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November 2013
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Why Does This Work?

Floor Manager Migeul Fernandez

Floor Manager Migeul Fernandez

Fall Drive Total: $904,133

I do it because of the music.

—Ilene Patty, volunteer

WFMT just wrapped up one of the most successful pledge drives in its history.  There is much to be happy about because everyone agrees this drive was one of the easiest its ever done: there were no real slow spots, the drive was on schedule from start to finish and, in general, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  So we asked people involved in this campaign if they could help us figure out what was different about this one.  This is what they said.

Volunteer Gail Petersdorff

Volunteer Gail Petersdorff takes a call


The economy has gotten better. We’ve had some successful new programs like Relevant Tones. People appreciate our continued emphasis on live programming (to distinguish us from digital streaming services). People loved the premiums. They’re excited by “Bach to School,” We’ve had what might be the highest number of calls of any drive, and we’ve had people making multiple pledges.

Lisa Flynn in the music library

Lisa Flynn in the music library

—Steve Robinson, General Manager




Carl Grapentine and volunteer Kurt Youngmann talk opera

Carl Grapentine and volunteer Kurt Youngmann talk opera


It’s true there have been fewer peaks and valleys this drive. As far as success goes, I’d say the support of our listeners is the most reliable barometer—and this has been eleven successful pledge drives in a row.

—Carl Grapentine, morning host

Volunteers from Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra




I started because I was a Carl groupie, but I stayed because everyone on the staff is so wonderful. You get such a sense of family around here. I care about FMT because of the music, but the people are wonderful.

—Ilene Patty, volunteer

Kerry Frumkin

Kerry Frumkin works the board


“I love it here.” Volunteer Trudi Acheatel admitted she volunteers all over town, but wouldn’t say every place has been a good experience. Trudie has been at WFMT from 6:oo AM to closing every day but three of them since the drive began two weeks ago. She commented that the staff is “phenomenal; it’s the nicest staff, nicest volunteers.”

Jairus Roallos

Jairus Roallos works the floor





I always volunteer for these drives because I enjoy the atmosphere. I want to help the station maintain its programming. I meet some interesting people, too.

—Tony Los



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