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Chime in: Compose a Music Haiku and Share with WFMT

Open Garden at the Hachiman Shrine in Fukagawa by Hiroshige

Open Garden at the Hachiman Shrine in Fukagawa by Hiroshige

Are you a poet? Have you ever tried to write a poem? Now’s your chance to be creative and share with others. Your poem might even be read on WFMT. For some tips on composing haiku, click here.

  • Elliott Delman

    Awash in sweet sound
    Peace inhabits my spirit
    The timpani rest

  • Larry Arnold.

    We should always keep in mind the wisdom of Anonymous: “Every change in music is a step Backwards.”

  • Nancy Good

    Nocturne, Fantasia.
    Does this music have a “why”?
    Expression of mind.
    Mode familiar–almost.
    One step off major.
    Music for all tastes
    the twentieth century
    even some for none.
    Nature, history
    Ottorino Respighi
    Description in tunes.

    Demise of LP
    Rise of CD, MP3
    Better: FMT

  • Marylin

    One wonders about
    Bach’s time management – all that
    music, all that sex;

  • Sheila Trainor

    Classical Music
    Concerti to Symphonies,
    Illuminates, soothes

  • Maxine Weintraub

    Spring has sprung
    Music’s in the air
    Grant Park
    Coming soon

  • richard miller

    Carl Grapentine-
    the cat sleeps on.

  • Michael Cohn

    Streaming notes
    splash together
    in concert
    forming sweet rivers of sound

  • Michael Cohn

    In a magic world
    engulfs your sense of wonder

  • Chris

    Strings, flutes, percussion
    Warm Air, Warmer Melodies
    On the radio

  • mark

    Homeward headlights split the wintry night– blissful musical revery.

  • Daniel Cleary

    Soft music combines
    With a fine April morning
    To inspire these lines.

    Ah, WFMT,
    Music, Fine Arts Radio,
    Rhymes with ecstasy!

  • John Empfield


    The oboe’s A strikes the summer air
    A bird aloft Responds;

  • Andrew Campbell

    Spring blossoms burst out.
    What tune captures my spring joy?
    This, too, Bach covers.

  • Daniel Cleary

    Always in fashion
    Opera can be summed up
    In one word: passion.

  • Bill Smetak

    shaking his fist against the

  • David Terman

    I missed the name of the wonderfully funny woman on Rich Warren’s show this evening (Saturday, 5/4) from 6 to 7. I was listening in the car on my way down to a Benefit, and I was both laughing and sometimes tearful as she did her routine. What is her name? My email is Thanks. David Terman.

  • Jim Wearne

    How wonderful to hear Cornwall mentioned this morning! We Cornish-Americans (called Cousin jacks) listen long in vain for mention of our beautiful homeland on radio and in the other media. Thank you.
    The name Ben Luxon came up, of course, and he was described as the first internationally-known singer from Cornwall. Not so!
    In the infancy of recording, one of the biggest superstars was Richard Jose, from Cornwall. Here are some links regarding him.

    You will see that, in an old picture in one of the links, his name is presented as if it were Spanish, with an
    accent after the final “e”. This was done to give him a bit of Latin flair, but the name Jose (Rhymes with hose), with no accent is a good Cornish name.

    Not as well known, but famous in her way and day was Fanny Moody, “The Cornish Nightingale.” Here are some links about her.

    Much of her career was spent as half of the founding members of the Manners-Moody Opera company.

    Of course, Cornwall is known for their Male Voice Choirs. Often overshadowed by the fame of the Welsh Choirs, the Cornish choirs have often won competitions in which the Welsh were favored. Here’s a link:

    Last but not least, the Cornish are famous for their “Silver Bands,” community-based brass bands of great renown. Here’s a link to a very good one.

    I would be very happy to help WFMT discover the wonders of Cornish music. I’m a native of the the Chicago area, and my music has been heard several times on WFMT. I was once even a guest on the Studs Terkel Program!

    Jim Wearne (
    Bard Canor Gwanethtyr of the Cornish Gorseth