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Chime in: April 27, 2013

  • Jeff Abell

    well, it’s my 60th birthday, and i share this birthday with Serge Prokofiev and Nicholas Slonimsky. Would love to hear something by either of them on WFMT today!

  • SMiles

    Is there any way I can obtain a listing of the pieces that are being played during this show?

  • Dick Jaworski

    Why does an opera audience applaud after a vocal solo? Its not done during a symphony, a play, or during a movie? When did it start. Love opera but dislike the interuptions.

  • Jian Rosenthal

    I heard the last few lines of a beautiful piece of poem yesterday morning ( April 27th ) … Would be very much appreciate if you could let me know the name perhaps the text of it.
    I am an artist working at home with your music … The nerishment and richness I received from you is beyond words…
    Many thanks