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April 2014
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WFMT Chime In

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  • Larry Larson

    Streaming is down… again.

  • Larry Larson

    Streaming is down this morning.

  • RSpringfield

    Streaming is down again.

    • Larry Larson

      Now working for me, RS.

  • Konrad
  • Konrad
  • Carol Beirne

    Missing Carl
    I have a concern about Carl Grapentime since he has been out ill. Is he okay? Please let him know his loyal listeners are wishing him a speedy recovery!!

  • Rick
  • Ruth

    During the 8:00 hour Saturday Oct. 4 you played Kol Nidre by Bruch, but you announced Schelomo by Bloch. No correction was announced, even after the piece ended. Nor was any mention made of why it might be appropriate to play Kol Nidre on Oct. 4, Yom Kippur.

  • Joy

    Brahms’ violin concerto You made my day! And many peoples’ more. Thank you!

  • Susan

    WFMT used to be my favorite radio station, and it saddens me to say I don’t listen much any more. I really do’t like Suzanne Nance. I’ve tried and tried, but her talking down to listeners is more than I can stand. This also determines what my pledge will be, and since I don’t listen any more, I won’t pledge any more.

  • Classically minded #2

    I for one have had enough of the mellifluous Nance’s chatter, and her addiction to movie music. Bring back the old WFMT

  • fed up

    Well, it is time to turn to another station for the afternoon, as Suzanne is back on with her babble, babble, and more babble. I enjoy the station the rest of the day and evening.

  • Ann Raven

    I am enjoying the Danish music today. I had to turn WFMT off twice yesterday, once for ON the TOWN and once for RODEO. I am tiring of the ‘light’ music you are playing more and more.

  • Jano

    Where is Jazz with Lincoln Center? Usually at 11pm on Friday nights. Now Marian Mc Partland an hour early.

  • Yoshiyuki Mukudai

    It’s my pleasure to have opportunities to listening to my friend Henry’s collections of vast field. My wish list is re-broadcast of 1990 June performance of Klaus Tennstedt Mahler 4th and Haydn Military Symphony.

  • Sunny Stikllius

    Lucia Popp singing the “Song to the Moon” – YES!!!!!!! THANK YOU, Lisa Flynn! My favorite rendition over that of any other soprano of this Dvorak aria. What a loss too the opera world when she died at such a young age.

  • Cindy Moriarity

    Thank you for playing the Hanson Romantic Symphony! When I was a little girl in the sixties, my father played this on his state-of-the-art hi-fi. He must have played it a lot, because, in my soul, I know every note. But I haven’t heard it in a very long time. I’m getting chills -
    Now, play something by Alec Wilder – someone else we used to love in my family, who is seldom heard.

  • James Kowalski

    They are trying to see a bigger picture….Open the MIND!!!! or Pop in a Cd, I am sure you are a donor and have a few….?

  • betty becker

    More blather. Every time I think I am going to listen to some music, there is more talk, talk, talk.
    This station used to be a music station. It has become a station that wants to hear musicians
    talk endlessly about what they thought before they composed or maybe even what restaurant
    they ate at recently.

  • Ragina

    Good Morning! I am disappointed that Carl didn’t mention the stunning last second victory of the Chicago Bulls over the Atlanta Hawks last night when he covered sports! He didn’t mention it at 6am but I was sure that by 7 someone would have told him but again at 7 there was no mention! We are avid basketball and baseball fans. We don’t like football or hockey! Anyway – PLEASE report on one of the most exciting games ever. The Bulls were down by 30 points and fought back to win in the last quarter! My husband, Irving and I would love to hear it! Thank you

  • Ragina

    Ooops I typed 30 when I meant 20! Bulls were down by 20 points and came back to win! BTW: Irving and I LOVE the programming! We are both classically trained and are thankful for at least this one station and also appreciate hearing other genres. Keep up the great work!

  • Classical musician

    Jarring….. We go from a special about rhodzinsky to ‘nature boy’ as Susan nance says a jazzy ….
    Come on! The logical choice is a recording by the featured conductor. Not crap jazz. Susan, if you want to play Jazz all the time move to another radio station! WNUA perhaps!

  • Classically trained musician

    Oh gee, after 4 renditions of fiddler on the room this afternoon we get rhapsody in blue…. AGAIN! There is an entire record library filled with seminal recordings of Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Buckner ( to list only a few composers whose last name starts with B)… How many times must we listen tin psuedo Jazz and show ‘toons’

  • allen schechter

    To Carl: Just want you to know that some of us appreciated your Friday 6 a.m. sports comment (reprise) “The Giants win the pennant.” Three thousand miles away.

  • Moltomike

    I had to move tp Florida from my beloved Chicago 5 years ago and have regretted it ever since. But thanks to technology I still live there in your internet streaming programs. You have the finest and best classical radio station in the world. God bless you all.

  • LynnF

    I adore Suzanne Nance and am so surprised to see so many negative comments towards her. She programs really intreresting and mostly beautiful music, and often it’s something new to me. Her commentary and disucssion of the music is well informed as well as entertaining, and her voice is so lovely. Thanks, Suzanne.

  • Ann

    I have enjoyed the Charles Ives that you have been playing. He is such a quirky composer. Gotta love him.

  • Broadway gal

    I love the fact that Franz Liszt is giving us the gift of beautiful music on his birthday. Maybe this could be a new trend –birthday celebrant gives gifts instead of giving them, Thanks for the great music