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April 2014
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  • Jeannette Schmidt

    Vera Gornostaeva’s recording of Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto rekindles this familiar work.

  • Michael

    This version of Romeo and Juliet by Vera is wonderful. This is some of my favorite new found music, both in Symphony, CSO, and especially Piano, Feltsman. Her interpretation is so clear and the sensitivity and phrasing is just Beautiful. Sound is well balanced and very clean. This is extraordinary! Is this recording available for Purchase? I would buy it in a minute! I am a subscriber to CSO Piano series and she is one of the best Pianists I have ever heard. Thank You for Sharing this!
    Michael Rhein

  • Fed up

    Volare? You must be joking.

  • Paul

    Is it possible that soft footballs are the work of Deflater Mouse.

    • A. Reis

      Love it!

  • A. Reis

    This is for Peter Van de Graaf: Peter, I heard you mention within the last hour that Carl Grapentine is returning on Monday (Yay!!!!!!) and that we listeners would have to put up with you on the Morning Program for one more day. What????? ‘Put up with you’???? Well, this is coming from just me, but frankly, to my mind you’ve been a wonderful steward of the Morning Show for these weeks while Carl’s been away. I’ve had a good time listening to your nine-hour (wink!) air shift. I’m hoping that all of us, you, me, Lisa and the rest, get to retire together in, say, about 2030. I would call that a wonderful life!

  • bob

    get rid of that bad folk music stick to classical really

  • Jacquot

    Cannot wait for Carl’s return tomorrow. Many thanks to all who did yeoman’s duty substituting, but sorry, there is no one like carl to lead the 5:58 club!!!!

  • Brian Carson

    If Carl makes it to work in this weather, I think Radames Triumphal March would be in order!

  • Bonnie Boersma

    Good to hear Carl back on the radio this morning but…what a day to return!
    Bonnie Boersma

  • rwz

    welcome back, carl! your broadcasting partners did a great job but its so good to hear the 558 club back!
    hoope you are feeling well and healthy

  • Jan

    Welcome back Carl. Mornings are not the same without you. Christmas was not the same without you. I hope that 2015 brings you good health.

  • Mary Jane

    Nice to hear Carl back on the radio this morning.

  • diana

    so glad Carl is back!

  • What’s with the Christmas music on February 2? I am very against it and have turned the station.

    • Rev Know-it-All’s ward

      Feb 2 actually marks the official end of the Christmas season. According to the Roman calendar, Ordinary Time doesn’t officially begin until the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, which isn’t until February 2nd in the canonical calendar. For those who remember the 50s and 60s, it was once very common to see this day selected for various initiations–particularly Baptism and especially in Countries like Italy. I’m not suggesting that this is a good time for The Holly and the Ivy, but a slight nod is the sort of things for which WFMT used to be renown. An a-ha moment, if you will, for its cultured listening base.

  • A. Reis

    Just heard Carl in The Morning Show break the sad news of Andrew Patner’s passing. First thought: how can Andrew possibly be replaced? I’m at a loss. WE are at a loss. Both my wife’s and my hearts and prayers go out to all those who were privileged to know, work with, and love him. A. Reis

  • roger zanchetti

    r.i.p. andrew patner, a loss for wfmt and the city

  • RustyEggleston

    Steve Robinson did a good job remembering Andrew last night on Chicago Tonight. It had to have been a difficult thing to do considering what Steve had been through in the past 24 hours, but I appreciated his sharing the sorrow with us. Thank you, Steve. Andrew was in health and enjoying family on Saturday and was gone 72 hours later. I will miss him.

  • Lauren K.

    Hello, It is February 5, 2015 at 12:00 noon. You have just played what sounded like a Gregorian chant. Will you please tell me the name of the group and the album so that I can purchase this beautiful music. Thank you, and thank you for public radio, the service you provide, and the quality and respect with which you provide it.

  • George MASON

    Now that Carl is back and hopefully will stay put, I want to say a special thanks to Peter. In the early days he did Tuesday marathon. Ending his “through the night” and picking up Carl’s “Morning”, then the Opera at 8 pm and “Through the night” at Midnight. That’ dedication. THANKS.

  • nancy kroeger

    So happy to have Carl back with his wonderful sense of humor – – – beginning with
    the solution to the deflated football scandal – – – “de flatermaus”. Thank you Carl.

  • Mark Gaines

    WFMT was my local station during college. We are lucky to have two here in North Carolina, WDAV & WCPE. This building has poor radio reception, lots of concrete and steel. I listen while doing my work on the computer, setting up clinics. Be thankful, many areas lack classical music. Keep it up, this night shift is much better with the music.

  • Audrey Riggen

    good morning Carl, today is February 11th happy birthday to you, today is my birthday also. I’m enjoying your musical favorites. have a good day.
    Audrey R.

  • Matthias

    It is my bosses birthday today, and I just learned somebody else’s birthday, too! Nice coincidence

  • Giaccomo Filestre

    Matthew Davidson…hmmm…there have to be better recordings of Grateful Ghost out there.

  • Mimi

    Happy Birthday Carl! Glad that you have recovered from surgery and are back! I especially loved the gentle…yes, “sublime”… four-minute Mozart composition this morning.

    Peter did a wonderful job on the Morning Show while Carl was absent, and I marveled at his energy and ability to do two on-air shifts in succession. Each host has a lot of knowledge to offer listeners. Thank you!

    And to the complainers with jack hammers: there is a genteel way to critique without being insulting and hurtful; try being polite and kind… in keeping with the spirit of WFMT

  • Robb Clark

    What a treat…Thank you Dave Schwan, I remember reading that Myra Hess gave piano lessons to Ivy Brubeck, mother of Dave Brubeck. Dame Myra Hess certainly has a way of show casing any other performer that had the privilege of playing with her!

  • Robb Clark

    WFMT..Thank you as well, Mr. Dave Schwan is always wonderful to tune in to, he has to be one of the best when it comes to classical knowledge, I’m always thrilled to hear him!

  • jessiekitty

    MOST of the time you are all incredibly accurate in pronouncing names, titles, places, etc. that are in other languages, and I’m very impressed.

    This afternoon (2-18-15, around 2:00) some music by Jean Françaix was broadcast (nice!). However, his name was mispronounced several times. There is a great free website where you can hear hundreds of thousands of words (including names) pronounced by native speakers: And here is their entry for Jean Françaix (this is especially for you, Ms. Nance):

    Thanks. Merci!

  • W

    Thank you very much, WFMT, for celebrating Chinese New Year with us today. We enjoyed very much the special program. As usual, we appreciate the program every day.

  • Gretalee

    I absolutely love WFMT. Two requests; Could you broadcast or replay “Baroque and Before” at an earlier hour sometimes? And could you play more Mahler symphonies? I hardly ever see them listed in the Program Guide or hear them on the air. Thank you for this inspiring station.

  • Michael Silhavy

    Does anyone at WFMT have any idea how many times excerpts from Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet have been played since the November pledge drive? I love the 20th century Russian repertoire, but enough already! (And I second the comment from jessiekitty below; there’s no need to mispronounce a name like Jean Francaix.)

  • Jacquot

    For musicians under th age of 30 who armaking a difference in the world of music: Nathan Laube, intnational concert organist, outstanding iproponent of early music performance practice in multiple styles and genres, professor of organ at Eastman School o music

  • Bruce J. Nelson

    Lisa, I sent a message on the “contact form,” but don’t know how often that gets checked. I notice that the Apollo Chorus concert on March 7 is not listed on the Chicago Classical Calendar. It is at Rockefeller Chapel and has music by Britten, Lauridsen and Schubert. Could you forward this message marked “urgent” to the proper person? Thanks.

  • Francisco Sanchez

    Good Morning,
    Hello, I’m Francisco M Sanchez III, and I’m a United States Marine, and native Chicagoan stationed in Okinawa, Japan. I have always listened to WFMT and I’m glad that I can continue to do so via the live stream. I’m a Clarinetist in the Marine Corps Band out here, and I was wondering if you could possibly play some pieces performed by Martin Frost. I’d Greatly appreciate it, I know my fellow Marines and bandsmen would as well.

    Lance Corporal Sanchez
    III Marine Expeditionary Force Band
    Camp Foster, Okinawa, Japan

    • RustyEggleston

      Semper Fi, Devil Dog. Thanks for your service! Let’s send some Martin Frost music to Okinawa!

  • Ann Raven

    Kerry Frumpkin, I loved your interview with Sir Andrew and I am amused by your readings of the weather forecasts. I detect an ironic undertone there tho perhaps I am wrong? I enjoy your work and choices of music! Thanks! Also, this new program that Suzanne Nance has announced about musical signatures and emotions that they evoke. Sounds fascinating. Looking forward to it. Just to say that I try never to miss Saturdays, ending with Seth Boustead and contemp. music. Love the places he visits “out in the field”. WFMT is a jewel. I think all of the hosts are wonderful. I am glad that you are continuing with Andrew Patner’s broadcasts. He is irreplaceable. Thanks for all you do.

  • Dick Jaws

    Who was Andrew Patner playing Monday night 3/2/15. Jazz guitar but missed the name.

  • Frances Vandervoort

    Is Suzanne Nance’s “Signatures” program available at another time than 6 PM? We always watch Ch. 11 News Hour at that time, but I personally would love to get the Signatures program at another time!


    Fran Vandervoort
    Hyde Park