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April 2014
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WFMT Chime In

Chime in: What’s on your mind?

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  • Cheryl B

    I have heard information about The Signature Series that you have been broadcasting at 6 pm every evening. Unfortunately I cannot listen at that time. Will you be replaying it again at a different time? Or is it available for purchase?

  • Florence Connelly

    Loved loved the “black swan ” after Brahms – wow ! How doe you spell Bright Chang ?
    Thanks so much for playing this !! Of course, love the Intermezzo always …
    Florence Connelly

  • Jacquot

    Carl, thanks so much for that reminder of Mel Zelman

  • David

    Starting today I am hearing the station being identified with a sub-title “HD-1″. Does that mean that there is a digital signal now? If I fire up that 7 year old HD radio of mine will I find HD-2? Is HD technology finally up

    to WFMT’s high standards?

  • Ann Raven

    This is for Seth Boustead. I heard you mention John Bonham yesterday on Relevant Tones. There is an HD broadcast of clips from Led Zeppelin tomorrow in theaters and you inspired me to attend this just to hear Bonham! I thought that he sounded super in the short piece you played. Thanks!

  • Grayson Chan

    It’s a wonderful radio station, but the Signature Series is *really* childish and dumbs things done terribly. Please take it off the air! It’s excruciating.

  • Judy

    Thank you, Thank you, for acknowledging the spiritual & religious significance of these holy days, Passover and Easter, through your meaningful and entertaining programming.

  • Paul

    I would like to know ‘Who Killed the Morning Business Report”! !! It was and remains more interesting to me than the multiple repeats of the same weather report. Shortly after it’s disappearance the “Market Update” was missing too. I assumed all kinds of things, only to be relieved, when a new announcer, C.
    Agree, actually reported a market update during the 9:00 A.M. news. Alas, it’s return has been greatly exaggerated.

  • P Reinie

    I think you should set aside a month where each day of the month plays music written by the first name of the composer. Because months have more days than alphabetic characters, maybe two days would handle Aaron/Antonio/Amy/Anton/Andreas/Andre… and two days for Claude/Carl… and two for Johann/John/Joseph… and Ludwig/Luigi… and Peter/Pyotr/Paul… and Richard/Robert/Rodger… Not sure of composers with first names starting with Q. Quenten/Quincy ?? And of course you have to mind the birthdays in that month!

  • Ann M. Bradford

    Good morning –
    I’m writing in today, as a relatively new Chicagolander, to say how impressed I am by your pledge drive. I pledged yesterday and normally I would tune to another station during pledge week but you have me hooked! Each time you offer a gift for pledging I learn more about the cultural milieu of Chicago, all of the resources available out there, and the people who keep culture alive in our city. I’m keeping a notebook by the radio! Thank you for keeping it relevant and interesting and THANK YOU for continuing to insert your regular music program into the schedule. The short pieces you are playing are wonderful! – Ann, in Wilmette

  • Linda

    Missed “With Heart and Voice” this morning. What happened?

  • Frank

    What happened to the whimsy, humor and fun of the old fundraisers? There used to be competitions for contributions between cat lovers and dog lovers. Then there was the no sopranos before 9:00 a.m. contribution category.

    What WFMT has now is a painful combination of a visit to the dentist’s office and an elementary school teacher warning us how utterly useless our lives will work out if we don’t commit the multiplication tables to memory.

    All the hectoring about how empty our lives would be without WFMT book ended by the talk show format of testimonials in a similar vein really take the fun out of listening to the music.

    Can you all imagine what the iconic likes of Bernie Jacobs, Rita Jacobs Willens, Studs Terkel, and Norm Pelligrini would say about the current fundraiser format?

    Studs could turn the testimonials into a book. Better yet, Mike Nichols and Elaine May could turn them into a comedy skit: How listening to WFMT kept me off drugs, out of jail but only occasionally out of the therapist’s office.

  • fluffyross

    glorious, glorious arias today. I wept again listening to the King of the high C’s, missing his voice and his life.

  • Unhappy listener

    Seriously? You’ve spent weeks asking for money to support classical music and then assault my ears with Barry Manilow. I hate un-rush hour. It stresses me hear show tunes, ancient pop music, and movie scores that I’d be embarrassed for anyone to hear if they wandered into my office.

  • Linda

    I love wfmt, and even though I live in DC, I stream wfmt during the day while I work. I don’t understand, though, why you just played that “All By Myself” song… it is an odd choice, and I just can’t stand the whole thing. MUTE. You could just play Carl Grapentine’s voice reading the lyrics, and it would still be weird, but at least I’d keep listening! And is this the longest version of the song that has ever existed?? Please don’t let whomever played this make any more out-of-the-box decisions on content!

  • Tom Wargin

    Re: recycling classical music: True, The Lone Ranger theme does recycle Rossini’s William Tell Overture but, as a child of the 1940s I became acquainted with the Lone Ranger on the radio before the TV show. So when Spike Jones also recycled the overture, much more of it, perhaps the whole thing, it was familiar to me.

    But the recycling by the Lone Ranger in which I have been most interested is not the William Tell but rather Les Preludes by Franz Liszt, which I heard on FMT while I was sitting at my computer and looked up Les Preludes and found confirmation that it was also used om TLR, not as a main theme but I feel as a theme during extended chase scenes.

    Tom Wargin
    A WFMT fan since 1957 who regrets the years between ’84 and now when I couldn’t listen.

  • Tom Wargin

    Re: Show Tunes: They have been a staple on WFMT since its beginning. I can still hear in my head snippets of songs from West Side Story and Kiss Me Kate which I first heard on FMTback in the late 50s and early 60s.