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Chime in: Did You Know We Do Live Music on Monday Evenings?


Who are local performers you would like to hear on Mondays at 8:00 PM on Live from WFMT? Have you ever gone to hear a local musician live because you first heard that performer on WFMT?

  • J_P_Maher

    “Partly sunny…” Carl Grapentine notes that the formulation implies that the weather will also be partly cloudy. The more pedantic German language weather forecast actually says “partly sunny, partly sunny — Wettervoraussage: teils sonnig, teils wolkig”.

  • J_P_Maher

    Rats!. This pedant failed to edit before posting: “teils wolkig, teils sonnig”…Verzeihung.

  • Il duce

    I don’t listen anymore to your Monday night broadcasts because the sound is bad. Alternately distant and indistinct and then overly close sounding. It’s variable and much less good than 5 years ago. Or even 3 years ago. Same with Impromptu. I wish it was better but it’s just bland.
    The performers seem good but the sound does not do them justice.

    Il duce