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June 2013
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Why do you like the music of Chopin? All month long, we are bringing live music and more from the International Chopin Piano Competition. We want to know, why do you like Chopin’s music?

  • A. Reis

    For over 25 years the audio sound quality of WFMT’s was largely the work of one man, Al Antlitz, Chief Engineer. Sadly, Al passed away on Thursday, June 20, at the age of 77, at his home near Joliet. Back in the day before digital everything, when ‘analog audio was King’, Al designed equipment for the station which made for supreme analog sound, from the mixing consoles to the audio processors. The sound that the station thus produced won award after award. Very few folks were doing anything like it at the time,and certainly not for broadcasting. Only the advent of digital audio years later allowed for audio excellence to become more commonplace.
    Al is survived by his wife Candace, five children and one great-grandchild. Funeral Services have been held.

  • Richard Valentino

    Lisa Flynn,

    Thanks to WFMT, and you and Carl Grapentine and other hosts, for the special emphasis on Russian
    music for the month of June.

    I’ve always loved Russian music. When I started listening to classical music,
    around age 14, my favorite piece was Tchaikovsky’s Marche Slave; soon followed by his 1812
    Overture; followed by Rimsky-Korsakov’s Sherherazade and Russian Easter Overture.

    For accuracy, Rossini’s William Tell Overture, and Liszt’s Les Preludes fit in there somewhere with the Russian works.

  • Art

    What haydes is this devil stuff polluting the air waves. A waste time. Why I don’t listen much.

  • Catherine Gobbi

    So, after a stressful week and day, I turn on WFMT at 5pm on Friday 28JUN hoping to relax and de-stress with the “Un-Rush Hour.” What I get is a story about the devil wanting to steal a violin in Russian and French and maybe more languages. I am all for your diverse offerings and musical education, but please, not at 5pm on a Friday!

  • Howard Luloff

    I discovered WFMT on the internet and usually about once a week I’ll put it on before going to bed instead of the oldies station or a small, community station on my clock radio. It’s outstanding classical music that’s more appropriate for going to sleep than rock and roll.

  • Richard Ball

    A curiosity: The close-up picture of a guitar, sound hole and strings, on your home page (with the “support WFMT” text) shows a left-handed instrument. Is it a real left-handed classic guitar or did a graphic artist think he or she could get away with a flipped image?
    Shame… :-)

  • Martin

    Interesting, I didn’t know Hammond made PIPE organs!

  • David L. Spearman

    There is absolutely nothing like beginning July 4th with music of Americana on WFMT 98.7 Chicago (and on live stream wherever YOU are)!

    This is a tradition of mine since discovering FM radio.
    Doubtless, 98.7 plays the best in Americana on the Fourth and the best on Thanksgiving Day as well!

  • Mary Chingwa

    Welcome, Candace! (please forgive if misspelled your name). So good to hear another female classical music announcer.

  • candomarty

    We have been listening to Carl Grapentine every morning for the last 20 years. There is no comparable program host anywhere that we know of that can bring his combination of expertise, playful avuncularity, and understanding of the ordinary person (he’s a classical program host who actually follows sports!). However, for what seems like the same 20 years, we have been hearing news pulled directly from the Associated Press wire, which has an obsession–don’t know why, but it’s an obsession–with detailed news day after day after day about bombings in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other points east. Although these are unfortunate occurrences, their relevance to a 2013 Chicago audience is at best questionable. I would suggest either a) editing the news so that it isn’t quite so explosion-oriented, or b) subscribing to Reuters or some other news organization which doesn’t have quite such a bellicose mindset. Thanks, and now back to our program. -Martin Berg and Gina Orlando, Oak Park

  • Steven Pieper

    I can’t find the Lot airlines button on your home page.

  • Steven Pieper

    Sorry about the Lot problem — it is an advertisement which was blocked.

  • Walter Carrozzi

    Just beatiful your today’s program, dear Lisa. Thanks, a lot. Best regards from Chile.

  • henry

    Where is your “LOT – Dreamliner Contest” button? Can’t find it on the web page…

  • F C Laarsen

    Carl – Can’t get enough of the elegant Percy Grainger – bought the music for Colonial Song whiich you just played – wish every morning could be a Percy Grainger festival…continue to love your program beyond words ! FC Larsen

  • EZ

    This morning: Respighi’s Pines of Rome excerpt – reminded me at one point of Strauss’ Alpine Symphony. They were both written about the same time and both have to do with forests. Just a coincidence? Every time I hear the birds twittering in the section entitled Pines of the Janiculum, I remember that this really does happen there – a pleasant memory.

  • Carmon Mest

    Where can I get a recording of “Oh What A Beautiful Morning” by ECM Combo? What a wonderful rendition.

  • Dale Ward

    You mentioned the Lot Airlines drawing. I thought you said we can sign up to enter on your website, but I could not find any contest information. Can you help with this? BTW, we listen to WFMT in our office as much as possible, in between customer phone calls and interruptions. Love it! Thank you.

  • WFMT Web

    The LOT Airlines contest can be found here:

  • WFMT Web

    If you are having problems finding the LOT Airlines “Enter Now” button, you may need to turn off any ad blocking software you use or add to your safe list in the ad blocking software.

    Again you can also access the contest directly at:

  • Jim Long

    Really enjoying the Walter Piston Composer Exploration today!

  • Peter

    I can’t believe that the Midnight Special STILL ends, every time, with that sappy song When I’m Gone, with it’s over-over refrain, every Saturday night, over and over.

  • Stephen W. Ellis

    “Art-and-Music” month is being heard without the inclusion of a single piece inspired by Paul Klee–the artist who has inspired more music than that of any other artist! There are nearly 900 pieces of music inspired by his images (and in some cases) words. Easily-obtainable-recordings of examples by Schuller, Maxwell Davies, Diamond, Denisov, Henze, Poulenc, Tan Dun, and even local favorite Augusta Read Thomas have inexplicably been overlooked. What gives?

  • Ed Doughtie

    Suggest to Bill McG that he check out the music of Julius Roentgen (1855-1932). Very prolific, but not much published. Several recordings available of songs and chamber music. He wrote 3 viola sonatas! Friend of Brahms and Grieg, accompanied Casals, played quartets with Neilsen.

  • Wilhelm C. Linss

    I have a large number of classical LPs, including many from the Musical Heritage Society. I want to dispose of them. Do you know anyone who might be in the market for buying them? If there is nobody interested, I might be willing to donate them to any organization or individual. I am an avid listener to WFMT. Thank you for the good music you offer. Sincerely, Wilhelm C. Linss.

  • Eric

    Quite pathetic and such a big disappointment for the young artists at Ravinia as well as those in the broadcast or on line audience anticipating this evening’s event that your live broadcast failed to materialize tonight. Why has this failed ?

    New York City listener on line, but now off line.

  • angela

    Tonight’s non-broadcast of the Ravinia concert was a hugely disappointing let-down to those of us, also first-time listeners, who had built our evening around this much anticipated event. The station’s sorry handling of the announcement of cancellation with scant information was not well managed. If you want us to care about your station, blandness in communication does not win hearts.

  • Lynn

    1) LOVE Wells! very nice to hear him. Is he a replacement for George? Very nice.
    2) Peter, I heard you on 107.7 Philadelphia when i was there in May. Great Station. Great Program. thanks.
    3) Please could you post a synopsis of operas on Tuesdays nights? I know Peter talks about it, but
    it would be nice to get to read it before the opera comes on. (the obvious answer is look it up on line, so i shouldn’t even be asking this question.

  • Roy J

    Loved the Google animation you mentioned on the air, AS WELL AS the Debussey pieces you’ve played all day. Thank you!

    • Roy J

      Wait, how did that extra “e” get in there? Pardon Monsieur Debussy!

  • AMB

    I did not catch the full name.of soprano Melinda, who just sang Martini’s Plaisir d’Amour on Lisa Flynn’s program devoted to the Northbrook Symphony.

    Melinda’s interpretation of the song was by far the worst I have ever heard, As for the Northbrook Symphony’s oompa-oompapa rendition of Beethoven’s 8th (mercifully only one movement), it can only be described as rank amateurish.

    I expect, and usually get, better programs from Lisa Flynn

  • Ofra

    I would like to say how much I enjoyed Peter Van de Graaff pronouncing Gil Shaham’s name so beautifully… thanks!

  • Craig Parro

    In rememberance of 911. The hymn “When I Survey” is at once mournful and achingly hopeful.

  • Daina Cers

    Good morning,
    In times of sorrow, I find consolation in the music and lyrics of the Beatles’ “Let it Be” as well as Sibelius’ Finlandia. Also, quite a few Latvian folk songs have beautiful lyrics and melodies that are comforting.
    Thank you!

  • David Wend

    I find consolation with many of the musical works mentioned by other listeners. A special one for me is the Fifth Symphony by Ralph Vaughan Williams. The symphony has a reflective calmness that is peaceful.

  • Philip Heckman

    Question of the day: music in time of trouble: Beethoven Quartet #14 in C# minor, Op. 131.
    Phil Heckman
    Park Ridge

  • Marcia Clark

    I love that many of my fellow WFMT listeners named many of the pieces of I love as consolation music! I also turn to Sibelius’s symphonies.

    • Marcia Clark

      “of”in wrong place!

  • Ann Raven

    Um, I hate to say this because I hope you are getting lots of revenue from this advertisement, but…being reminded that I am going to die and don’t know when is rather disquieting, 4 or 5 times each day!

  • Ed Beling

    What happened to the special contest featuring the Goodman Theatre production, restaurant offering, and train trip? I cannot locate the entry form.

  • TooSunCarol

    I left my hometown of Chicago in 1975 and left Midnight Special behind. Never found a better station in Boston or now in Tucson. Tonight, thanks to the Internet, I went home to Chicago. From this time on I will try to do what I did 40 years ago…spend as many Saturday nights with WFMT as I can. Please, play some Nichols & May…

  • frydzia

    WFMT / WTTW’s fiscal year ends on June 30. Please do post the last two years financial results for the company. The last posted results on this website are for Fiscal year 2011. People who donate like me need to know the financial condition of the combined companies. I notice that you do not break out separate results for the radio and television sides of the company.

  • Ann Raven

    Lisa Flynn, what better way to begin the day than a gorgeous 1st act of “Otello”. Thanks!

  • Marty Fisher

    Why are playlists incomplete? Even if a recording cannot be purchased through WFMT, it would enhance the learning experience to know how the composer’s name is spelled, when audible is not clear. Example: “Come Holy Spirit” by a Chicago composer whose 85th birthday is today, 09/26/13, performed by American Repertory Singers, directed by Dr. Leo Nestor now of the CUA.

  • orvoir

    How clever of WFMT to hire an announcer whose sole assignment is to read ALL announcer-read commercials. Not quite living up to the claim, but sparing regular announcers the demeaning chore of reading these themselves.

    Neat trick!

    p.s.: No more Fine Arts Circle membership for me.

  • Sunny Stiklius

    Oops! I left this message in the wrong spot.
    This is for Lisa Flynn: A belated thank you for yesterday – Gustavo Dudamel conducting Richard Strauss’ “Til Eugenspiegel” and Roberto Alagna as the Duke of Mantua in the “Bella Figlia” Quartet from Rigoletto. Two favorite artists of mine. It was wonderful hearing them on WFMT!

  • amadeusearle2

    In the law firm advert. the word is forte not fort

    • J_P_Maher

      FORTE from Italian would be disyllabic all right, as in PIANO FORTE. But My FORTE stems from French. Hence it’s monosyllabic and homonymous with Sumter, Knox & all that. English a messy lingo. I learned this one the hard way, too..

  • Bruce

    Is it completely impossible to say that George Preston is gone for good? His absence is really noticeable. I was and remain a huge fan of Kerry Frumkin but Mr. Preston, initially a bit annoying, really became a part of my afternoon/evening rhythm. It’s especially noticeable now that the Lyric season is beginning again. I would so like to hear his thoughts on Otello and all the performances Lyric will be doing–and I will be seeing–this season. I know he’s a station manager now but he’s in Colorado! Is it possible for WFMT to flex its muscle and bring him back. Make him an offer he can’t refuse?

    • umbriago

      Be careful what you wish for.

    • umbriago

      Be careful what you wish for.

  • tiredstudent

    I just want to say thank you for broadcasting great music all the way through the night. I am a college student who sometimes has to keep strange hours to study for tests and being able to listen to classical music while I do so is incredibly helpful and relaxing. The music is beautiful. Thank you.

  • Manel Valdes-Cruz

    Congratulations! Just when I thought you could do nothing more to degrade a once-great station, you prove me wrong again. Just heard Suzanne Nance for the first time a couple of days ago. Another exquisitely modulated Radio Voice with nothing to day and the determination to say it at great length. The perfect complement to The Insufferable Grapentine. You ruined my morning drive years ago, and now the afternoon is gone too. I miss WNIB so much. What I wouldn’t give for a host who will tell us what we just heard and what we’re about to hear, then STOP TALKING AND PLAY THE NEXT DAMN RECORD. Thank G-d for Amazon.

  • Bill K

    You just played the end of Act II of Aida – bravo! – a perfect way to celebrate the Verdi Birth Bi-Centennial. Let us hear it, again, with the historical (albeit not Verdi’s) High E-flat ending from Maria Callas’ 1950 or 1951 Mexico City performances – a spectacular way to cap off an already spectacular piece of music.

  • Manel Valdes-Cruz

    TOO MUCH POINTLESS TALK. I see my previous post has disappeared. Do you remove everything that is critical? Even if it is not abusive? I have been listening since 1977, and gave $50 to your very first fund drive, even though my student loan debt at the time was twice my annual salary and I could barely pay my rent. My point was that it is disheartening and annoying that the program hosts (especially weekday morning and afternoon drive times) talk (and talk and talk) simply to hear themselves talk. Just stop talking and play the next record! No one wants to hear you chuckle at your own lame witticisms. No one wants to hear your opinions about the music, or your little anecdotes. Have a little dignity, for Pete’s sake, and recognize that this station is about classical music, not about YOU.

    • umbriago

      Amen! A hundredfold!

  • NB_Diner

    I just want to congratulate WFMT for adding Suzanne Nance to the broadcast staff. What a beautiful voice! It is so mellow and clear, I even enjoy listening to her commercial accouncements. Bravo!

  • A citera

    if you continue to play this cacophonous crud, I will cancel my membership.

  • Buddy Dave

    About Suzanne Nance–Am I the only one for whom her voice and presentation provoke agony? For the love of God, bring back whoever she replaced.

  • Peter Reinhard

    Re Pledge Drive. It must bestressed that the “thank-you” gifts are but the icing on the cake. Our real reward is the music and the unique programming on WFMT. One thought: Those of us who respond immediately on Day 1 or 2 miss out on the great packages offered later. How about offering us early contributors a special package that is not repeated again?

  • Jane A.

    What a pity it’s the last Saturday morning with Dennis Moore!

  • Ron

    I’m listening to Borodin’s ‘Polovtsian Dances’ (with Russian chorus) right now. It’s one of my favorite pieces!! I’ve been trying to find my own copy, but haven’t been successful. Do you have any suggestions as to where I can get a copy? PS I don’t want ‘Prince Igor’, because I don’t like opera!!

  • JBeckman

    I am a WFMT news junkie. Please resume weekend broadcasting of the morning news. I miss your weekend schedule of old, where you’d still broadcast morning news on the hour until 10AM. Ever since grad school (more than 30 years ago), I always had my clock radio alarm tuned to wake me on the hour so that I could start my day with your news broadcast. On weekends it was such a luxury that you broadcast the news at 10 am also, instead of stopping at 9. Usually the radio would remain on to hear your music programming.

    Ever the optimist, I still set my alarm to the hour, but am so disappointed that you don’t broadcast the news that I turn off the radio and turn on a CD with Beethoven or Bach instead.

    Also, I think you’re missing an advertising opportunity by not having an app and a link to hearing a recording of the last news broadcasted, since invariably I receive a phone call or other interruption on the hour, causing me to miss the news entirely. You could get feedback of the number of people who access your news broadcasts, so that your advertisers would recognize the value of your station.

  • E.Marie

    Where O where is Carl Grapentine??! I realize he needs a vacation as all of us do from time to time, but its going on 3 weeks now. Alas, his soothing voice is nowhere to be heard! The current announcer talks much too fast for mornings. Woe is me!

  • evanstonbear

    Dennis, thanks very much for your announcing during Carl Grapentine’s absence. You’ve made waking up this week much easier, despite the wretched weather outside.

  • Bruce Oltman

    In 2014 I’ll be appreciating WFMT for four reasons: 1) Relevant Tones; 2) The new Baroque and Before; 3) Fiesta; and 4) WFMT Live on Mondays. I resonate with both ends of the musical spectrum, renaissance and contemporary. Seth is a good friend, and he can present all the new composers and musicians with great enthusaism. Candice has thus far engaged me on Thursday night with renaissance music which is rarely heard, and I love. Elbio is a total “gentilhombre” who plays pieces that are so amazing and enlightinging. Last but not least, I think that WFMT is to be praised for broadcasting live music whether it be from the studio or remote sites, because the sound of live musicians makes all the difference.

  • Paul Christofersen

    Cellists for your month of Cello Players and music. First, a wonderfully talented and adventurous young man from nearby Chesterton, Indiana, Josh DeVries, here in a YouTube vid playing Michael Schelle’s “The Monkey King”:

    Then Sam Magill from New York, here with Wendy Sutter playing the third movement from the Moor “Double Cello Concerto”:

    Then there is Alan Steele, from Chicago. Here he is playing some fiery Prokofiev for a local contest in 2009…

    And of course my suggestions would be entirely incomplete without mention of my alltime favorite cellist, Truls Mørk, who absolutely blew me away with his Mandel Hall recital a few years ago. He had an incredibly sensitive tone, which by observing his bowing technique closely from our second-row seats, I was able to go right home and duplicate for myself. Here he is playing the Rachmaninov Vocalise: Thankfully he has recovered from his temporary incapacitation and seems to be back better than ever before!

  • Lori

    Carl, so glad you’re back. The morning show was not the same without you.

  • Paul Christofersen

    More cellists for your January Special: Chicago native and Northwestern alum Alison Chesley who performs under the name Helen Money:

    And in a similar vein, Zoë Keating…

  • Mathias

    I am so very glad that Carl G. is back. Welcome back; you were missed

  • Bernard H Holicky

    Bernard H Holicky
    Norm Pellegrini put his imprint on this station I love -Steve Robertson
    rescued WFMT -David Polk must bring it to an audience that doesn’t remember

  • Mathias

    Congratulations to David Polk on his new position as Program Director. Good Luck to you and one suggestions: Contact the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce at 312 863-8592. They will give you the correct pronunciation of the city of Goteborg, Sweden; so that all of the program hosts pronounce it the same way each time…especially the new hosts. Thank you.

  • Mona

    I wish there was a way of expressing our preferences in programming, i.e., there are regular programs we like and some we can’t stand.

  • Trish

    Wow! That was Renee Fleming?! “America the Beautiful” was fabulous. What a contrast to her dreadful “You’ll never walk alone” I heard recently.

  • Marcia Clark

    Happy Birthday Carl! Thanks for playing your favorites! Some of the pieces were favorites of mine as well!

  • I’m all out of Suzanne

    Since Suzanne Nance joined WFMT my friends and I have been laughing about how she sounds like one of those FM radio announcers who used to do those heartbreak dedication shows (maybe they still do them, I have no idea…) and now here she is, all week long inviting listeners to call in their dedications for Valentine’s Day! It’s hilarious! I can just hear Suzanne Nance, “Bria has been trying for over a year to get Caden to love her. She’s finally walking away. Good for you Bria! You deserve better! Here’s I’m All Out Of Love” by Air Supply, for Bria…” It’s too much…Can’t wait till tomorrow. I won’t be able to drive home I’ll be laughing so hard when Suzanne gives her dedications for Valentine’s Day….. George, come back! Come back! We won’t be mad! Just come back and save us from this sacharine we have to endure now….

    • Ann

      Aw! Can you imagine how Suzanne feels, reading this?

  • Mary Schmuttenmaer

    Have to say I’m getting tired of the Cult of Carl. He’s a decent enough announcer, if a little slow getting the words out, but I really don’t care about his birthday balloons, birthday cake, his age, his personal preferences among performers, his endless stream of illness and injuries. and this morning, Breakfast with Carl and the chatter overlaid onto Robert Alagna. Enough already! A little professionalism, please.

  • mary schmuttenmaer

    I made a comment, then came back to check to see if it was on. It was not on, so I put it in again, and got a response that this comment was already here. . . . but it wasn’t. So here it is again:

    Have to say I’m getting tired of the Cult of Carl. He’s a decent enough announcer, if a little slow getting the words out, but I really don’t care about his birthday balloons, birthday cake, his age, his personal preferences among performers, his endless stream of illness and injuries. and this morning, Breakfast with Carl and the chatter overlaid onto Robert Alagna. Enough already! A little professionalism, please.

  • Tina

    Thanks for the older version of Jerusalem! Since it was(and still is)our school hymn, I sand along with all of Britain!

  • SueinIndiana

    I am so upset. I can’t believe I actually heard an annoying political commercial this morning during Carl’s show. Is the station that hard up for money we have to listen to politicans? Please tell me this was a mistake and we’ll not hear them again. I love WFMT and can’t imagine my days without that music, but, I cannot tune in if listening includes political commercials.

  • litterpicker

    I once wore a wristwatch that displayed extended information: depth, altitude, barometric pressure.
    The barometric pressure was displayed in units of millibars.
    Imagine my surprise, when, during flights overseas,
    I observed that the usual 1013 millibars on the ground at the airport,
    had changed to 8xx millibars,
    seated in the plane in an arc’ed flight path,
    over the Bering Strait flight altitude to the Asian continent.
    The change in barometric is displayed in inches on the weather channel.
    Would it be possible to add the barometric pressure, in millibars,
    to your morning weather announcements.
    If and once you comply,
    I’ll be requesting UVI (Ultraviolet Index),
    average percentage of Oxygen from various local sites,
    (foul air, stuffy stores or buildings not included),
    and a reference to the lunar day and phase.
    Lastly, you may insert a very short signal,
    for the salat times of varying temporal markers,
    that change with galactic movement.
    Equality is a myth.
    It is not to be literally used.
    It may be figuratively fought over by illiterates.
    All the days and nights are not equal,
    an ancient observation when travelling at night,
    a phenomenon that the native Americans used,
    trekking, following, a path of a babbling brook or a gurgling stream,
    in the coolness of a full-moon night.

  • J_P_Maher

    Boccherini’s Ritirata Notturna di Madrid is mistranslated ‘retreat from Madrid’. ‘From Madrid’ would be da Madrid. As veteran of a US Army Intelligence Detachment attached to an Italian Battalion (Artillery), I assure you that ritirata has two uses, firstly, a military unit withdrawing, retreating under threat from the enemy in battle; here notturna is not used. You can retreat in the daytime, too. Secondly, tattoo is the US bugle call for lights out, followed by taps. (Not to be confused with Polynesian body marking.) The military tattoo is originally Dutch for the signal ‘close the barrel tap’. The right translation would be ‘Madrid tattoo’ or ‘Tattoo at Madrid’. Presumably different garrisons had their own characteristic calls. Cf. curfew ‘couvre feu’ cover, kill the fire’, lights out.’ Compare Edinburgh Tattoo. Boccherini’s music makes more sense if you envision a small guard unit marching from their post to barracks.

  • K L Williams

    when did the “job” become and “appreciation” of and for classical music. Please ask engineers. thank you.

  • Bernard H Holicky

    Friday evening programing 9:30 pm Friday July 25. You just gave me a reason to turn WFMT off for the rest of the evening. It’s not the subject…it’s that you are misjudging what this listener wants to listen to.

  • Pam Schneider

    I am listening to the Saturday broadcast and the previous opera and someone keeps interrupting as if on the same
    channel. It sounds like men giving short instructions such as airport or walkytalky. Just wondering how this occurs. It is a new issue.

  • Sonia Csaszar

    Frans Brüggen died yesterday, as your station has been announcing. Yet, the only person who acknowledged his passing in a musical tribute was Lisa Flynn, yesterday at 2 PM, with an orchestral piece directed by him. What about his recorder and flute playing? For us, serious recorder players, he was THE recorder soloist in the ’70s. He proved the baroque flute to be a most delicate and beautiful instrument. His approach to baroque music matched the small sonority of these wind instruments. Frans Brüggen and Gustav Leonhardt gave birth to all present days baroque music performers. I’m disappointed that WFMT, with the exception of Ms. Flynn, only recognized the merits of these artists in mere words.

  • john

    why does this self-described classical radio station so often drift to tedious talk formats (5 pm daily, many weekend slots, Andrew Patner’s insufferable monologues, etc.) or folk or jazz or blues or whatever ?… as the only Chicago classical music station, it’s classical that listeners want… we could get our fill of other stuff, ad nauseam, on any number of other unlistenable stations… so why would our only classical radio resource want to so frequently abandon its listenership and mimic the herd?

  • Esther Murphy

    Once again the iTunes WFMT feed was dead in the water this morning. I hate missing my morning Carl! All the other classical stations that I tried were of course working just fine.

  • Gregory Sakal

    The last few days have seen numerous interruptions in WFMT’s stream. Yesterday afternoon (9/24), iTunes, Reciva, and even WFMT’s own website stream were down. Perhaps it’s my “Inner Geek”, but it would be some consolation to get some specifics about the issues involved. Could you not post some news on the website about this?

  • Dan

    What was wrong with Monday night’s Lyric Opera opening night broadcast of Capriccio? The sound off the web was so distorted I had to shut if off.

  • Anne-Marie Byrnes

    Memo to Suzanne Nance:

    Nadia Boulanger was once asked how it felt, as a woman, to be conducting a major orchestra.
    Her reply: “I have been a woman for (X number of years) , and I have got over the wonder of it”.

    Isn’t it time for you to get over the wonder of being Suzanne Nance, and telling the world?

    Enough already

  • Coozoe

    This is a strange one. When I listen to WFMT FM on my home stereo system, I get interference that I believe is coming from an airline. This happens sporadically. Also, I have to tune in via 98.80 not 98.7 to get a clear signal. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this signal interference. I keep thinking that the airline is on the wrong radio frequency.

  • Helen

    I am missing the 7:30 a.m. business report. Where did it go?

  • Marian Felgenhauer

    Ever dance with someone who’s not there? Try it with Leftover Cuties and Shirley McCallen singing “You are my Sunshine” at midnight with the brass backgroundl blatt-ing wah-wah-wahing. Thanks Michael Feinstein.

  • Marilyn Mason

    I have a question for Julie Dillon about the April 2015 pledge drive. I sing in an adult chorale and we will be meeting tomorrow evening to come up with ideas to help market our concerts. Our December 7th concert is being held at another venue with another group so it doesn’t make sense for us to offer free tickets to that concert, but we’ll have another concert coming up in June for which that pledge drive would offer perfect timing. How many tickets should we be offering (I noticed it seems to be pairs of tickets which is fine). Our concert hall at Nichols Hall in Evanston holds about 300 people, and because of lack of publicity we rarely fill the hall. We could also offer free tickets next November for our December concert which will probably again be held at Nichols Hall in Evanston.

    I’ve worked with you for many years but not lately when I worked on Saturday night pledge drives for folk music with Rich Warren. I enjoy listening to you on the radio now during this current pledge drive.

    You can contact me via email:

  • mike

    Tell Carl to stop insulting guys that drink from a robin’s egg blue WFMT mug by intimating that they’re “feminine”.. This is the second day he’s done it. He’s getting on my nerves!

  • Jack A Loyal WFMT Guy

    Endless Pledge Drives – When will the November 2014 drive end? I listen to WFMT every day, all day. I can’t stand all this chatter for another minute. I will be back when this drive ends. Thank god for Minnesota Public Radio. Thanks, Jack D

  • gretchen

    We really miss Carl Grapentine with our morning coffee. Can you give us any more information about his surgery that prevents him from coming back? Will he be coming back?

  • Faithful Listener 52

    I’ve recently lost the ability to pick up the HD Radio signal, and I was wondering whether the issue is on my end or WFMT’s (I live in the Beverly area and work downtown, so it shouldn’t be a problem concerning signal strength). Also, are there plans to utilize the HD2 or/and HD3 bands? Wouldn’t a Baroque or choral channel be wuuuuunderful? *wishin’ & hopin’*

  • Esther Murphy

    Time and time again Suzanne Nance has picked the most BEAUTIFUL to play. Today it was the ballet music from Spartacus. I’m not a person who buys a lot of music for our personal library, but twice I’ve gone to the web site or Appletunes to buy what she has been playing. Thank you, Suzanne!

  • Marvin

    Don’t you think it’s about time,to pull the plug on Christmas and Bach? You have played it so excessivly,
    this season, that some of us just had to turn off your station. Enough already!!!

  • Elsuperbrain

    I haven’t heard the show and I am allready in love with it from this website. I should check it out in “Radio Universidad” here in Puerto Rico. (English is a second language to me, please excuse any errors.)

  • bill

    why are your L R channels reversed in on line broadcasts

  • Stephen Holvay

    I appreciate the playing of Mozart’s Sonata for two pianos tonight (January 9th 2015) played by Jose & Amparo Iturbi. It is so rare today that we hear the old classical artists on the radio. Mostly we hear contemporary classical artists on WFMT. Thank you for playing this collector’s item.

  • Ann Raven

    Thanks to Kerry Frumkin for playing Mahler 4 on the Unrush Hour yesterday. I had been missing Mahler on WFMT! And I heard Marin Marais’ Bells as I was getting up this morning. A good beginning for my day. Thanks, Peter!

  • Frank Cerauli

    Lisa Flyn, Your Choice of music is just great. Its like listening to WQXR- FM in New York.
    Your doing a great job. Thanks, for playing enjoyable music. Frank, Spring Grove, IL.

  • Frank MN

    Agree with other posts I’ve seen: too many show tunes.

  • Patty

    Welcome back, Carl! We missed you! It’s great to hear you again!

  • Sharon Cohen

    I believe Lyric is doing Carousel-not King and I

  • Sharon Cohen

    Oops, King and I is next year! Carousel this year! Silly me!

  • MaryWithAT

    Is it just bad timing on my part or has the Pipe Organ been banned from WFMT? There are pieces written for organ being played in transcription form; there is no end to other instruments being used in classical and non-classical presentations. Why the discrimination against the Pipe Organ?

  • William

    The listening experience has certainly improved with the demise of Mr Patner, a little less gushing from 4 to 7 PM would be the frosting on the cake.

  • Bernadine

    This is a simple GOOD MORNING! to Dave Schwann – I enjoy hearing you on WFMT and also on WGN. You are delightful always. Thank you.

  • Carmen

    Relevant Tones. Could the guitar player please, at least, tune his instrument properly. This is not pleasant to listen to

  • Pat from Kentucky

    I am happy to be back in the Chicago area after living for 36 years in the Ohio Valley. I never realized how much I missed WFMT until I came back home. Now in retirement, I am learning much about classical music thanks to Suzanne Nance in the afternoon, and all of the other hosts. WFMT, thank you for the folk, blues, etc programs on Saturday night. Long live the Midnight Special!

  • NHA 321

    Your list of favorite symphonies left out some of the best: Beethoven 7, Mozart 41, Schubert 9.

  • Ann Raven

    Thank you, Kerry Frumkin, for the Mahler 4 on the Unrush Hour today! Immensely enjoyed it!

  • Ann Raven

    Believing in positive reinforcement, I want to thank Kerry Frumkin for the Bruckner 1 he played on the Unrush Hour. Happy Autumn!

  • Ann Raven

    Heresy! How much I learned from Andrew Patner over the years and how I miss him is not express able! I am glad that WFMT still airs his show on Monday eves.

    • Ann Raven

      Last night was a rebroadcast of Andrew talking with Leif Ove Andsnes. What fun and how informative! Thanks.

  • Ann Raven

    Thank you for airing complete symphonies! Kerry Frumkin played Brahms 1 yesterday and I just heard Peter Van de Graaf playing Mahler 4! This is what a real classical music station should be doing. Keep it up!

  • Ann Raven

    Welcome back, Dennis Moore! You have such a pleasing radio personality and good info about the music and composers. I enjoy hearing you on WFMT.

  • Ann Raven

    Thank you for the live broadcast of CENERENTOLA and for the interview that Kerry Frumkin did today with Lawrence Brownlee. What an amazing voice Mr. Brownlee has! I cannot wait to see the opera he is working on – BIRDLAND.