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February 2014
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  • Bernard H Holicky

    WFMT I strongly dislike the listener. call in dedications. If you have them, the announcer should make them. –Bernie

  • Bernard H Holicky

    Frankly, I hate it. And I will no have it on the rest of the of the afternoon.

  • pietrob

    I think the markets are closed today, February 17, 2014.

  • Biz watcher

    Would some one please wake up mr. frumpkin and tell him the stock markets Re closed toda, for Presidents Day? The numbers he just gave we’re Friday’s closing figures.

  • john v w

    i love the station, because MUCH of the time it stays focused on classical music… but market, weather sports, and general news are available everywhere, ad nauseum… as are other musical and entertainment genres, so tuning into FMT and hearing newsy updates not centered on classical music, or hearing other kinds of shows featuring folk music or whatever, or tedious talk shows from Studs Terkel or Andrew Patner or whomever, are always hugely disappointing… and what’s the point of annimal kingdom month? Really ?

    • Tramble

      Trés crabby!

  • Marj Benson

    WFMT seems to be playing more early music these days. Not just Bach and Vivaldi, but also Kraus, and Biber, and Elizabethan lute songs, and a viola da gamba concerto! All this in addition to Candice Agree’s wonderful Baroque and Before program. Awesome! Keep up the good work!

  • Mark Bednar

    No web stream, time to put on francemusique

  • Patricia

    Thank you, Candice, for your great selections for rush hour.The music is perfect for.early dinners!

  • Ml Stracke

    thanks for Rusalka tonight – Maria (they call the wind) Stracke

  • Tramble

    We take WFMT with us on our travels. We’re sitting in the apartment in Paris, 11:30 am (4:30 am Chicago time), enjoying our petit dejeuner and WFMT’s live feed via the WFMT app

  • Myles Olsen

    Could you fit into your playlist a piece I think is very good – Vasliy Kalinnikov’s Symphony No. 1.
    I think he is a rather obscure composer. Thank you.

  • Nick

    Andy Strimaitis is too kind but if you have a chance, note it is his son, not his daughter, who is a student at Merit Music.

  • John

    What did I just hear on Carl’s program, or did my ears deceive me? I can see why recorded ads don’t go with the programming.

  • Cathy

    I was shocked to hear a pre-recorded political ad on WFMT this morning at 8:30. Does this suggest an endorsement or perhaps a change in station policy? Will we be hearing more such ads? It seems so out of character for the station. Perhaps an explanation could be made to listeners.

  • Noel

    WFMT does not solicit political advertising, but cannot lawfully reject
    any political candidate who is interested in advertising on WFMT. Radio
    ads have to include the candidate’s voice to ensure that the candidate
    knows and approves the content of the ad. All media outlets must air
    pre-produced ads as is.

  • Julie

    Listeners should quell their petty complaints and give thanks for this wonderful radio station. I’m listening this morning in rural Senegal, able to access the live streaming for the first time in 5 weeks! Chicagoans are truly lucky to have it all the time!

    • John

      Thanks for the explanation. We are fortunate to have a station like WFMT.

  • Max

    Pre-recorded political ads: YUK.

  • Anne Monma

    “I lost my horn…” Thanks for all the great music on this snowy March morning.

  • BenFrank

    Are you ever going to SHUT UP and play music? Really, every peice is followed by several ads. Policital ads now too?! I may be done donating to WFMT.
    Enough already!

  • Rick Saviano

    Why do you have the answer to tomorrow’s quiz posted already?

  • Roger Dobrick

    Re: “Time” music for DST: also “Viennese Musical Clock” from
    Kodály’s “Háry János” Suite and Henry Clay Work’s “My Grandfather’s Clock.”

  • Terry Walsh

    Suzanne Nance, I enjoy your voice and your selections, but you should know that it’s taught at the University of Illinois School of Broadcasting that you may say “Chicago area,” and you may say “Chicagoland” if you must, but “Chicagoland area” is redundant.

  • Greg Gauthier

    To the WFMT team, on-air and technical, local and network: THANK YOU for being there. I am a Chicago native that — thanks to the streaming service — has been able to take you with me as I’ve moved from my childhood home near Midway to New York City and now all the way to Berlin, Germany. You are a reassuring comfort of home, in a life full of motion and change.

  • John Morello

    Good morning…or Bom Gia as they say here in Salvador, Brazil. I’m here on business for my university, and while I’m loving every minute, the trip has become even more enjoyable because now I can tune in a lilttle bit of home…WFMT

  • Nancy

    Thanks for the early music!! I was sad to hear you remark that Bach is on the early end of your usual repertoire. I remember in the early 60′s (I was pretty young) hearing renaissance dances on WFMT and my mom and I loved them. We later took up playing the recorder, joined the West Suburban Early Music Society, and have enjoyed a huge repertoire of music that not too many people hear. My David Munrow CDs are still favorites. By the way, the Philadelphia Renaissance Wind Ensemble morphed into Piffaro and are still going strong. Thanks again.

    • Enelra

      WFMT’s programming has changed a great deal since the demise of WNIB, about a decade or more ago, then Chicago’s only other classical music station. Now that WFMT is the only (classical) game in town , I feel its turned a deaf ear to its listeners. I’ve requested more early music also, as well as more classical on late night weekends vs. jazz and pop, and less religious music overall to no avail. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, because I truly appreciate WFMT, but I am glad I have other classical stations from all over the world to chose from, thanks to my smart phone.

  • Bob

    Anyone familiar with wooden records? The latest in Laser Technology:

    Also works on many other materials, perhaps stone counter tops or glass cook tops. Sound qualtiy is better than a wax cylinder, but not quite up to current standards.

  • Cynthia Beth

    I’m not able to get sound on my computer from WFMT programming. Sound can be heard on other web sites. Is your station having trouble transmitting from the Web?

  • Bob Radycki

    Whoops! I just wrote a comment under political advertising instead of here. Carl, can you retrieve it? From Winter Park, Colorado

  • Bob Radycki

    Carl, I’m finally successful in getting your stream here in the early morning hours at Winter Park, Colorado. Happy Bach Birthday. Great to hear your voice away from home. Hope you are recovering nicely. Best, Bob

  • Lindsay

    All week, I have enjoyed the programming in the late afternoon. Thank you so much!!! It’s lovely to hear another strong woman host in addition to Lisa Flynn. Thank you WMFT for the gift of music.

  • Trent

    Thank you so much for broadcasting the Thomanerchor concert (from this fall) as a part of today’s wonderful Bach birthday programming. I was disappointed to have missed the live concert and today is the perfect day to hear it!

  • Carol Gildar

    What is the name of the orchestral music played at 7:43pm tonight from the Beijing Conservatory. It was beautiful.

  • Robert

    Would you please correct the ad copy currently for Pinchas Zuckerman upcoming concert? The verb “marvel” is being used incorrectly. It is an intransitive verb, that is, it doesn’t take an object. Therefore, no matter how wonderful Mr. Z is, he does not “marvel” audiences worldwide. Audiences may marvel at his virtuosity, but that does not mean they are being marveled. It’s like saying that Pinchas Zuckerman “wonders” audiences all over the world. Thanks.

  • Robert Radycki

    Carl, It’s just past 5:58 here in Genoa, Nevada and I turned on my computer to stream WFMT and to my pleasure you were playing the Radetzky March! The timing could not have been better. My pledge will come later. Best wishes on the pledge drive.

  • http://WFMT.COM John Korbelik

    HEY GUYS: Slavic Names are never accented on the last syllable, rather accent the middle sounds; i.e.
    Janáček NA or Gornostaeva STA. It’s easy.

    • Peter van de Graaff

      Hi John:
      Thanks for the tip. Here’s the problem: In Russian one NEVER knows where the accent is to be (it’s on the first syllable for Mussorgky, for example, and on the last syllable for Liapunov). In Czech it’s always on the first syllable (the accented “a” in Janácek simply elongates the vowel-it is not accented); in Polish it’s on the penultimate syllable (e.g. Lutoslawski, Penderecki, etc.). We’re lost when it comes to Russian and we just guessed wrong. I had a semester of Russian, but it doesn’t help. Luckily, we were corrected and we’ve all got it right now.
      Peter van de Graaff

  • ronlf79

    Why don’t you give the Real name of the selection being aired, in Real time? I always get really irritated when I can’t find that listed!! The stations in Seattle and Portland do that. (I always listen to them whenever WFMT is airing operatic-type music.) Note: I have been a l;ong-time member of the Fine Arts Circle.

  • Michael Surratt

    Thank you for broadcasting the entire two hours of Pipedreams tonight. I wish you would run the entire 2-hour program every week. Michael Surratt, organist, First United Church of Oak Park,IL

  • Bob Radycki

    Listening to you in San Francisco via streaming on this opening day of baseball. Since you are in the baseball jargon mode, I thought I would throw you a curve ball with a picture of Lombard Street with the City by the Bay in the background. However, my attempt failed and I struck out because the size of the photo was bigger than the strike zone.

  • Mary Beth Andrews

    When I made our pledge, I forgot to give my regards to Julie and Kay. Sorry about that – we think of you two often.

    Re: the King and I with Deborah Kerr – I think it was the voice of Marni Nixon. She was often the “voice” of the actresses in that era.

    Regards from Ibiza,

    Mary Beth Andrews

  • Joan Flowers

    Just wanted to let the announcer know that I enjoy each and every announcer and have listened to WFMT
    since I was a young girl
    as you discuss Jewish & Black Relationships I wanted to let you know my
    soldier dad of The Greatest Generation who fought 1942-1945 in D-Day & Battle of The Bulge
    In Normandy+ Northern France + Rhineland + Central Europe & Ardennes & I am trying
    to get his Rank befitting a soldier of 5 WW2 battles & his Clinton White House Exception Burial
    & if the Jewish Generation would like to help speak out for my dad who helped
    change the world but was not allowed to be a part of that history—-
    I would love it just as he loved & changed their history
    LIKE NO OTHER—- Shalom!

  • Betty Dowdal

    I love your station and when I first moved to Waukegan listened to it all day long, especially loved With Heart and Voice on Sunday morning. But over the past couple of years static has interfered, don’t know if someone in the area has something that causes this of if a large building has been put in the way. Am sad about this. Betty Dowdal

  • organ music lover

    Hello, As a pianist and piano teacher I love all the piano repertoire that I hear on WFMT. But as an organist, I wonder why you seldom feature the “King of Instruments”? Having the show Pipedreams is not enough. There are so many wonderful organ pieces that you could feature–Bach for instance!! Please think about it.

  • bsa

    Please, for goodness sake, take Andrew Patner off the air. He’s not funny and sounds like a pretentious stooge. Other than that, keep up the wonderful work you do.

  • David Brackley

    Has someone made contact with Vera Gornastaeva so that she could even be listening via WFMT live stream? She needs to know how much we LOVE her music!

  • Lucille

    Portraits in Black, Brown & Beige – Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin. Absolutely Fantastic! I have a new respect for Mr. McGlaughlin. From White, Disabled, Senior Citizen who reached puberty for a 2nd time listening to this music. Only on WFMT!

  • Esther Murphy

    Jazz at Lincoln Center continues to disappoint. Tonight (April 5 in early a.m.) was so particularly cringe-worthy that I had to write in. Who was that male singing, and more importantly, why? His voice was terrible. The selections were downright dull, and the fact that George Gershwin’s name was in the program title made the experience of listening that much more disappointing. Judging from the limited applause, the live audience seemed as unimpressed as I was. Somehow I think the talented folks at WFMT could do a better job of presenting a jazz show than the Lincoln Center is doing.

  • Rob S

    For the next fund drive, I’d love to see WFMT put together a CD of the announcer banter. I LOVE hearing more from Carl, Lisa, and the others during the drives and it would be great to capture the more lighthearted and funny moments to enjoy forever.

  • Ron

    Why must your listeners on the Internet have to endure a 20-second announcement, each and every time we tune in, which over-the-air listeners are spared?
    As a regular listener of Internet radio, I am reluctant to choose WFMT when many other classical radio stations can be heard as soon as buffering is complete.
    I have removed WFMT from my favorites for this reason, as I do not have to listen to introductory announcements on BBC3, WCLV or KUSC. I’d like to have you back.
    Please reconsider this policy in the interest of treating all listeners alike regardless of the medium.

  • ScottH

    I sincerely wish that I could have contributed to WFMT’s Spring Membership Drive. However I have been unemployed since August of 2013. I need to thank WFMT for the high quality music programming. For it has been a source of relaxation and stress relief during periods of this unemployment. Once again, thank you and I hope to contribute in the future.

    Scott H.