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June 2013
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WFMT Chime In

Chime-in: tell us what’s on your mind

  • Frank MN

    Agree with other posts I’ve seen: too many show tunes.

  • Patty

    Welcome back, Carl! We missed you! It’s great to hear you again!

  • Sharon Cohen

    I believe Lyric is doing Carousel-not King and I

  • Sharon Cohen

    Oops, King and I is next year! Carousel this year! Silly me!

  • MaryWithAT

    Is it just bad timing on my part or has the Pipe Organ been banned from WFMT? There are pieces written for organ being played in transcription form; there is no end to other instruments being used in classical and non-classical presentations. Why the discrimination against the Pipe Organ?

  • William

    The listening experience has certainly improved with the demise of Mr Patner, a little less gushing from 4 to 7 PM would be the frosting on the cake.

  • Bernadine

    This is a simple GOOD MORNING! to Dave Schwann – I enjoy hearing you on WFMT and also on WGN. You are delightful always. Thank you.

  • Carmen

    Relevant Tones. Could the guitar player please, at least, tune his instrument properly. This is not pleasant to listen to

  • Pat from Kentucky

    I am happy to be back in the Chicago area after living for 36 years in the Ohio Valley. I never realized how much I missed WFMT until I came back home. Now in retirement, I am learning much about classical music thanks to Suzanne Nance in the afternoon, and all of the other hosts. WFMT, thank you for the folk, blues, etc programs on Saturday night. Long live the Midnight Special!

  • NHA 321

    Your list of favorite symphonies left out some of the best: Beethoven 7, Mozart 41, Schubert 9.