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February 2014
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  • Ann

    Thanks, Lisa Flynn, for the Marin Marais I heard just now!

  • Mike

    Trying to listen to the archive broadcast of Midnight Special. After the first hour it shifts to the program from the week before and then shifts back to the current week for the last hour. Help.

  • Seabiscuit

    A common definition of the word “next” is: “coming after this one : coming after the one that just came, happened, etc.” I merely bring this up because WFMT, like all radio stations, misuses this word in the same way. For example, a radio host will say, “We will play a Chopin waltz next,” then go right into a commercial. Whatever they say is coming next is, in fact, not coming next. A commercial is coming next. It’s just something I noticed. One more thing. I do not see the need to ever use the word “penultimate,” especially since most people seem to think it means “ultimate.”
    By the way, turned on WFMT last night and caught the end of the “Goldberg Variations.” Wow!

  • Eimira

    Come on Suzanne Nance, learn the pianist’s name…it’s Dmitry Paperno, not “Papierno.” You mispronounced it twice!

  • Judy Storey Maritato

    LOVE the Hershey Felder program on Leonard Bernstein! Thanks for bringing this to us.

  • Eliot Franklin Gitelman

    The Holst suite is “A Mooreside Suite” and not “A Moorish Suite” as announced just now (7:20pm Monday, July 21.