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April 2013
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Water Music on Exploring Music, This Week

Print by Hokusai and inspiration for Debussy's "La Mer"

Artists, poets, writers and composers–countless numbers are drawn to the subject of water. Water is elemental, it can represent unfathomable depths or reflect every detail. Water gives life, death, brings people together and pushes them apart. Water can rage or be perfectly still

One Who Packs a Wallop

Carl Sandburg

Friday at 10:00 PM, in celebration of National Poetry Month, WFMT presents a page from our own archive: a 1964 conversation between Studs Terkel and Carl Sandburg

Giving the Gift of Music

Elly Schook and Carolyn Peters, Librarian and Science teacher at Jamieson Elementary receive Toscanini CDs

It’s impossible to number the ways in which classical music programming touches lives. This week, North Carolina educator Judith Saxton wrote this of WFMT’s Bud Herseth documentary, “I so appreciate WFMT for posting these mp3’s. These are excellent

András Schiff and J.S. Bach

Pianist and Conductor András Schiff

András Schiff’s 1990 recording of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier remains one of the best-selling of that collection of works to this day. Now it has some competition: András Schiff’s 2012 recording of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier

Wednesday from Santa Fe

Cellist Lynn Harrell

Does changing the key change a piece of music? How does a composer choose the key in which he or she will write?

Lasting Impressions: What Music Will Be Around in 100 Years?

John Adams

We asked a dozen critics, conductors and composers, “Which single piece written in the last 25 years do you think will still be heard in 100 years?”

A 2004 Interview with Adolph “Bud” Herseth


When trumpeter John Hagstrom isn’t playing alongside the mighty brass section of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, he’s an active teacher, advocate and historian

The Flying Dutchman on The Tuesday Night Opera

The Flying Dutchman by Charles Temple

The Tuesday Night Opera features Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Gottlob Frick, Marianne Schech, Rudolf Schock and Fritz Wunderlich.

WFMT Special: Adolph “Bud” Herseth

Adolph Herseth and Sir Georg Solti

Hear the two-hour WFMT profile of Adolph “Bud” Herseth, produced by WFMT in 2002 to commemorate the retirement of one of music’s most remarkable orchestral musicians.

Riccardo Muti This Week

Chicago Symphony Music Director Riccardo Muti

There’s almost always a flurry of activity at Symphony Center. When Maestro Muti is in town, it’s more like a cyclone of activity. The orchestra and chorus have been preparing more…