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WFMT Chime In

Chime in: April 13th 2013

Pledge Thermometer

WHAT is your favorite Saturday program on WFMT? Are you an opera addict? Does Introductions interest you? Do you find that “Midnight” program special?

  • jill g baker

    what’s the name of the chinatown restaurant where Henry Fogel is hosting a dinner for pledge givers?

  • Debbie Pfeiffer

    I love the Met operas and all the others. Didn’t even realize Peter & co. did Tues. night opera as well. Happened to hear about that during pledge drive, when I was on the way home from a meeting. Couldn’t stop at that point to call, and am kicking myself now. I desperately want that Voices of German Opera set, and resigned myself to not being able to afford it, then heard it offered for $120. I’m hoping I will be within hearing distance in the next few days if it becomes available again. Thank you as well for playing tidbits from that fabulous sounding Vienna opera CD, as well as the collection of Wagner operas. Yummy! And I have to give kudos to Jonas Kaufmann–the German diction is most amazing. Thank you! From a long ago one-time donor who is determined to get that 5-CD set at $10/mo, if she can…

  • Joan Blocher

    I can’t get live streaming tonight.

  • Joan Blocher

    And I find the Midnight Special very special!