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May 2013
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Postcards from Russia – The Mariinsky Train Experience – Part 7


Привет! I’m Bridget Rodino, a music student at Northwestern University, traveling on the Easter Festival Train with WFMT’s Cydne Gillard, and a group of people from Chicago. Being on the Mariinsky Orchestra’s Easter Festival Train is a special experience. We all have compartments next to one another, just two cars behind Maestro Gergiev himself. Two

Lasting Impressions, Monday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Composer Meredith Monk

As WTTW’s “10 Buildings that Changed America” neared completion, WFMT got to thinking, what pieces of music have had that kind of significance? We decided to enlist the help of a broad swath of critics, composers, educators and conductors—the people who have had access to those who write music, access to the audiences, to the performers; and most importantly, to the music

Postcards from Russia – Contrasts of the Countryside – Part 6

Nina, our stewardess

Welcoming us to the Easter Festival Tour train, our stewardess, Nina, sweetly tells us everything in Russian. We listen and obey. Often we are visiting two or three cities a day with a concert in every city: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Smolensk, Bryansk, Belgorod, Kursk, Oryol, Tula, Kaluga, Nizhny Novgorod, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Vologda, Cherepovets. As we

Chime in: What Piece from the Past 25 Years Do You Think Has Staying Power?

On Lasting Impressions, WFMT asked a dozen critics, conductors, and composers, “Which single piece written in the last 25 years do you think will still be heard in 100 years?” How would you answer that question?