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Chime In: What prompted you to become a member of WFMT?

Walter and Mary

Walter and Mary

Tell us what you think. Are you a WFMT member? What prompted you to make that commitment? Would you encourage others to join the Fine Arts Circle? If so, why?

  • Trebor

    Listen to Carl in the morning and miss him now.when do you think he will be back.

    • nmorriswfmt

      Poor Carl was on vacation last week and lost his voice. We expect him to be among us soon! Thanks for your concern.

  • Sheila Anne Burke

    Hi. I’ve been a WFMT Fine Arts member for several years and a longtime rock-solid fan of WFMT (some may think it’s more of a fanatic). The gifts my life has received from WFMT are diverse and hugely meaningful to me. So here is what I want to know today – how can I announce that because I chose to make a Fine Arts Member donation the end of last year I chose to select a “bonus” of a personal tour at the historic Glessner House on Prairie Avenue with the Director, William Tyre. I deliberately invited a wonderful colleague who has recently moved to Chicago and has a passion for the fine arts and history.

    Mr. Tyre informed us that we were the first of the WFMT people to redeem the tour bonus.

    So please, let it be known that this was one of the most wonderful singularly wonderful afternoons I have had in ages. Anyone who loves Chicago and music must make the trip to the Glessner House. The multiple connections the Glessner family and the CSO (they were 2 of the CSO founding members) was incredibly charming and I had the opportunity to stand in a room where Enrico Caruso had been a friend, guest and informal performer for the Glessners and also where the beautiful piano had actually been played by many well-known musical artists, as well as Sir George Solti. My colleague was charmed, captivated and and neither of us could imagine that any other person could ever provide the wonderful enlightening and charming tour in the way it was conducted by Mr. Tyre. His passion and depth of knowledge are astonishing and the house has so many facets and is filled with art and meaningful objects that reflect an amazing time in the history of the city.