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July 2013
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Archive for July 16, 2013

Art and Music Month: Paulus

Andrew Wyeth's "Christina's World"

Hear Paulus’ “Voices from the Gallery” at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, July 17. American composer Stephen Paulus (who was an on-air host in May on WFMT) composed this after 11 great works of art. In it, the art works “speak” to the listener through a narrator with texts by Joan Vail Thorne

Grant Park Orchestra: Reaching Beyond the Pritzker

Fellows of Project Inclusion playing chamber music at Berger Park in the Rogers Park neighborhood

The Grant Park Music Festival always draws a delightful mix of die-hard picnickers, the more formal concert-goers, and the passers-by who just happen upon a wonderful concert taking place and decide to stay. What more could a festival want? More of that, please (see video)

Art and Music Month: Debussy

"Cat" by Koryusai

Debussy, along with several other French composers of the time, was strongly influenced by Japanese art works. This is one such inspired work, although the second of the three works is set in Grenada, Spain and the third is of goldfish in Debussy’s pond in France.

Chime in: How to Approach New Music

This Saturday from 5-7 pm, WFMT’s Relevant Tones presents the second annual Thirsty Ear Festival at City Winery, presenting some of finest composers and musicians of new music today. American composer Steven Stucky has written five pieces of advice regarding listening to new music: (1) don’t expect the wrong things; (2) be prepared for discontinuity; more…