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January 2014
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A Little Afternoon Schubert

Susanna Phillips

Susanna Phillips

Franz_SchubertWe’ve talked about the pleasures of a day with Mozart. Franz Schubert is another one of those composers—you can’t wear him out. In his thirty-one years he wrote symphonies, quartets, solo piano works, masses, song cycles. His output is not the size of Mozart’s, who had another three or four years on him, but the sound world that Schubert inhabited is so delicious, so full of moments that put one’s heart in one’s throat—a whole day of Schubert is a joy.

Friday, January 31, join WFMT for a Schubert birthday celebration from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

To put you in the mood, here’s a little bonbon by one of the leading sopranos of our time, Susanna Phillips.

Ms. Phillips is an alum of Lyric Opera’s Ryan Opera Center, and is a friend to WFMT. Here she sings Schubert’s “Heiss mich nicht reden” from Mignon Lieder, D. 877 with pianist Lydia Brown. This performance comes from a Dame Myra Hess Memorial concert from October of 2010.

By the way, put your ear to the rail on tomorrow’s opera stars; WFMT presents a broadcast of today’s Ryan Opera Center singers on Monday, February 3 at 6:00 PM.

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