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February 2014
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Archive for February 4, 2014

Tenor, Composer, Dachshunds

Britten and Pears at Crag House, 1954

In honor of WFMT’s February theme, The Animal Kingdom, we present a little bit about opera and a little bit about dogs.

Coming up on the Tuesday Night Opera, Peter van de Graaff features a recording of Benjamin Britten’s opera “Death in Venice.” It’s a classic recording starring (no dogs) the voice for whom it was written, tenor Peter Pears

Tuesday: Les petites musiques

Germaine Tailleferre, 1970

On Tuesday afternoon, 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM, Suzanne Nance features a group of six friends who played music together, shared ideas and populated cafes together: Les six. Coming of age amid the horrors of World War I, this smart set of French (and Swiss) composers possessed an almost revulsion toward Romanticism which characterized art and literature before the War

Fabulous Fables: Great for Kids and for Composers

Francis Poulenc with Mickey

The Animal Kingdom is WFMT’s Theme for February.

Everybody knows the expression, sour grapes, from the Aesop classic “The Fox and the Grapes.” 17th century French poet Jean de la Fontaine set 124 such fables to verse; little moral lessons often starring members of the animal kingdom. It was la Fontaine’s set that inspired Francis Poulenc to compose a ballet called Les animaux modeles