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July 2013
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Deep into Mahler

Gustav Mahler, 1892

Gustav Mahler, 1892

Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin, weeknights at 7:00 pm

“I am three times homeless: a native of Bohemia in Austria; an Austrian among Germans; a Jew throughout the whole world”

—Gustav Mahler

On Monday Bill McGlaughlin begins the first of a ten-part examination of the creative life of Gustav Mahler. Mahler was born into a humble Bohemian family, one of fourteen, though only seven survived infancy. Death was a constant companion for Mahler, shaping and haunting his inner life, even as his outer life soared. To know Mahler was to regard one of the great conductors of an era: from his first post at the age of twenty to the Vienna opera, his was an enormous presence in Europe, even as he went from the loss of siblings, to the loss of friends, to the death of a beloved child, to a disintegrating marriage. Mahler himself would not live to see his fifty-first birthday. It would then take decades before that inner voice, that of Mahler the composer, would begin to seep into the minds and hearts of musicians and audiences, and engender some of the most ardent followers of any composer in history.

Hear Bill McGlaughlin describe the remarkable boy, Gustav Mahler:

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