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Chime in: April 23, 2013

George Preston
  • jordi pedrola

    Dear Carl.

    Thank you for remind everyone about SHAKESPEARE’S birthday. April 23 it is also CERVANTES Memorial Day. The UNESCO declared years ago April 23 the Literature International day, because of this two main writers celebration.

    In Barcelona today everyone gets a red rose and a book, because of these two main masters.

  • Hannah

    Verdi’s 200th Birthday is coming up. I’m sure there will be lots of performances. but NONE will match the Chicago Community Chorus performance of Verdi’s Requiem Saturday May 4. This is a non-audition chorus that really delivers!

  • Alan

    Is not today Prokofiev’s birthday ?

    • nmorriswfmt

      Yes, you are right.

  • l sturino

    wagner, wagner, wagner – was hoping not until next week,but i guess carl has nothing to be proud of in german history except mozart and wagner. living in oak park i am very surprised he is not more openminded to others. what a shame, the world has so much to offer. thank you