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August 2013
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Making “Contact!” with Composers (Not Dead)

David Robertson, photo from the St. Louis Symphony

The New York Philharmonic This Week, Thursday at 8:00 PM

“These are pieces we really wanted to play.”

—Alan Gilbert in The New York Times

Being there at the birth of anything, even a new work of art, is a visceral experience. It’s important for the public to talk to the artists, ask questions, smell the paint, as it were; and lean in close, to see all the bumps and brushstrokes. It’s a time-honored process that reaffirms: art exists for people—and for their whole range of reactions.

Thursday’s New York Philharmonic broadcast puts you at the forefront of today’s music. Vetted and performed by Philharmonic players, an evening’s worth of Contact! will make you feel current on the new-music scene. The series does everything one of America’s premiere music institutions should do: it draws works from the most promising composers, the artistic department chooses music they really like; they put it in the hands of terrific and very committed players, and they get them out into the community.

Thursday’s broadcast includes:

“Best of Contact!”

CONDUCTORS:                                Alan Gilbert; David Robertson
SOLOISTS:                                         H.K. Gruber, chansonnier; Robert Langevin, flute; Mindy Kaufman, flute

Alexandre LUNSQUI                       Fibres, Yarn, and Wire (World Premiere–New York Philharmonic Commission)
HK GRUBER                                     Frankenstein!!
ELLIOTT CARTER:                         Two Controversies & A Coversation
MICHAEL JARRELL:                      Nachlese Vb: Liederzyklus
BOULEZ:                                            .…explosante-fixe….

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