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Chime in: Tell Us Your Favorite Pledge Drive Moment

Carl Grapentine

Carl Grapentine

Some people love the energy. Some people love to cheer us on. Maybe you love the moment it’s over, when you have the satisfaction of listening to great music from a healthy, thriving community arts partner. What’s your favorite Pledge Drive moment?

  • ohioblue63

    The best moment is when it is over and I hear that the goal has been made and that we can now go back to regular, superb, programming.

  • Gerald Andrews

    You just received an email note from my wife (Mary Beth) with a $100 donation, which I’d like to raise to $120 and ask for anything by Clevenger. I’ll follow this with a further explanation but I don’t want to miss this bonus.

    Gerald Andrews

  • Gerry Andrews

    Gerald here again. We live in Ibiza, Spain and the “PM” designation for our location was what appeared when my wife selected the Balearic Islands from the “drop down” menu that appeared.

    So, if we can still get the horn CD, please make our pledge $120 and charge to Mary Beth’s card (which I’ll provide here again to verify identity.) it is Visa 4366 1610 2004 4251.

    Also, please say, “Hello” and thanks again for the extensive tour of your studio that Julie Dillon gave us last August while we were in Chicago. Also say, “Hello” to Kay Richards, with whom I’ve had an email relationship for many years. Finally, another “Hello” to Rich Warren, an old friend and neighbor – and now also an island-dweller.

    Thanks for being there for most of our many years living in Chicago and thanks now to the gods of electronics for streaming audio.