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April 2014
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  • Jeannette Schmidt

    Vera Gornostaeva’s recording of Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto rekindles this familiar work.

  • Michael

    This version of Romeo and Juliet by Vera is wonderful. This is some of my favorite new found music, both in Symphony, CSO, and especially Piano, Feltsman. Her interpretation is so clear and the sensitivity and phrasing is just Beautiful. Sound is well balanced and very clean. This is extraordinary! Is this recording available for Purchase? I would buy it in a minute! I am a subscriber to CSO Piano series and she is one of the best Pianists I have ever heard. Thank You for Sharing this!
    Michael Rhein

  • Fed up

    Volare? You must be joking.

  • Paul

    Is it possible that soft footballs are the work of Deflater Mouse.

    • A. Reis

      Love it!

  • A. Reis

    This is for Peter Van de Graaf: Peter, I heard you mention within the last hour that Carl Grapentine is returning on Monday (Yay!!!!!!) and that we listeners would have to put up with you on the Morning Program for one more day. What????? ‘Put up with you’???? Well, this is coming from just me, but frankly, to my mind you’ve been a wonderful steward of the Morning Show for these weeks while Carl’s been away. I’ve had a good time listening to your nine-hour (wink!) air shift. I’m hoping that all of us, you, me, Lisa and the rest, get to retire together in, say, about 2030. I would call that a wonderful life!