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December 2013
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Chime In: Candice Agree wants to hear your New Year’s Resolutions

WFMT Program Host, Candice Agree

Consider making music more central to your life. What are the benefits of introducing more music to your experience? Make some suggestions for accomplishing that.

Chime in, share your New Year’s resolutions with WFMT.  Candice will be sharing some of these on the air this weekend starting at 7:00 AM.


  • Dennis

    Just ndkllevelopedi based on
    A quote “make no boring art”
    I resolve to perform no boring projects but put my creative energy into all I do!

    • Candice Agree

      A heck of an idea, Dennis :-)

  • Steve Berlin

    It’s a bit geeky, but in 2014 I want to envelop myself in Dmitri Shostakovich’s string quartets. There is something so bleak but yet so spiritual in his sound world. Like Beethoven’s, his most intimate emotions seem to be bared in his quartets. I own a cd set by the Fitzwilliam quartet, and won a cd from an ‘FMT quiz last summer of ## 8 and 9 from the Pacifica, and they are wonderful.

    • Candice Agree

      I like the way you think, Steve!

      • Steve Berlin

        And I like your programming and your voice, Candice. I’m glad you’re here in Chicago!

  • genne

    Van Cliburn and Adolph Herseth. You asked for memories of artists who died in 2013. Just turned fourteen, I went with my friends to Grant Park see Van Cliburn the young Texan who had just returned from Moscow after having won the Tchaikovsky Competition. On this beautiful warm July night the park was packed with people on benches and crowded on the grass in lawn chairs and blankets, Cliburn played the Tchaikovsky B flat minor piano concerto — one of his winning entries, and as an impressionable young teenager, I was a goner! He immediately became an idol and so, in many ways, opened the world of classical music to me. My best friend and I idolized not only Cliburn but all the young pianists of his generation. My happiest memory is of sneaking into orchestral hall with my friend Janie (don’t ask how) during a recording session of the Prokofiev third piano concerto, climbing up the steep flight of steps to the old gallery in the pitch dark, and lying on the floor where we peered over the stairs to the lighted stage below. Of course Adolph Herseth must have been there as well — and over the years — both of these musicians have given me so pleasure for which I am so very grateful.

    • Candice Agree

      Thanks for this Genne. A beautiful recollection!

  • Jim

    Coming in loud and clear in Southport, Ct, where Eileen and Jim are listening in front of a crackling fire. You back on the air here is terrific. A most Happy New Year!

    • Candice Agree

      Fantastic! A happy and healthy new year to you both and yours

  • Unhappy listener

    Is there some way to get Susan Nance to stop repeating the names of recordings over and over? She is in love with her own voice and repeats things over and over. If you measure how much she talks in proportion to how much music she plays, you’ll find that she talks more than all the other hosts, even those with educational programs. I find myself switching to other stations more often now that she is on board. My resolution is to never listen to her more than five minutes. Plus she tries to use a sexy voice with extra H sounds after every long vowel. Breaks my concentration when working. I’m rediscovering my CDs since she started. She plays the shortest pieces possible so she can talk more. Ugh. Make it stop.

  • Fred R. Luety

    Well, I am sitting at my desk in my home office of 25 years here in the middle of the beautiful snowy Montana Rocky Mountains in the the second largest city of the state, Missoula, with 65,000 souls. But the the best music still comes from WFMT in Chicago. Thank you Fred R. Luety

    • Donald Kubeczko

      I want to Distribute my Educational Art Materials to the largest possible audience,concentrating on Self-motivated Students of all ages,who want to look at the world a different way!

      • Donald Kubeczko

        Do U Like “The marriage of David & Bat-Shiva?”

    • Candice Agree


  • LoyalWFMT Listeners Since1950s

    We enjoy hearing you on WFMT and enjoy hearing your clear enunciation and your spontaneous comments. We are glad that you joined the staff of our favorite radio station and look forward to continuing to hear you.

    • Candice Agree

      Thank you so much!

  • Jacquot

    It’s wonderful to hear Carl sgain. Welcome back! Hope you are all healed.

  • Dr. Joseph Caprini

    Great to have Carl back. Nothing matches this Icon of radio and good music. Leg is doing well I presume?

  • RustyEggleston

    My Mom let me quit piano lessons in 1967. I spent the next 45 years regretting it.

    Two years ago, at age 55, I start taking lessons again, and it’s a race to make up for lost time. In 2012 I practiced 180 hours for the year. Last year I played 300 hours.

    My resolution in 2014 is to practice 90 minutes a day, 10 hours a week, 500 hours for the year.

    And you know what? The more I practice, the more I seem to appreciate and savor WFMT.

    • Candice Agree

      A touching confession, Rusty. Thanks for sharing. Keep us updated on your progress!

  • Dennis McCann

    My resolution is to do no boring work, but to put my creativity to play in everything I do. To that end I’m moving music up my scale to #3 after my family and partner, and my health. It has given me many of the peak experiences of my life, and I look for more depth of experience and involvement this year.

  • Dennis McCann

    What was the Roderigo recording just played with voice and guitar from a new release? It was just before 8 this morning. I was deeply moved by the singing and playing of the two female musicians, who echoed each other like two graces, with the melodic line being the third grace. Thank you!

  • Heidi Lee

    We first heard Lang Lang in concert at our Friday series in the early part of the decade; not sure if it was 2003 or earlier. It was AMAZING! Afterward we could do a “meet and greet” in Symphony Store but it was very official. He was surrounded by Chinese nationals and all one could do was smile while walking past.

  • Walter Carrozzi

    Thanks for you being there. Beatiful music, each week better than ever. Please continue with such a wonderful job. Best regards from Chile.

  • Gregory Susoreny

    Hi, Candice–what do you think about doing 24-7?

  • tom hofmaier

    Carl Grapentine – what is the recording of Jancek -“The Cunning LIttle Vixen” conducted by Jose Serrebrier? The arkiv listing shows neither the recording or the conductor.

  • F Larsen

    Carl, Lisa et al: You ( and FMT ) are one of the very best things in our lives in Chicago – fact !
    Just read in the NY Times that Peter Maxwell Davies has written an interesting 10th Symphony – any chance you would be able to play some of it at some point. Many thanks for all you are and do. FC Larsen

  • June Berveiler

    1. No more cussing unless I’m really mad.
    2. No more dirty jokes unless they’re really funny.
    3. No more fattening food unless it tastes good

  • Vonnie Lorber

    Enjoy each day. Find time and energy to play the piano. (But that means not turning on WFMT when I arrive home after work!)