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December 2013
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Child’s Play on Exploring Music

Trumpet Practice by Norman Rockwell

Trumpet Practice by Norman Rockwell

Weeknights at 7:00 PM

Children and Childhood continues to be our theme this month on WFMT; it’s also the subject of Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin. As we’ve been doing on WFMT, Bill approaches the topic with a broad paintbrush. There’s music written to describe children, like the bickering youths in the Tuileries from Pictures at an Exhibition—that’s more like the kids with whom most of us are acquainted. Bill also takes a look at music written by children; that would include a symphony Mozart wrote at the age of eight.

When he wrote that first symphony, Mozart was just beginning to develop as a composer, though it might be impossible to listen to that piece without looking for signs of what was to come. There is an account of the child Mozart written in the journal of a doctor who had traveled to Paris. Someone suggested he hear this boy play. The doctor described a child exceptionally gifted at the keyboard, but just as inclined to slide off the piano bench and chase after the cat. He was a genius, and he was a child; all in one package. young-mozart

Mozart went on to write forty more symphonies, the last of which, Woody Allen included in his reasons for living in the film Manhattan. You can listen to that first symphony and decide for yourself; is this the work of genius?

Immerse yourself in this remarkable world of children in music throughout the week on Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin, weeknights at 7:00 PM.

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