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June 2013
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A Farewell to George Preston

George Preston

George Preston

It is with great pride and sadness that the staff of WFMT says good-bye to our friend and colleague George Preston. George joined our staff in March of 2009. He leaves to take a position as General Manager at KCME in Colorado Springs. Off-mic, George has brought good cheer, friendship, and the highest level of professionalism. On-mic, he has been a fixture in the lives of our afternoon audience. His knowledge—especially of opera: the performers and performance history—have added a wonderful dimension to his afternoon programs, as well as to our live broadcasts from Lyric Opera. George will be missed.

We asked George to suggest one of his favorite moments at WFMT. Here it is, an Impromptu with baritone Thomas Hampson and pianist Robert Tweten.

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George, we the friends, the volunteers, and the staff of WFMT wish you well. May your new path be rewarding and full of joy for you and your family. Stay in touch!

  • Al citera

    Thanks for the brief, but fulfilling visit to the nation’s best music station. You will be missed.

  • Bob and Lucyna Radycki

    So Sorry to hear that you are leaving. My wife and I have always enjoyed listening to you in the afternoons. We will miss your insights and distinguished voice. I hope you and your family love skiing! Best Wishes.

  • Lynda Citera

    So sorry George is leaving…always enjoyed his show…especially his coverage of the Lyric. Hope to hear you on the Saturday Met Quiz! Best of luck. Lynda Citera

  • Walter Shalda

    Thanks, George, for being with us. We always appreciated your presence, even with the propensity for use of the nominative personal pronoun. Really. Everyone has their own style, and we all wish you well. Perhaps there will be some synergy with that “K” station. (I never did figure what was so bad about having a “W” west of the Mississippi.) I’ll bet Steve already has an idea or two. Peace.

  • Tim Colburn, Park Forest, IL

    George Preston quickly became one of my favorite WFMT voices and I am sorry we won’t be hearing him any more. But I’m sure this is a great move for him and wish him well in all his future endeavors.

  • Diane & Willard Strassburger

    Best Wishes to George Preston’s new endeavor and Thank You for his special contribution to WFMT !

  • Ann Raven

    George Preston, you project intelligent humor, encyclopedic knowledge of music and a sense that you are having fun on the job. You were a fitting addition to WFMT’s already stellar cast of hosts. Godspeed in the continuation of your life and work!

  • Peter Draper

    I hate to sound negative, but I’m glad that Mr Preston is moving on. His voice was way too hyper for WFMT, and I considered him somewhat of a fine arts huckster. The ads he recorded or read were particularly annoying. There were many times I had to change the channel. He certainly is a motivated and knowledgeable guy, and I wish him well – elsewhere. Peter Draper, Fine Arts Circle member, South Shore, Chicago

  • umbriago

    The afternoon hours on WFMT are much easier to listen to now, without the need to turn down the volume before Mr. Preston’s loud, annoying and grating voice disrupted the experience. So many times, when a piece would end in a soft and contemplative manner, Mr. Preston was there to remind of his presence. His rendition of commercials, especially for Lyric Opera, were very obnoxious, and it was a puzzle to me how it all went on so long.

  • Carol Olmstead

    George, I have enjoyed hearing your Lyric Opera commentaries, the information you gave us as listeners on any and all pieces of music you played. I will miss hearing your voice when I drive home late afternoon. Wishing you all the best, and don’t be a stranger to Chicago and the listeners at WFMT. Carol Olmstead, Glen Ellyn, IL

  • George Weiss

    It’s difficult to understand how WMFT let this brilliant and entertaining host leave?? He’s head and shoulders above any other WMFT host so the loss is really felt by listeners unless you like plain vanilla hosting which is Ok sometime but can be boring. Honestly what happened. Could anyone share the story with fans of George Preston. WFMT seemed like a perfect fit for him and same for the station..His voice alone made one cheerful.