced he was going to play a piece of music written by Bach’s uncle! Talk about sickening and unrelenting worship. But there is an upside to Bach.
    I’ve supplied all the emergency rooms in the area with CDs containing Bach crap. When someone comes in who has taken poison they are immediately exposed to this junk and almost immediately they throw up. Life saved. Sadly, several individuals of the emergency staff couldn’t take it any longer and committed suicide by slashing their jugular with a sharpened edge Bach CD.

  • Esther Schechter

    Don’t you have Chanukah music this week? We have listened to WFMT for at least 50 years and have enjoyed Rita Jacobs program “Raisins and Mandel” for many years. Don’t we get to hear that traditional music or did we miss

    Esther and Allen Schechter

  • Karen Furnweger

    When I heard this morning that you would play a Julie Andrews Christmas song from 1965, I thought, Not from one of the FIRESTONE albums! But, YES, it was! I’m sure a certain generation of WFMT listeners remembers them well. My dad brought them home, along with the Goodyear counterparts, every year to play on our Silvertone hi-fi. I let the whole collection go in an estate sale last year and later regretted it. I did find both LP and CD versions online recently, and bought both for the 1965 Firestone edition. Thanks for adding that homey, and excellent, note to your Christmas morning programming.

  • Nancy Snider

    If I hear one more note of Clara’s little story about that unmentionable Nutcracker I will become violently sick. Dancing fairies and strutting Cossacks? ENOUGH already.

  • MArian Brown

    What a delight…Christmas music still being played after December 25! Hope you can keep a few playing through to January 6, Twelfth Night! A big thank you And a Happy New Year to all of you at WFMT!
    Marian Brown

  • William Ward

    Was Jana Pavlovska’s program recorded today and is it available?

  • THerese Murphy

    Has something happened to the music library ? I have heard the same selections over and over lately . I really would hate to hear Brahm’ s Academic Festival Overture one more time.

  • Gunther Montez

    Eunaudi no no no. New Age Muzak. Puhleeze.

  • Sheldon M

    In reading your listeners comments, I see that many of them have the same comments that I do. One in particular struck a chord. the statement was that ‘he goes to his CD player when stuff is played that is out of his comfort zone’. I have not done this but whenever WFMT plays incessant singing or repeats of old stuff that has lost its freshness, I just switch to WCRB, KUSC, KMZT or Radio Swiss Classic. Invariably, I can get stuff there that I feel comfortable with. WFMT has to go with a mission as it sees it and not everyone has my taste but the large amount of vocal stuff is not for me. I recall chatting with Carl at an MOB performance and after voicing my complaints a couple within earshot disagreed and asked for even more vocal material. I hope WFMT’s audience remains loyal as I do but I wonder if their directions are one that will develop a new audience for classical music

    • Ann Raven

      I would be like the couple who wanted MORE vocal music, Sheldon! And one reason that I listen to WFMT is that I like to be surprised by what I will hear next. I certainly do want to to be jarred out of my “comfort zone”, if I still have one! Well, yes – that would be if I hear Beatles’ tunes in the guise of classical music. Anyway, we all different and I’m sure that the folks at FMT have a difficult time pleasing everyone!

  • Al T

    Looking forward to Mozart Day on the 27th. but isn’t htat a picture of the young Beethoven on your Jan 19 e-news about things upcoming on WFMT?

  • Nathaniel

    First, allow me to say how much I admire FMT and how much I value Dennis Moore’s programming. And now for the criticism: How can any radio host tell listeners to enjoy 60 degree weather in late January in Chicago? Papering over of this kind adds up. Comments of this nature keep us from directly facing our climate change crisis. I don’t wish to suggest FMT hosts should lament strange weather (though they’d have plenty of opportunities); I simply wish to urge them to stop praising it (when, that is, it suits our liking). It’s macabre.

    • Mstislav Fitzpatrick


  • Jim Holland

    Please include your listeners’ ten favorite violin and piano concerti on your website.

    Also, I’m bothered by the advert of the ‘world-famous’ laparoscopic surgeon who claims that he has x number of ‘successful’ cases, but not how many unsuccessful! Beware!

  • Ann Raven

    No! Right now I am hearing a piano version of “We’re Off to See the Wizard”! I love Dennis Moore, Kerry Frumkin and Lisa Flynn’s programming. Want opera WITH words, gall durn it! Jon Vickers would be nice….
    Jonas Kauffman? And some exciting, lesser played composers like Messaien would be estupendo!!

  • Sandy keller

    I’m in heaven! All Mozart programming on my favorite station. What music!
    Thank you, Carl, for making my morning so blissful.

  • Sharon LeCount

    1-31-17 Yesterday morning, and THIS MORNING, everything is in German in the early morning music ! Is that going to continue? A few minutes ago, The Military March . . . Are We Getting Ready For War? Sounds like it’s right out of the ” The HITLER Rise To POWER” Playbook from the Koch Foundation ! If it doesn’t stop, I’m not listening to WFMT, and I’m not supporting WFMT at the next fundraiser, either.

  • jeffwithtwoels

    Good morning, Carl – Just a reminder that February 1st is the birthday of Richard Strauss’s favorite librettist, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, founder of the Salzburg Festival. Maybe a little Rosenkavalier?

  • Bob Draznik

    What was that Marais piece?

  • judy

    How about some calm, soothing music for a Sunday mornn? Everything you’ve played today has been bombastic, rushed. Calm us down!

  • 375gtb


    I turned you OFF!

    I use EMAIL!

  • 375gtb


  • 375gtb

    Retards use 140 characters!

  • 375gtb

    NO, do not send me membership SPAM!

    I know what you have up your sleeve!

  • 375gtb


  • Chris Jacobsen

    My wife has to hear the “politically correct” Carmen narrative. Is there a recording somehow / somewhere?

  • Ann Raven

    THANK YOU, WFMT, for the beautiful opera day that we had yesterday! I listened to both “Carmens”; the one from the MET and the Lyric opening night broadcast + Larry Johnson’s hommage to Leontyne Price in between. Thanks to Lisa Flynn and Roger Pines, I could imagine the dancers in the trajes de luces and the bull who kept popping up during the performance. Throughout the Lyric “Carmen”, I truly marvel at the beauty of the voice of Joseph Calleja! I am looking forward to his Valentine’s Day concert on WFMT. Thanks, again! Ann Raven

  • Ann Raven

    Ahhhh! Dear Maggie, you just came on the air and in a wonderful, reassuring voice, told us that we can relax, that we will know every note that you will play for the next hour! No, no, no! I do not want an “easy” afternoon”. I want to be challenged, excited by the music! This is not good….

  • Ann Raven

    Dear Maggie, I am enjoying your playlist after the CSO broadcast so, it is only fair to tell you! Thanks for the music! Ann

  • Gunther Montez

    When the Nagoya Marimbas started playing I thought somebody’s phone was ringing near an open mic. Steven Reich remains on my Do Not Call registry.

  • James Frederick Wagner

    This sounds like Strauss, I love it!!

  • Ann Raven

    Thank you, Maggie! Yesterday, I believe you played Ma Vlast in its entirety!

  • Silvia Albillos

    Nice programm Lisa, Sounds like home. This Jota is much like a Jota fusion-Mexican style. The ones from Aragón and Castille are quite different. Regards from Spain!!!

  • Sonia Csaszar

    I’m not happy with today’s music c]selection at 6 PM. I never cared for musical movies because of the music. Is this whole week going ton be this bad?

  • Gunther Montez

    I love when I hear something new (to me). Robert Ward’s string quartet is so refreshing. He’s someone I should know better.

  • Victor

    I am so tired of hearing opera and vocals on Grapentine’s show! I hate it and avoid listening. Not everyone likes opera, Carl–program in some light classical. Programming is getting worse between 7-9 mornings.
    I am annoyed just thinking about it. Am so relieved to hear Lisa Flynn at ten.
    Hey, does anyone from WFMT read these comments? Or are listeners only venting to no one but themselves?

    • RustyEggleston

      I just love opera and vocals on Grapentine’s show. Give us more!

      • Ann Raven

        I do too, Rusty!

  • Jacquot

    What about Vaughn Williams Three Pieces for Organ based on WElsh tunes….of which Rhosymedre is so absolutely gorgeous.

  • Janet Cohn

    CARL we are sad to hear about your mother. We will miss you next week! Michael and Janet Cohn
    We loved Paris with you!

  • Brent Jessee

    Carl, I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. We will miss you while you are away, you are old school WFMT and a Chicago Treasure! God Bless.

  • Stephen McMinn

    So much whining. Be glad you can hear.

  • Steve Berry

    Today is pi day. It’s the day to play Elgar’s Enigma Variations! The theme, of which that piece is a set of variations, is precisely the first nine notes of pi, 3-1-4-1-5-9 or E-C-F-C-G-d. I don’t know or forgot who it was that realized that, but it was a consequence of recognizing Elgar’s fascination with mathematics.

  • T. C. Herman

    Who is speaking the clip “Beware the Ides of March?”

    • T. C. Herman

      Just heard Carl give the answer! it is Actor Richard Hale as the Soothsayer in the 1953 movie Julius Caesar.

      • Ann Raven

        I look forward to hearing this every year!

  • Jeff

    What happened to “With Heart and Voice”? I woke up one Sunday and it was gone. Hard to start my Sunday without it.

    • Annoula

      Love “With Heart and Voice”!

  • Gunther Montez

    Loussier Trio: Don’t we hear enough Muzak in elevators? WMFT, say it isn’t so…

  • Paul

    Please imagine I am one of those young people who are constantly protesting these days. That is how I feel about hearing Mendelsohn (oh, you know major chords and scales?) and Delius on Bach’s birthday. You could do a whole station devoted to Bach and his environs. Please give me one day at least.

  • Marilyn Andersen

    Hello, I have said this before, but here it is: Why don’t you play more organ music? I know there is the 1 hour program on Sun. night but that isn’t enough. When ever I hear organ music it is usually played on other instruments–in fact right now the Toccata & Fugue is being played by orchestra–that really annoys me!! You play plenty of piano music, violin music, orchestra music and too much opera, but in the few hours per week I have time to listen to WFMT I almost NEVER hear organ music. Please can you change that a bit? You could reduce the amount of OPERA since you put a lot of Opera on the station. Less would be better. THANKS FOR READING THIS.

  • Nan Snider

    Just listened to “news” – I am so sick of every lead (first item mentioned) being about President Trump and/or people in his administration that I seldom listen to WFMT until after 9:15 am. Other things are happening in the world – let’s hear about them!

    • RustyEggleston

      I agree wholeheartedly.

      For the past year WFMT has become my monastery of the mind to reconnect with the timeless and flee the present.

      Who can bear to listen to NPR Morning Edition, drenched as it is in politics? Too much of our popular culture, music, movies, media . . . even sports have become infected with partisanship.

      Would any member of Carl’s 5:58 Club really miss an hourly update on Republicans and Democrats? Keep us on the mountaintops with Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms and the inaccessible valleys of opera and vocals so we can escape this Vale of Tears to 98.7!

  • John Shade

    The anti-Trump slant in Carl Grapentine’s news summaries is making me regret the contributions I’ve made to the station for years. Intelligence operatives in the Obama administration monitored the communications of the president elect and his staff and then improperly disseminated them throughout the government and to the media, yet Grapentine’s news briefs would lead you to think that the scandal is not the intelligence community’s Watergate-like abuse of authority but Trump’s inexact word choice (accusing Obama of wiretapping him instead of surveilling him).

    Every time Carl shows his anti-Trump partisanship, I become less likely to continue supporting this station.

  • Ann Raven

    Where is Dennis Moore? I miss him!

  • Jim Holland

    Just now, we heard again the welcome voice of Robbie Ellis, who we have missed hearing the past weeks. He has a personable set of skills that complements WFMT’s admirable presentation of the fine arts. We would applaud hearing him on a more permanent basis!

    • A Raven

      I like Robbie Ellis as well! Hope to hear more from him. And WHERE IS DENNIS MOORE?

  • Ann Raven

    Robbie Ellis has permanently endeared himself to me by saying, just now, that this is the closest thing he will play to a pop song and, immediately, I am hearing “La Donna E Mobile”! Bravo!

  • Tim N

    This morning you announced an event by a brass ensemble from Lawerence University. But the web address you gave isn’t correct or I misunderstood it. Please check and reply back. I heard you say:

    • Jon Kavanaugh

      You have the “r” and “e” in Lawrence inverted. Try it as

  • Larry Buss

    Great show tonight Love Corky and the Midnight Special.

  • Jennifer Stevenson

    WHO THE HECK is the announcer doing the Baseball program right now (9 to 10pm Chicago time)??? I swear I’ve heard him do a dozen shows with ZBS Media, and his name is just beyond the tip of my tongue. Love his voice.

  • Rich Charuhas

    Folks, I just contributed 250 well deserved dollars online for this year’s spring drive but was never given an opportunity to select a thank-you gift. Perhaps I should have phoned this in instead. Request advise my options at this point. Contact, SVP.

  • Carl S


    I have a message for Maggie. I have a new slogan for WFMT, here it is – “Music from WFMT is like Xanax for the mind. Best of all, it is not a drug, it is just clean, pure and good for your soul.”


    Carl in Riverside.

  • Janet E. Alexander

    I wish I’d been able to make input into the Canteloube track….I have a much more sensitive, beautiful version of the piece selected. (bailero) You can feel her sadness as she calls to the shepherd…not rushed or loud. aaaahhhh.

  • Janet E. Alexander Listen to this held-back exquisite performance.

  • Julie Johnston Stone

    When I pledged last week, no one asked about my favorite composer. Tomorrow, please play anything by Aaron Copland. Thanks!!!

  • Violet Smith

    Just a THANK YOU!, my listener favorite just played and

    “Thank You for being on my radio morning, noon, and night”.

  • Ann Raven

    Thank you, Kerry Frumkin, for Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony this afternoon! Perfect for the day, of course!

  • Jeannette Schmidt

    The recorded message for the quiz, “Hold On. You may be a winner,” was stuck through the Bach. When the winner was announced, I knew my hopes were dashed!



    • Ann Raven

      Bob, for new music, have you discovered Seth Boustead on WFMT? I listen whenever I am home.

  • Ann Raven

    Kerry Frumkin, thank you for the Mahler 1 that is just beginning. It makes me happy!

  • Marsha Mayville Jancsovics

    Thank you for playing Mahler #1 today. I havent heard any Mahler for a loooong time!!!!

  • Mstislav Fitzpatrick

    Oops Kerry, you got punked on the Gabriel Garcia Marquez “death notice” on the 4 p.m. news. He died in 2014. I think there are social media trolls who try to fool the public by emailing NYT obits around. I almost got fooled by the Robin Gibb one that popped up last week. It was trending on NYT stories but he died in 2012!

    For all WFMT announcers, please, enough Mendelssohn Wedding March! It seems you play that every 3 days.

  • Mstislav Fitzpatrick

    How about playing Peter Schreier singing “Widmung” – followed by Jorge Bolet playing Schumann-Liszt Widmung?

    Fritz Wunderlich singing Ombra mai fu from Handel’s Xerxes?

  • Vance Lauderdale

    Dear Carl: The organist is Douglas Cleveland, who was also a professor at Northwestern until they rather inelegantly closed the entire department about 15 years ago. He landed on his feet in Seattle where he is at U. Washington.

  • Ted C. Fishman

    Definitely Hilde G. on the J. Strauss

    • Candice Agree

      Thanks for the validation/confirmation, Ted. Best, Candice

  • t laban

    Candace… Love Baroque and Before….!!!
    Maggie.. Love the Beatles played by Milos…again please…!!

    • Candice Agree

      Appreciate it. Best, Candice

  • Ofra

    Someone goofed with this violinist on Dame Mayra Hess.
    It’s normally very nice.
    But this is not the level of what WFMT provides 24 h a day (to my endless enjoymnet)

  • Steve Berlin

    Hi Dennis, can you clarify the comment on Shostakovich’s Jazz Suite #2, that its score was lost during WWII, and a full version was not prepared until 2000 by Gerald McBurney? The Waltz #2 was used to famous effect in Stanley Kubrick’s last film, Eyes Wide Shut, which was released in May 1999, not long after his early death.

  • Bruce O

    I’m one of your 50+ year listeners, and I think you should move on from re-broadcasts of Studs and Patner. If you wnat to dig deep, bring back the wonderful George Wald or Gilbert Highet lectures for the new generation.

  • Bruce O

    As a follow up to my last posting, you must have many notable programs by Harry Bouras and Claudia Cassidy that would worth hearing again in retrospect.

  • whatitis

    Has Baroque and Before been re-scheduled? Love the show (though it was on too late for me most of the time). Thanks Candice!

    • Candice

      Hi, Baroque&Before moved from Thursday nights to Wednesday nights at 10pm this past February 1rst. Thanks for asking. It will be good to have you back! Best, Candice

  • Joh Goudge

    Just heard at about 0835 the announcer remark that Henry Purcell had added some elegant touches to dance tunes familiar to people in the 1700’s. Since he died in 1695, that would be a trick. The presenter meant to say 17th century. A nit pick but . . .

  • Ann Raven

    Carl, thanks for the Wagner this morning!!!!!!

  • Mona Stern

    The gypsy music was delightful – please have the groups back again soon. Mona Stern

  • Seabiscuit

    WFMT should devote an entire day to Pavarotti.

  • Craig Felde

    Thank you for playing the Toccata from Emerson’s Piano Concerto #1 this morning. I loved hearing it!

  • Jacquot

    Ok. Please explain why you are repeatedly unable to broadcast With Heart and Voice correctly. It is obvious that you are running on autopilot on Sunday mornings, and absolutely no one responsible is listening. This happens repeatedly and I strongly suggest that someone employed by the station actually listens to what is being broadcast.

    I also have a question. FMT has always been known for the quality of the music being broadcast. What are Michael Phillips’ credentials for choosing quality music? Where has he sstudied? i know th station is changing, particulatly after the departure of Steve Robinson, but thus far, it does not seem for the better. Are we henceforth to be subjected to regular bouts of ‘film music’? If so, i will simply turn off the station.

  • Jacquot

    Pronunciation. CAsadesus is pronounced kah-sah-day-soo, and none of the syllables is stressed.

  • Ann Raven

    Maggie, I enjoyed the Dutilleux piece that you played yesterday! I assume that “Some Day my Prince Will Come” was intended as a palate-cleanser afterward?
    Carl, thank you for always playing Some Charles Ives on American holidays. I look forward to that!

  • Joyce Porter

    I wish Maggie would give the sports scores during her brief Saturday morning news..

  • Jeff Abell

    For Carl on Thursday morning: You must have had a lot of coffee already. I just woke up, and am being assaulted by Ruslan and Ludmilla and the finale of the Shostakovich Fifth! Yikes! Such caffeinated music at 7:30 a.m. Or has Putin finally taken over the country?

    • Ann Raven

      I like those things, even in the morning, while having my coffee. However I am willing to cede to your sensibility.

  • Nan Snider

    Who writes the news scripts? Please STOP telling us about the latest Trump tweets! It’s already obvious most of these are as effective as a mosquito bite, Niles fever notwithstanding. Surely sports news or attempts to rescue a woman at Montrose Beach or even the bomb threat at a restaurant on Lawrence Ave would be more interesting.

  • Bruce O

    It was announced last night that Henry Fogel’s Collector’s Corner will be moving to 10 pm in July. That raises the question of the fate of Pipe Dreams. I’ll be very dissapointed if WFMT can’t find a new timeslot for such a wonderful program.

  • Sunny Stiklius

    I love Schumann’s music. How about the Fantasy in C Major, Opus 17 for piano? I also love music by Mahler, Brahms, Bruckner, Bach, Tchaikovsky, etc. Thank you!

  • Fred Smith

    please not maggie while carl is away …

    • Ann Raven

      I was just thinking that I will have to change my morning listening habits for 1 week!

  • Ann Raven

    Thank you for all of the Mahler last night. I stayed up late to hear every note!

  • Jim Strickler

    Thank you, Henry Fogel, for spelling the name of the Chinese composer Xiogang Ye, whose music is on right now. I encourage announcers to spell the names of all composers and conductors with names many listeners will not know, and cannot easily figure out. PS: I like the piece.

  • Lambrini Papangelis

    Does anyone know of any classical music social clubs in the Chicago area? A club where classical music lovers can meet other classical music lovers?

  • Margo Tuite

    Maggie, when you give the weather forecast and say it’s going to be humid, you need to tell what the humidity is. The wind speed and direction as well as the humidity are very important for a Chicago weather forecast.

  • Ann Raven

    Larry Johnson- belated thanks for your program on Gustav and Alma Mahler! I wish it could have been longer!

  • Kathleen Larkin

    I so enjoyed the Bernard Herrmann piece you played a few minuets ago. Please consider putting in
    the repertoire. Thank you.