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Chime in: April 24, 2013

Lisa Flynn
  • jill g baker

    I asked right afterwards, but didn’t get response. Can someone please tell me the name of the chinatown restaurant Henry Fogel offered with dinner during the pledge drive? Thank you….Jill

  • ths907

    I would like to encourage the morning program not to fear trying out new material. It often seems the program largely recycles beloved material. Even if regular listeners demand the familiar, it may be time to give a rest to some of the much-repeated material in favor of something new.

  • MarcE

    did I miss it or did you forget Prokofiev’s birthday yesterday ( April 23 ) ?

    • Peter van de Graaff

      No, we didn’t forget, we’re just trying to get away from the predictable and repetitive daily birthday celebrations. If it’s a big one (100 or 150 or 200) then we go crazy, but Prokofiev’s 123rd isn’t really monumental enough. We have a tradition from the beginning of the station of celebrating the yearly birthdays of Beethoven, Haydn, Bach, Mozart 7 Schubert, but then only do the special ones in addition. Thanks for writing!

  • Charles Kerlin

    My God, Carl, play more Barbara Streisand. She’s not just the most popular American singer, she’s the most marvelous as well.

    • Richard Valentino

      Other than occasionally, and for a specific reason, there is no need to play Barbara Streisand on WFMT regular Programming.