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WFMT Chime In

If you’ve NEVER pledged support to WFMT, WHAT would change your mind?

  • SoCalGran

    Peter, the organ has been great this morning, in particular the N. Danby performance.

  • tomeckiz

    Great selections from classical…I love MOZART piano music pieces. I regret I never attempted to visit your radio station before I graduated from NEIU in DEC 2008
    GOD BLESS Chicago’s 98.7 WFMT

  • Richard J. Belmonte

    I am an encore society member and have been for about the past five years. I also do volunteer work at WFMT. I was a debauched, depraved and degenerate WFMT freeloader for a number of years. I think the main thing that convinced me to contribute $1,000 a year to WFMT was the realization that I wasn’t going to make up for my feelings of not being treated fairly in this life by mooching off of WFMT. Stop trying to make up for being treated unfairly in life by freeloading WFMT and contribute what you can comfortably afford; you’ll feel better. Famous quotes: Bill Gates: “Life is unfair; get used to it.” Johnny Carson: “If life were fair, Elvis Presley would still be alive and all the Elvis impersonators would be dead.”

  • Leon

    Have shorter pledge drives.