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March 2014
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WFMT Chime In

Chime in: Political Advertising

WFMT does not solicit political advertising, but cannot lawfully reject any political candidate who is interested in advertising on WFMT. Radio ads have to include the candidate’s voice to ensure that the candidate knows and approves the content of the ad. All media outlets must air pre-produced ads as is.

  • Peter Crockett

    Is this inability to reject political advertising the result of a relatively new law? The ad I heard yesterday morning (for a judge candidate, I think) was the first I can remember ever hearing on WFMT.

    • Noel

      Carl tells me that former GM Ray Nordstrand took this to court in the 1970s and lost.

  • SueinIndiana

    What about having the candidate state his name and that he approves the ad, then have the WFMT announcer read the rest like other commercials?

  • SueinIndiana

    I guess my idea can’t work because of having to be pre-produced ads. How awful.

  • Anne H – long time subscriber

    The political ads are so disruptive. Since WFMT is required to air them, maybe the way to deter them is to advise the politicians that anyone who runs their ads on WFMT will not get your vote. Regardless of the candidate or their political affiliation they are an intrusion.

  • PeteB

    I passionately dislike them. They are disruptive and violate WFMT’s format. I’ll certainly consider voting against anyone pushing their political candidacy on WFMT.

  • jill baker

    I can understand why you can’t reject the ads, but can’t you insist they be read by wfmt announcer? Really jarring. Perhaps your lawyers can come up with reason you can legally reject. I’m atraid this is going to be beginning of very unwanted onslaught now that the door is open.

    • RustyEggleston

      I agree. I hate to hear the jarring self-promotion of a politician on WFMT. There’d be only one thing worse . . . hearing this crap read in the mellifluous voice of one of our esteemed WFMT program hosts. I vote against any politician who sullies WFMT.

  • Sonia Csaszar

    Film music: 1. WHY? 2. WHY SO MUCH? 3. WHY SO OFTEN? In many cases, like Korngold’s, it’s so trite and formulaic. What happened to Mahler? Was he swashbuckled? What’s happening to WFMT?

  • Bob Radycki

    Carl, I’m trying to listen to you from Winter Park, Colorado where I am with 37 other Chicago area skiers from Sanctuary Ski Club. I’m not having success with the stream, but I’ll keep on trying. Happy Bach Day and Happy Full Day of Spring!

  • Mark Edwards

    To Suzanne Nance: Great idea to play the Bach cell suites by three different great interpreters.
    Ah–what a range of performance styles! Maybe next time these two could also be included:
    Anner Bylsma and/or Peter Wispelwey. Both bring wonderful qualities to Bach’s music.
    Thank you for doing this.

  • Anita

    Please tell the moderators to quit talking ov
    er each other… was like listening to the ladies on “The VIew” & was so annoying that I had to turn the show off. Thank you.

  • Stan

    Apparently Candace never played “Oliver” or “Funny Girl” because those musicals have sweet, juicy horn parts! I played horn on both in high school/ college. (Many, many years ago when the world was still in black and white.)

  • Helen

    I echo Anita’s sentiment. I have supported WFMT for over 40 years and never felt the need to complain. I do now. So much chatter among the moderators that it ruins my listening. I turn off the station also. Also, many of the popular operas do not need detailed story analysis. The music is what it’s about. Story line just keep the plot moving. So please, respect your listeners that they know what they are listening.

  • Sonia Csaszar

    Dear Carl,
    Good luck tomorrow! Best wishes for a fast and successful recovery!

  • Ann Raven

    Thank you, Candice Agree, for playing the Marin Marais selections this morning!

  • Bernard H Holicky

    Saint Martin and the Fields…it was Jim Unrath that made me a fan

  • Jacquot

    Welcome back carl. Mornings are just not the same without you!!! Hope all is well with your knee.

  • Robert Conrad

    This is a message to Rich Warren: I just received a copy of Robert Feder’s article on the 60th anniversary of The Midnight Special, which, of course, is the mother of all such programs around the nation, including WCLV Saturday Night and its successor Weekend Radio. Congratulations of continuing the tradition established by Norm and Ray, and long may you air. Incidentally, I was the replacement on the announcing
    staff when Mike Nichols, who created The Midnight Special, left the station, a status I still brag about.
    Robert Conrad
    WCLV, Cleveland
    Cleveland Orchestra Broadcast Service
    Host: Weekend Radio

  • Lannae Graham

    Did you know that Werner Klemperer sang bass in the choir of Brentwood Presbyterian Church in LA?

  • Kate

    Exploring Music is a marvelous program. I listen to it every evening while making supper. I like the combination of sheer listening pleasure with increased knowledge of musicians and their music. Keep it up! By the way, it’s hard to find a way to give the feedback online that Bill asks for.

  • Donald HAMILTON

    Good Morning! I just a possible point of clarification – on 11 June it will be the sesquicentennial of the birth of Richard Strauss.

  • David Ely

    Sousa did not conduct the recordings because he opposed recorded music. This was before composers could copyright their work. Sousa was VP and Victor Herbert was president of ASCAP

  • Peggy Boccard

    i’m not interested in playing the game but do like to try the questions in my mind: “Botticelli Tryptich”

  • Guest

    Friday July 25 9:40 pm. You gave me a good reason to TURN OFF FOR THE REST OF THE EVENING WFMT. IT wasn’t. the subject…your program director is just misreading what this listener wants!

  • Mike

    why does “chime in” default to ” political advertising?

  • QuJingLynne

    The political ad for stopping “overpopulation” on Wednesday, February 11, between 4:30 and 5:00. I’m glad the announcer added the disclaimer that this was not necessarily the view of the staff or station. There are other ways to solve the problem of demands made on the environment. WTTW program Earth shows, for example, how nomadic Massai in Kenya use technology to bring back a balance of indiginous wild animals and plants and still get a living from herding cattle.

  • Carey Tyler Schug

    Can you do like WDCB and make your ads not really ads, just “John who sells the best pizza in the town of xxx is sponsorig this show”? that way if you don’t take ANY ads, you don’t have to, rightr?