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June 2013
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As WFMT celebrates Russia month, we’re turning to our audience, asking you to name a Russian composer and/or piece of music that deserves more attention. Also, tell us why this composer or piece is so compelling to you?

  • Frances (Fran) Vandervoort

    I strongly urge that you play Mikhail Glinka’s Kararminskaya, composed in the late 1840s, generally believed to be the one composition that gave a truly Russian voice to music from this country. As did later Russian composers, including Musorgsky, Tchiakosky,(sp.) Rimsky Korsakov, Stravinsky and others, Glinka found how build simple Russian folk melodies into works of power and drama.

  • June Berveiler

    Rimsky-Korsakov’s operas are seldom heard outside of Russia. Why do they deserve more attention? For the best of all possible reasons: they are simply too beautiful not to be heard.

  • Manny Schneck

    I will say that without a doubt that Georgy Sviridov’s Oratorio To the memory of Sergei Yesenin (1956) deserves to be heard on the air. This is a composer who’s profoundly lyrical writing is rarely heard outside of Russia. The piece is a setting of Yesenin’s poetry and commemorates a way of rural Russian life that had largely been wiped out in the crash industrialization of the Soviet Union. I just discovered this piece of music recently and it makes a deep and lasting impression on me every time I hear it.

  • Roger Dobrick

    A little off topic–forgive me–but I couldn’t find anywhere else to start a new discussion thread. I’m listening right now to this old Steinberg recording of “Cappricio Italien”, and most of it reminds me of the old Bob and Ray routine, “Slow Talkers off America.”

    • nmorriswfmt

      That’s pretty funny.