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March 2013
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Chime In: March 31, 2013

  • Robert F Burke

    Today is Easter. Will there be music this morning to reflect that fact?

  • James

    I am a WFMT Fine Arts Circle member and listen on a daily basis to WFMT on an internet radio from my home in New York City. Everything worked fine for many months until yesterday when a new never before encountered introductory message comes up: “Welcome to the WFMT live stream…..” Normally when this happens on other internet radio streams, the listener is automatically switched over to station programming after the message. But instead your message keeps repeating… infinitum (!!!!), and consequently one is never transferred over to station programming! This is a new never before experienced issue. Please correct asap, so that I can continue to listen to your wonderful programming in high quality sound. Thank you

  • James

    From WFMT Fine Arts Circle member: In my previous note about the problem being transferred over to station programming following your new never before encountered welcome message on the live stream, this ONLY happens when I listen via my internet radio. When I listen on my computer—with poor sound—the intro message does indeed transfer over to programming. Since I’ve listened to WFMT via internet radio from my home in New York for more than a year without problem, something obviously has changed. I hope you can resolve this issue asap. Thanks

    • Leon

      James: In the interest of getting you back on-line quickly, I’d like to suggest the problem may be at your end. Try powering your internet radio off, then back on. The same problem happened to me once before and this technique worked. My radio (Logitech SqueezeBox) is currently getting WFMT fine. Hope this helps.

      • James

        Leon: Thanks for your suggestion, which I tried, but it doesn’t help. I have a TEAC CR H-500NT. As previously mentioned, in more than a year of daily listening to WFMT I never before encountered an introductory message (“Welcome to the WFMT audio stream….”) until Saturday, March 30th. Since then that message keeps repeating itself, and unfortunately I am never switched over to programming. Today I spoke to the Fine Arts Circle cust. service, who switched me to Michael Tom Perry’s extension. I left a detailed message but have not yet received a reply. Have you been receiving an introductory “welcome to the WFMT audio stream” message all along? I only started receiving that message on March 30th.