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March 2015
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WFMT Remembers Susan Bohlin

Su B

It is with profound sadness and a deep and personal sense of loss that I have to share the news that our beloved Continuity Director and Copywriter, Susan Bohlin, passed away this morning after a long and valiant struggle. Throughout it all she consistently demonstrated grace, patience and up until just several weeks ago looked forward to coming to work every day, seeing us all, and doing her job. Although I have very limited details at this time, I’d like to share what her daughter, Kaitlyn, posted on Caring 23 hours ago:

“Last night, Su was moved to palliative care. She has fought long and hard and beautifully, and now our goal is to make her last days as comfortable as possible. Right now, her family is with her, giving her all the peace, prayers, and love that you have sent her along this journey. We are so grateful to be with her. Thanks for being with us in spirit at this time. Please continue to hold Su and us in the light.”

Su will be missed greatly.

-Paul Ansell, Director of Sales WFMT

  • Margaret Laing

    Blessings to the WFMT family at this difficult time. Remember the comforting abilities of great music and beautiful voices, which I thank you all for providing.

  • Kathleen M. Richards

    Thank you you much for honoring Su’s memory with the Faure Reqiuem this afternoon — it was one of our shared favorites, and we’d sing along in our combo office whenever it aired. I will miss your light in my life, Susie Q.

  • The Gilson Family

    Our hearts break…and our thoughts are with all of those in Su’s life.

  • Carl Grapentine

    What a bright light is gone from our lives. We will miss Su’s kindness, her laugh, and her excellence at her job. All best wishes and comfort to her family and other friends.

  • Alexander Stonor Saunders

    Su was an inspiration to all those who worked at WFMT. Always encouraging when times were hard and generous with her time and humor. Su’s natural intelligence and skills helped all of us on a daily basis. More importantly she was a wonderful, caring and thoughtful person who will be missed by so many. Rest in peace.

  • Sonia Csaszar

    My condolences to the WFMT-WTTW Family. Losing two colleagues in one month must be awfully hard.

  • Lucy Keating

    It was because of our time together at WFMT/Chicago Magazine that Su Bohlin and I became friends. We shared a love of our families, a good joke, beautiful music and an occasional craft project. Su loved working at ‘FMT and I know that was because of the people she worked with every day.

  • Rich Warren

    I am devastated and having difficulty coming to terms with
    Su’s passing. I usually don’t comment about loss, but I enjoyed weekly back and
    forth with Su for almost 20 years, as well as knowing her since she started at
    WFMT in the late 1970s (if memory serves. . .) when I was full-time. After
    raising her daughters to school age, she returned to fill the rather large
    shoes of Bob Crawford and filled them well. Su weathered the health crisis of
    her daughter eight years ago with strength, dignity and optimism. Su was a WFMT
    person through and through in the quality of her work and her spirit. Kay
    Richard’s retirement last June was a personal loss for me because of the
    rapport I shared with her, but I rejoice that she is healthy and enjoying life
    in her absence from WFMT. I had hoped that Su as well would ultimately hang up
    her word processor to celebrate life after WFMT. It will be many years before I
    can read the spots on “The Midnight Special” and not think of and miss
    Su. WFMT always has been family even though I am nearly invisible on the
    premises. At least Su finally is released from pain.

  • Cheri Stringer

    What a lovely epitaph from Paul: She was always positive and always had a smile.

  • Julia Maish

    I enjoyed working with Su very much. She taught me a lot about writing radio spot copy, and was kind, patient, and funny. One of the smartest people I ever met. (A great, great baker, too!) We will all miss her very much at WFMT.

  • Andi

    Su and I worked together for some 30 years or more. We were lunch companions. There is now a huge empty space where once Su smiled and greeted everyone with cheerfulness and kindness. My consolation is that she has gone into the light, will rest in peace, and is past her pain.