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Chime in: Tell us what music tugs at your heart strings.


You can talk about taxes if you like, but it would be even better if you could tell us about a piece of music you recently discovered. Tell us what music has tugged at your heart strings lately.

  • Marietta

    How about bud playing the brandenburg #2? Does anyone remember the friday matinee when he repeated the third movement? Solti was conducting, and the first work on the program was B #2. Herseth delivered his usual flawless performance. Solti bowed, bud bowed, solti left the stage. The applause was deafening. Solti returned, whispered something to Bud, turned to the orchestra, raised his baton, and they repeated movement three….a second flawless performance by Bud, not moree than two to three minutes after completing the first. R.I.P and profound thanks for so many outstanding performances.

    • nmorriswfmt

      Noel Morris, Producer
      Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin
      5400 North St Louis Ave
      Chicago, IL 60625

  • NataLich

    Whether waking to marvelous Mahler
    Or Wagnerian wondrous holler,
    I could stay up all night
    On Van Beethoven’s light
    Not Haydn, that Van de Graaff – stellar!